Top 20 Best UFC Fighting Gloves in 2023 Reviews

If you are an MMA fighter, there are several essential items you must have whether during training or real tournament. They include gloves, headgear and mouth guard. Unlike other sports, these types of competitions need you to have heavy duty UFC gloves for ultimate protection. Additionally, they are different from regular fighting gloves. Thus, you need to get used to them before going to the real match.

Generally, since MMA involves different techniques, gloves usually features open fingers design to facilitate various moves. Now, when you are looking for UFC boxing gloves, look for the construction material, size, and padding. These are our top 20 best UFC fighting gloves in 2021 reviews to enable you experience best MMA action.

List of Best UFC Fighting Gloves

20. RDX Gel MMA Grappling, UFC Fighting Inner Sparring Gloves

RDX Gel MMA Grappling, UFC Fighting Inner Sparring Gloves

If you are involved in MMA grappling or UFC fighting, a pair of durable and reliable gloves is necessary. These one from RDX are ultimate answer in order to achieve effective training as well as real action. They are designed to be give your hand total mobility while absorbing shock hence leaving your fingers intact. Featuring a combination of materials, the gloves deliver high breathability; they have a neoprene and 4 sandwiching fabric which reduces shock. To improve protection further, they are enhanced with shell-shock sheet comprising EVA foam. Above all is Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop for easy wearing and removing while allowing hand conformity.

19. RDX Maya Hide Women Leather Grappling MMA Gloves UFC Cage Fighting

RDX Maya Hide Women Leather Grappling MMA Gloves UFC Cage Fighting

Get these heavy duty UFC gloves for women; train or fight like a pro. They are constructed from premium materials meaning they keep you safe while allowing maximum mobility. The Maya leather is long-lasting hence ensuring long-term usability without compromising their performance. Additionally, the polymax contour enhanced with 3 curves over the knuckle which delivers shock absorption. On the other hand, these gloves are fitted with Velcro strap to offers snug fit and wrist support. Inner lining is made from a highly breathable micro-fiber which expels moisture away. On the other hand the material is antibacterial and odor free.

18. Sanabul Essential MMA Grappling Gloves

Sanabul Essential MMA Grappling Gloves

Enjoy your martial art training without worry of injuring your arms. The only gloves you needs are these MMA grappling gloves from Sanabul. Their designing ensures that you can perform various styles without changing gloves without affecting your performance. Therefore, when you are transiting from grappling to striking, they are perfect UFC equipment to have. On the other hand, cleaning these gloves is easy. They are constructed from a durable leather material which also makes cleaning a breeze. For impact protection, these gloves are enhanced with Durasoft impact resistant foam padding. Velcro closures enable easy wearing as swell as firm fitting.

17. Soled Half Finger Boxing Sanda Fighting Sandbag Gloves MMA UFC

Soled Half Finger Boxing Sanda Fighting Sandbag Gloves MMA UFC

For a serious person in their training or competitions, they know importance of having reliable gloves. Although there are thousands of glove brands available, having ones which you can rely on even on a real championship is recommendable. The Soled UFC MMA glove is an excellent consideration to have. They are lightweight and extra durable due to the PU leather used in their construction. Further, this allows the glove to cut weight hence enabling maximum performance. Apart from the structural durability, these gloves are ideal for enabling inspiration due to sleek design. The Soled gloves features skull fingers with tiger claws graphics and are Velcro strap enhance on the wrist.

16. Anthem Athletics PREDATOR MMA Cowhide Leather Gloves, Training, UFC

Anthem Athletics PREDATOR MMA Cowhide Leather Gloves, Training, UFC

If you are aspiring to become a champion in UFC or MMA, inspires your dream with these Anthem Athletics gloves. They are heavy duty gloves made from cow hide leather. This gives them extreme durability compared to others on the market. Further, they enjoy triple density PU foam which protects your hand from shock and impacts. In addition, once you have these gloves, they have an enhanced palm to prevent compromising their performance this they minimize any injury risks. You can choose from either 4.0 oz. for professionals and 7.0 oz. for amateur, training and additional protection.

