Top 10 Best USB C Flash Drives of 2024

USB-C is becoming a standard port for charging and data transfers in laptops, Smartphones, and tablets. But not only the cables are available; other peripherals are also coming up. One of the essentials are the USB C flash drives. Compared to the regular drives, these have fast data transfer and also have larger memory capacity. Apart from the storage and speed, these drives can work with Smartphones and tablets hence high versatility.

As you decide to buy a USB type C flash drive, it is vital to have some of the things in mind. The capacity of a drive is essential since it affects the amount of the data you can store. On the other hand, housing is vital to ensure you can be sure about the safety of your drive. Some come with plastic, polycarbonate and aluminum housing. To enjoy secure and fast data transfer, here are the best USB C flash drives available online in 2021.

List of Best USB C Flash Drives

10. OUYUI 3- in-1 Type C, iOS, PC USB Flash Drive

OUYUI 3- in-1 Type C, iOS, PC USB Flash Drive

The type c flash drives have gained a lot of fame. They provide a reliable way of storing data and media ad easy access to it when you are on the go. One of the best of these devices is this one made by OUYUI. It features a three in one design and is incredibly compatible. That’s being said, and you can enjoy watching movies and listening to music with your iOS or Android device. It works well with modern computers and without any hassles. It features a built-in app that allows it to store video and photos automatically. Besides, it delivers high writing and reading speeds of 40 and 80 MB per second respectively. With 128 GB memory capacity, you can load it with lots of stuff without worries.

9. Silicon Power USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Flash Drive, Mobile C80-128GB

Silicon Power USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Flash Drive, Mobile C80-128GB

With its durable construction and dual interface, this is one of the best USB type C drives. Besides, it works with all the computer devices which possess the modern design of type C port. Besides, it features 360 degrees swivel cap which is purposed towards protecting the connector and attach keychain. Also, it requires no driver for a successful installation. It is one of the top rated type c drives which assume a plug and play design. It comes with an exclusive gift of file management app which you download for better use of the device.

8. MECO Type C Flash Drive, 32GB 2 in 1 OTG USB C+ USB 3.0 Dual Drive

MECO Type C Flash Drive, 32GB 2 in 1 OTG USB C+ USB 3.0 Dual Drive

The fact that this type C drive delivers two functions at the same time makes it quite useful. It is among the best-rated type c drive which is compatible with most of the recent devices. Instead of utilizing cloud services, you could use this device to share a different type of files among computer devices. It is compatible with popular operating systems. Besides, you will enjoy up to 120 Mb per second read speeds and 25 MB per second write speeds. Also, it features a premium quality casing made of metal. The design is durable, waterproof and magnetic proof. With a keyhole attachment, you can connect this important deliver and carry it safely when on the go.

7. Sanfeya 2 Pack USB 3.0 Type C Dual OTG Flash Drive USB C – 32GB

Sanfeya 2 Pack USB 3.0 Type C Dual OTG Flash Drive USB C - 32GB

This device features an OTG function and a reversible type C function. One end features type C ports and the other features the regular USB port. This means that connecting Smartphone with computers and exchanging files between them is an easy task. It is backward compatible with USB 2.0to allow faster and convenient data transfer and storage purposes. However, the default format is FAT32 because this is the one recognized by Smartphone and tablets. This is one of best flash drives for use with modern devices such as Galaxy Note 8, Google Nexus 5X and 6P, Google Pixel XL, Galaxy S8 New Mac book Pro among other remarkable devices.

6. K&ZZ 32G Mini USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Flash Drive, OTG

K&ZZ 32G Mini USB 3.0 Type-C Dual Flash Drive, OTG

The best USB drive should meet your needs on different occasions. Finding the best USB type C drive has proven quite hard for many people. But one of the trusted of these devices is the K&ZZ. It features a 32 GB memory capacity which is quite useful for you to store and access your favorite files any time you need them. It features premium level construction. Thus, it is waterproof, dustproof, anti-magnetic, anti-static and resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, it offers amazing compatibility with devices such as speakers, TV, car players and many more. Well, the transfer speeds for this drive are amazing, and you will love it.

