Top 10 Best Video Baby Monitors in 2018 Reviews

Keeping your kid on watch throughout brings a peace of mind. While it might be possible to move around the house with the baby always, having a monitoring device is highly recommendable. One of the best ways to keep the little angel is by use of baby video monitors. While they are useful devices, they still have experiences some Challenges. In many instances, these devices experience faster battery run out and as noise emanating from other wireless devices.

In overall, kid monitoring devices are great idea when you have a lot of chores to attend. They ensure that you have maximum concentration while keeping you in touch with your sleeping kid. Ideally, baby monitoring camera is an absolute device to have these days. Today, many brands have improved the quality of these monitoring devices, which enable them to deliver high-quality images and sound. As a result, it is easy to tell what is happening around the kid.

Now, though buying a baby monitoring camera should not be a hard task, some aspects must prevail. One of these is sensitivity to notify you when kid is crying; it should have excellent sound pick up. This means that even when your device is a way you can tell whether the baby is crying, even before looking. Motion detection is another feature worth considering. These cameras equipped with this feature, it rings if the child shows no movement for a while. Such monitors are said to have sudden infant death syndrome. Other features to consider are viewing angle and lullaby mode.

Are you looking for perfect system to keep your kid under watch? Relax you can buy a reliable from Amazon. Find the top 10 best video baby monitors in 2018 reviews and get total peace of mind.

List of Top 10 Best Video Baby Monitors in 2018 Reviews

1. Levana 32000 Lila 2.4-In Digital Video Baby Monitor

Levana 32000 Lila 2.4-In Digital Video Baby Monitor
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Monitoring your baby constantly is what every parent wishes for. But with other house chores, you need a reliable monitoring system to keep your little angel in touch. The Levana Lila digital video baby monitor is an ideal system to have in your home. With or without electricity, it allows you to have up to 6 hours of constant baby monitoring. Additionally, the system has non-glowing infrared LED which gives you the ability to see your child when in the nursery at night. Utilizing secure Vu digital signal, it can operate in a range of 500 feet. Moreover, the monitoring system is expandable to 4 cameras and has two-way communication to enable talking to the baby.

2. Summer Infant Baby Secure 2.5″ Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Secure 2.5
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The summer infant video monitor is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your sleeping baby. The system comes with a 2.5-inch portable handheld video monitor. To ease your monitoring process, the monitor has easy to use zoom, pan, and scan. With a range of 600 feet, the system fits your home and allows smooth working without need to worry about your kid. Also, working at night is easy with this camera since it has automatic black and white night vision. The two-way communication enables speaking to your little kid when you are not near. The monitoring system can work with additional 3 cameras hence easy to monitor different areas. The equipped rechargeable battery lasts for over 4 hours.

3. Zzume Wireless Video Baby Monitor Camera with Night Vision Temperature Sensor

Zzume Wireless Video Baby Monitor Camera with Night Vision Temperature Sensor
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If you are overwhelmed by housework; plus, taking care of your kid, getting the best rated baby video monitoring camera is the best option. The Zzume wireless video for baby monitoring is a sleek and ideal choice for all mothers. It enables parents to have a peace of mind when working or sleeping. Unlike other brands, this one has a night vision capability. The system has temperature sensors to monitor room heating. On the other hand, it can rotate 360 degrees and 120 degrees up/down. Further, the monitor has a zooming power of 2× and 960 wireless streaming ability. Power saving mode is efficient as it switches the system into standby mode when there is no voice for 1 minute. It is versatile as it can also be used for monitoring dogs and seniors.

4. FREDI Baby Monitor Wireless WIFI IP Surveillance Camera 1080P HD

FREDI Baby Monitor Wireless WIFI IP Surveillance Camera 1080P HD
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Do you know you can watch your baby from wherever? It is easy these days with the use of Fredi baby monitoring wireless HD camera. Unlike other cameras, this one can be used with Android or Apple smartphone. The system is compatible with 3G Wi-Fi and only involves a few steps to configure. The viewing angle is super wide up to 185 degrees. Therefore, it makes baby monitoring easy. Recording every event upon motion detection is facilitated by motion detectors, and installed 128 GB internal memory. The camera delivers 1080 p images making this system ideal for multiple applications.

