Top 10 Best USB Type C Adapters of 2024

As the devices evolve, the USB connectors are also evolving. One of the latest is the d USC type C. It offers high data transfers as well as charging. With most of the smartphone, tablets, and laptops these days have these type of ports, they have minimized the size of plugs. However, despite the small sized heads, these connectors are efficient and offer exceptional speed.

To be able to charge your phone or tablets, it is a must to have USB type C adapters. Also, they enable connection to other devices without type C ports. Thereby, even with older devices, you can easily connect with new laptops and other devices. Normally these adapters are great since they allow users to connect different devices with ease. For the best USB type C adapters, check the list below for the ideal ones in 2021.

List of Best USB Type C Adapters

10. Anker Male to Female USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

Anker Male to Female USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

At various instances, people find the need to convert USB TYPE to other types of ports for convenient data transfer. With the Anker USB C to Micro USB adapter, you have the privilege of sending data fast and reliably regardless of the difference in the port’s design. It offers a reliable solution for using micro USB cables with phones that possess USB type C. Well, the cable allows you to charge and sync perfectly without any hassles. Besides, it is equipped with 56 56KΩ to pull up resistor for safety purpose. The design is foolproof since your only need to plug and play.

9. Rankie 2-Pack USB C Adapter Hi-Speed USB Type C to USB-A 3.0

Rankie 2-Pack USB C Adapter Hi-Speed USB Type C to USB-A 3.0

When you have the best USB type c adapter, you will be able to do a lot of things between your smartphone, tablet, and computers. Whether it is data transfer, charging or tethering, this adapter offers you with full control. People with MacBook pro can now smile since they can connect flash drives, keyboards, and other peripherals without a hassle. One of the things that make this one of the best USB type c adapter is the incredible data transfer speed it offers. This adapter offers 5 gigabits per second data transfer speed.

8. JSAUX USB Type C Adapter

JSAUX USB Type C Adapter

There was a time when people had very rough times connecting USB c device with a standard micro USB cable. It is now easy with one of the best USB type C adapter. It acts as a link between the two USB ports. It is easy to use since it is simply plugged and play. However, you need to install for certain models. It is best for charging, syncing and data transfer. The minimalist design of these devices makes it ideal for use while on the go. It also features a key chain for easy carrying and safety. If you are staggering trying to figure out the best USB type C adapters, this model is accredited.

7. ESR Premium Aluminum USB C to USB A OTG Adapter

ESR Premium Aluminum USB C to USB A OTG Adapter

Are you always looking for the best USB type C adapter with no success? Don’t worry anymore since there is a lasting solution for you. The ESR premium aluminum USB type C adapter is the best for mac book pro and other hi-tech devices. It is made of aluminum alloy shell with gold plating. Hence, it is sturdy, lightweight and exquisite. Many users regard it as a minimalist add on that allows you to fully use USB devices such as a mouse, card reader, keyboard, flash disk and others. Besides, the slim and sleek design makes a user-friendly adapter.

6. Basesailor USB C to USB 3.0 OTG Adapter

Basesailor USB C to USB 3.0 OTG Adapter

Did you ever think that it is possible to connect USB C devices to USB 3.0? Well, the connectivity between the two has changed the world of technology. The Basesailor USB type C adapter is for sure one of the best. You can rely on it as one of the best adapters to connect a USB a peripheral you might be having to your newly acquired USB C devices. You can therefore sync and transfer data between those devices without any inconvenience. The Adapter allows USB C smartphones to get media from peripherals as the host offering 5GPS data transfer speeds. It also supports fast charging since it offers 3 AMPS power output. Also, the design is elegant and incredibly portable with a friendly user interface.

5. Syntech USB -C to USB 3.0 Adapter

Syntech USB -C to USB 3.0 Adapter

Connecting a flash disk to a smartphone seemed very tricky at first. But, we now have a plethora of USB type C adapters to choose from and make life more thrilling. One of the accredited and best USB type C adapters is the Syntech. It features twisty cable which allows manageability and ensures connected devices don’t collide. It is incredibly compatible with various computing devices. For instance, it is compatible with Lenovo Miix 630, Dell SPS 13, Samsung Galaxy, and MacBook pro among others. You can conveniently transfer data, sync and charge USB devices. Thus, you can connect mouse, drives, keyboard hubs and other peripherals to your computer and smartphones.

4. GLAREE USB Type C Adapter

GLAREE USB Type C Adapter

Sharing media between various computer devices is now easy. One of the best innovations in terms of USB type C adapters is this one by the Glaree Company. It is a device primarily designed to allow you to sync, transfer data and charge no matter whether the USB ports are the same. You can transfer data from various puerperal devices such as flash, SD cards directly to your tablet or computer. The product comes as a pack of 5 giving your unlimited usage. It features built-in 56-kilo-ohms to ensure excellent power stability. Additionally, it is widely compatible with all top rated smartphones and computer devices.

3. AkoaDa USB C to USB 3.0 Adapter

AkoaDa USB C to USB 3.0 Adapter

Are you looking for an all-round adapter? This is one of the best type C adapters which can change your lifestyle forever. It is now pretty easy to sync and transfer data from type C devices to USB 3.0 Devices and vice versa. You can also connect peripherals such as keyboards and mouse without any hassle. With a speed of up to 5 GPs, you can transfer movies, music and other types of files without any limitation. Connecting with the standard micro USB cable allows fast charging and sync without any problems. Also, it boasts innovative engineering that features aluminum alloy to enhance unmatched durability. It also features anti lost keychain to ensure the device attaches to your purse, key bags, and cables securely. Thus, the device is best suited for indoor and on go uses.



Did you know that the USB C ports at the side of your computer can be used at the same time? Side by side use is now possible with the invention of USB C adapters. The JSAUX USB C adapter is one of the best innovations of the time. It features a slim and sleek design allowing tow of this device to be connected simultaneously. You can now enjoy using your peripheral devices such as keyboards, hub, mouse, flash drive and more. It features an aluminum body which makes it incredibly durable. With 5GPS data transfer speeds, this adapter is about 10 times USB 2.0. Syncing between USB A and USB C devices is now possible.

1. Elebase USB C Female to USB Male Adapter

Elebase USB C Female to USB Male Adapter

You may continue to wonder why this is among the best USB type C adapters. When you look at its features keenly, it indeed surprises you even more. It features an upgraded design specifically for iPad Pro. It gives you the freedom and the ability to connect USB C Peripherals to devices which possess USB A ports. It features a small and sleek design that you can leave in the PORTS without it protruding away. Also, it offers data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. With 3 amperes power output, it delivers incredible power stability for any device. Well, this is also a long term investment since it is built to last for a long time. Thanks to the aluminum alloy construction that means the device won’t wear out easily.


Hoping you have been enlightened by our review above. You should now find it very easy choosing the best Type C adapter. Since it expands your C port, this is a device which many computer users should not lack. With all the ten choices listed for you, you need to find the one that is fully compatible with your device for you to enjoy a flawless performance. Moreover, some of these devices can claim up to 100 watts meaning that it can even power a laptop. You can now wisely choose the best USB type C adapter. Thanks to our comprehensive review on top 10 best USB Type C Adapters in 2021 reviews.