5. ROKHY Flash Drive USB Type C

ROKHY Flash Drive USB Type C

This device also features two in one design. One end is 3.1, and the other is type c. It is designed to deliver up to 180 MB per second read speeds and 80 MBS writing speeds. This by far surpasses the USB 2.0 drives. It features a zinc alloy casing. Therefore, it is totally waterproof, dustproof, durable and quite elegant. Besides, it has a rotating cap that prevents you from losing the cap. In the same way, it features a humanized hanging ring to ensure you have the devices with you all the time. The combination of USB 3.1 & type c 3.1 ports allows convenient data transfer between tablet, Smartphone, and computers.

4. Antdisk USB Type C Flash Drive -32GB

Antdisk USB Type C Flash Drive -32GB

Do you want to enjoy real super transfer speeds? Well, the Antdisk USB type C is designed to allow a maximum of 130 MB per second. This is quite great if you’re playing movies and other large files. It is compatible with devices which possess type C port. The software quality is incredibly high quality, and the device uses branded original chip. Besides, the 32GB capacity can boost your devices storage capacity. Everything is built in, and you only need to plug and play without any additional software. Furthermore, it boasts a metallic design which is weatherproof and fashionable.

3. LIY7 128GB USB3.1 Type-C Flash Drive Pen USB-C OTG Flash

LIY7 128GB USB3.1 Type-C Flash Drive Pen USB-C OTG Flash

Coming as our number three in the review about the best USB C drive, LIY7 offers amazing benefits to all computer users. Well, you will like double function design. It is quite innovative because the device can be used as both a writing pen and as type C USB drive. Its universal compatibility that requires no drivers also adds to its popularity. It is a good choice of gift for anyone who wishes to transfer files between computers, tablets, and Smartphone. Besides, the casing is cute and very sturdy.

2. UGREEN USB 3.0 Type C Flash Drive for Type-C OTG

UGREEN USB 3.0 Type C Flash Drive for Type-C OTG

For so long people have been facing real challenges when transferring media between computer devices. One of the best type C USB drives has come to rescue anyone who has ever suffered the challenge. The device is none other than UGREEN USB 3.0 Type C Flash Drive. Say no to cloud services and embrace the amazing technology of this flash drive. It has two connectors which include USB 3.0 and USB C. with these two sharing media between computers and drives is incredibly easy/. Also, the connectors are gold-plated to enhance rigidity, stability, and durability. With 100 Mb/Sec read speeds and 15 MB/sec write speed, you no longer need to wait for hours while transferring enormous files such as movies.

1. Transcend 64GB Jet Flash 850 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, OTG

Transcend 64GB Jet Flash 850 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, OTG

At number one of the reviews, the Transcend Jet Flash 850 USB 3.0 Flash Drive shows its premium quality. You will probably like the 64 GB memory capacity which is by far much bigger than other competitors. It features a unique chip onboard technology. In addition, it features USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface which delivers lightening transfer speeds. Besides, it features an ergonomic cap that protects the connectors from being broken. It also features a slightly curved grip design which gives you a natural user experience when inserting and removing the drive. Equipped with a special metallic casing, the Jet Flash 850 is completely waterproof and dustproof. However, it is a bit compact and lightweight to allow easy portability.


A lot of USB C Flash Drives have entered the tech space since the first model was introduced. Well, from the reviews above, it is evident that the device allows fast charging and data transmission among various gadgets. That’s is why it has become incredibly popular. Well, you can now see that different brands compete for leadership. Among the ten options reviewed above, you will definitely find your best match. When you analyze the features of these devices, all of them possess durability, high design quality, performance as well as reliability. We hope you hovered through our list and found the device that suits your needs.