15. UFC MMA Gel Training Gloves

UFC MMA Gel Training Gloves

With inspiration and high performance, UFC MMA Gel gloves are the ultimate in ensuring you train excellently. They ensure that you don’t go home with bruised fingers thereby allowing you to have a peace of mind. To enable this, they are constructed featuring with stretchable and highly durable neoprene to ensure you enjoy an extended protection. On the other hand, the gloves are designed to offer outstanding comfort and shock absorption due to adequate padding. Additionally, the open finger design allows the hand to breath hence reducing excessive sweating. Once you buy, they are guaranteed by 90-days manufacturer warranty.

14. UFC MMA Open Palm Training Gloves

UFC MMA Open Palm Training Gloves

your journey to success has just begun if you equip yourself with these open palm training gloves from UFC. The gloves are designed to ensure that you get maximum comfort and support needed for effective MMA training. They feature synthetic construction meaning they are lightweight hence no compromising your hand agility. As a result, the UFC MMA open palm gloves are ideal when transferring from striking to grappling. With thumb guard, you can be sure that you got enough protection for efficient training. Open palm and fingerless design, wearing the gloves leaves you completely comfortable considering the sectional padding for additional support.

13. Cheerwing Half Finger MMA UFC Boxing Mitts Leather Gloves

Cheerwing Half Finger MMA UFC Boxing Mitts Leather Gloves

Cheerwing half fingers MMA UFC fighting gloves are perfect selection to train and fight like a `fighting man’. Designed to give ultimate support and protection to your hands, they enable you to perform all moves with dexterity. Their construction aims at increasing durability as they feature PU leather which is mitted to deliver a stunning look. In addition, they are highly stitched to allow heavy-duty use without tearing thus ideal for all training styles. Protection is optimal and due to ample padding giving you the ability to train or compete. Moreover, the ergonomic design ensures your gloves fits perfectly into your hands while providing extra support and protection.

12. MMA Youth Training Glove

MMA Youth Training Glove

These MMA gloves for youth are inspiring and durable to let young martial artists train like pro. They are designed to bring real boxing gloves experience in your home. Therefore, whens training while wearing these gloves, they deliver a real like experience. To enable light weight, they are constructed featuring PU leather which is extremely light, durable and flexible. For an excellent fitting the gloves are fitted with wrist wrap with a loop and hook closure for an enhanced support.

11. RDX Maya Hide Leather Grappling MMA, UFC Cage Fighting Sparring Gloves

RDX Maya Hide Leather Grappling MMA, UFC Cage Fighting Sparring Gloves

If you are looking for incredibly durable and lightweight UFC gloves, you just need to get these Mays leather ones from RDX. The construction of these gloves ensures that they excellently fit in your hands while impacting an exceptional support. When training or in cage while wearing them, nothing to worry since your hands are well protected and cushioned against any possible shock. The inner part is finished with highly absorbing microfiber material which ensures your hands remain dry. Additionally, the D-cut design allows moisture to escape while Velcro closures strap allows easy fitting and removal.

10. RDX Cow Hide Leather MMA Grappling, Cage Fighting UFC Sparring Gloves

RDX Cow Hide Leather MMA Grappling, Cage Fighting UFC Sparring Gloves

There is nothing can beat natural leather in terms of durability. That is why RDZ have known the secret and constructed these UFC fighting loves to make sure you enjoy their services for a long time. The gloves are further reinforced with durable stitching thus ideal for boxing without getting torn. Additional, for comfort and flexibility, you can trust these gloves as they possess polymax contoured Tri-Slab PC3 with curves over the knuckles for shock absorption. The mesh finish on the palm allows moisture management thereby allowing breathability. Further, the high wicking microfiber reduces bacteria caused odors.

9. UFC Century Youth MMA Glove

UFC Century Youth MMA Glove

UFC century MMA gloves for youth are ideal appliances which allow you to train without worrying about getting injured in your hands. They are designed featuring ample padding which is perfect for absorbing shock and impacts leaving your hands intact. On the other hand, the materials used in their construction are durable and tough to withstand heavy-duty usage. Further, the half finger design allows moisture escape preventing sweat accumulation in the palm. Above all is the wrist strap with loop and hook closures for a perfect fitting.

8. UFC Gel MMA Gloves

UFC Gel MMA Gloves

This is another pair of fighting gloves from UFC which is perfect selection for your training. Constructed by professionals, the gloves are designed to bring change in your training. Featuring Polyurethane construction enhanced with gel padding, it means that you won’t be able to feel the impact. In addition, thumb is gel padded which allows you to comfortably perform striking and grappling. For added safety, the closure hook and loop are low profile which renders them less abrasive. As a result, wearing these gloves brings more speed and accuracy in your training.