5. UU Video Baby Monitor Infant Night Vision Camera Temperature Monitor with Alarm

UU Video Baby Monitor Infant Night Vision Camera Temperature Monitor with Alarm
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The UU baby monitoring video system is an absolute selection when you want to have your kid on a constant watch. This camera has a great sound reception and t 2-way communication which enables you to talk to your child through the monitoring device. The handheld control device has a large 2.4inch screen which displays high-quality images and videos. There is no interference from other networks when utilizing this system since it comes with a private network signal. The signal is strong with a reception ability of 980 feet. The device comes with a rechargeable battery with the capacity to power monitor for 6 hours. With an ability to zoom, sound activated light and alarm function; the system keeps your baby engaged.

6. INSMA Baby Monitor 2.4″ LCD HD Screen Live Camera with Infrared Night Vision

INSMA Baby Monitor 2.4
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Insma baby monitor is a highly engineered system to ease your kid monitoring process. This surveillance system perfectly suits your child since it is fitted with cry warning features. Also, the two-way communication lets you speak to your kid while the programmed lullabies soothe your baby. For the comfort of your kid, this the camera is fitted with temperature monitoring as well as night vision capabilities. Utilizing wireless signal, it means that you can monitor the kid while everywhere around the house within a range of 960 feet. Notably, unlike other monitoring systems, this has a Li-ion polymer battery which can last for 8 hours. With 2.4-inch high definition screen, it is possible to watch your baby clearly and has 2× zoom. Installation on the wall is simple while wireless network configuration is just a breeze.

7. ANNKE Wireless Baby Monitor 2.4″ LCD Screen and Two-Way Audio

ANNKE Wireless Baby Monitor 2.4
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Keeping your little one on sight every second, gives you are a comfortable night. The Annke baby monitor is a system which provides you with such ability to watch your bay round the clock. The monitor eases your work since it alerts you when the bay is making noise or crying. Both the camera and receiver are designed with inbuilt speakers which facilitate two-way communication. With high-quality recording ability, the system allows parents to get cutting the edge images. Additionally, the motoring devices utilize 2.8 GHz wireless technology which allows faster data transfer in a range of 200 feet.

8. Motorola MBP48 5-Inch Screen Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP48 5-Inch Screen Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor
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Motorola is known for its high-quality electronics especially phones. Far from mobile phones, it is the manufacturer of this MBP$8 baby monitoring system. Unlike other monitoring devices, this one comes with an extra large 5-inch color display which delivers beautiful and realistic images.Amazingly, the display has zooming ability to ensure you get every detail of your kid. On the other hand, camera has room temperature sensors and night vision infrared technology. With ability to be used with 4s cameras, the screen is splittable to view all the events.

9. BabySpyVideo Baby Monitor with 3.2 LCD Display & Digital Camera

BabySpyVideo Baby Monitor with 3.2 LCD Display & Digital Camera
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The BabySpy baby monitoring system is premiumly designed to give your kid proper spying when you are performing other household chores. The camera is fitted with room temperature sensor, infrared capabilities and inbuilt mic which enables parents to know when the baby is crying. Equipped with a powerful lens, the camera can view up to 850 feet in an open space.The large 3.2-inch color screen brings real images of your kid. It uses plugged power meaning no worry of depleted battery and installation is a piece of cake. There are no special skills needed when mounting it.

10. VStarcam WiFi IP Camera, Pan Tilt Home Camera, 760p Wide View Security Camera

VStarcam WiFi IP Camera, Pan Tilt Home Camera, 760p Wide View Security Camera
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Get a comprehensive view, high-quality images with this VStarcam security camera and monitor your house and baby straight from your smartphone. This wireless IP camera can record 760p images hence more clarity than other cameras on the market. With large 128GB internal memory, it is possible to record everything as it happens and enables sharing with family and friends. Construction features motion detection and two-way communication which allows you to raise the attention of your kid when he is crying. For improved safety, the camera has night vision capability and motion detection sensors of up to 16 feet. Ability to rotate 355 degrees and 110 degrees tilt ensure that you can access large viewing angle. The VStarcam is compatible with PC, Android and Apple devices.


Baby video monitoring videos are excellent choices when you want to perform other household tasks with a peace of mind. They are dedicated small devices which are handheld lance ideal to move within your house. There is no need of to leave your loved angel alone without watching when is doing. Get a monitoring device and stay in touch always.