7. UFC Men’s Official Fight Gloves

UFC Men's Official Fight Gloves

Are you looking for heavy-duty gloves to for UFC and MMA competition? Now you can relax as UFC official fight glove for men are here for your use. They are high-quality accessories which are approved for use in the octagon. Unlike gloves from other brands, these features a natural knuckle contour which allows super flexibility hence reducing hand fatigue. On the other hand, they are designed featuring open palm design which gives them dexterity for enhanced grappling. Durability is a guarantee as they are constructed from genuine leather and adjustable wrist which offer extra support.

6. Generic SKL Half Finger Boxing Gloves Sanda Fighting Gloves

Generic SKL Half Finger Boxing Gloves Sanda Fighting Gloves

The Generic half finger boxing gloves are excellent accessories to get, in order to spice up your martial art training. They are highly durable and lightweight which make them ideal for all forms of training. The outer cover is made of PU leather which is perfect for long term use. On the other hand, they are enhanced with skull finish and tiger claws which give them sleek appearance. The gloves are fit for people with hands measuring 3.3 to 3.94-inch width and 8.2-inch long. Above all, they are ultimate pick for all your training.

5. UFC Competition Grade MMA Gloves

UFC Competition Grade MMA Gloves

For professional grade gloves, UFC competition gloves offer a better chance of MMA and UFC training with ease and worry free. In addition to training, they are classic gloves which are great for competitions. The highly designed wrist straps ensure that they are easy to put as well as preventing the gloves from coming out in the middle of the match. For enhanced comfort and protection, they are constructed Featuring pre-curved knuckle padding for maximum shock absorption. Above all is the vinyl material which is lightweight hence ideal gloves for MMA training, striking and grappling.

4. UFC MMA Muay Thai Gloves

UFC MMA Muay Thai Gloves

For people who love kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other UFC and MMA strikes, these Muay Thai gloves from UFC are the ideal fighting accessories to have. They are created for intense training due to the high quality stitching and material. They are longer and with comfortable palm which enhances flexibility when training or fighting. On the other hand, the wrist is short which allows these gloves to deliver quick backhands punches as well as wrist snaps. The design also is ideal for enhancing breathability to prevent bad odors and excessive sweating.

3. MRX MMA Grappling, Cage Fight Cowhide Leather MEN and WOMEN Gloves

MRX MMA Grappling, Cage Fight Cowhide Leather MEN and WOMEN Gloves

When you are going to a MMA competition or self-training, it’s ideal to get premium quality gloves to deliver complete comfort and cushioning. These men and women gloves from MRX are great deal for MMA and UFC fighters. They are highly durable featuring real cowhide leather; thus, offering a guaranteed durability. In addition, the construction design enables them to be highly versatile hence ideal for a range of training. The moderate padding is suitable for ensuring you achieve required fingers flexibility. Further, the open palm and half finger design allows you to have perform grappling and improved holding ability. White color and cool decorations makes these gloves look modern.

2. UFC Youth Starter Training Combo

UFC Youth Starter Training Combo

For young trainees, effective training is a significant milestone in a fighting tournament. Now, having right gears, allows you to achieve better training while getting rid of injuries and other unwanted experiences. UFC youth training combo is an ideal gear which combines headgear, flat punch mitt, and gloves for a perfect training. The gloves are highly padded on the thumb for exceptional support and maintaining proper form. Moreover, the wrist straps ate elastic meaning you get easy attachment and detachment. The head gear and Mitt punch and gloves are well padded to minimize the impact and shock.

1. Everlast Pro MMA Grappling Gloves

Everlast Pro MMA Grappling Gloves

If you want to play and train like a pro, you only need to get Everlast MMA grappling gloves. They are premium MMA equipment which are constructed from synthetic material to boost durability and performance. Additionally, they are ergonomically designed meaning that they perfectly fit in your hands without any strain while delivering enhanced flexibility. for the improved comfort, these gloves features Everdry technology which helps to keep your hands dry and extending the accessories lifespan. Further, it possible to customize the fitting due to the full wrist wrap straps which are adjustable


To compete effectively in MMA matches, you need to have reliable UFC fighting gloves. Now, although many people are always engaging in these training, the same way there are many brands of fighting gloves. Due to this fact, the above reviews aim at making sure you get a perfect catch of your choice and achieve your dream.