Top 20 Best Trainer Shoes in 2023 Reviews

Choosing right trainer shoe is the first step toward achieving sure and efficient training. Whether you are running or involved in other forms of training, an ideal shoe is a must. Mostly, these shoes are designed with lightweight to enable full muscles exercising.

Before buying the best training shoes whether for men or women, there are some general’s aspects to consider. These include running style, training surface, stability and heel-toe offset. To better your training, you need reliable shoes. Following are top 20 best trainer shoes in 2021 reviews which are well researched to deliver high quality products.

List of Best Trainer Shoes

20. PUMA Ignite Evoknit Cross-Trainer Shoe for Men

PUMA Ignite Evoknit Cross-Trainer Shoe for Men

Cross training just got more fun with these ignite cross-trainer from Puma. Designed from most top craftsmanship, the company has ensured that you enjoy perfect heel-toe balancing hence eliminating feet strains. They feature a combination of fabrics and textile to reduce weight. Further, soles are rubber made thus ideal for all places without any chance of slipping while improving durability. For a full support, the heel parts are enhanced strap support to keep your feet properly supported.

19. PUMA Cell Riaze Wn’s Paintbrush Women Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Cell Riaze Wn's Paintbrush Women Cross-Trainer Shoe

These cell technology women shoe from Puma are what all women need to up their training. These t shoes are purposely created to maximize comfort while reducing weight; thereby, giving trainer maximum training ability. Further, when training, feet doesn’t slide forward due to proper support. Bottom side is fitted with memory foam for a soft and durable cushioning. They are made from a combination of fabric and synthetic materials to reduce overall weight while improving breathability. The rubber sole is ideal for a range of application like jacks, kickboxing, and mountain climbing among other sports.

18. PUMA Men’s Cross-Trainer Shoe – Carson Knitted

PUMA Men's Cross-Trainer Shoe - Carson Knitted

Training with enclosed shoes can cause excessive sweating as well as bad odors. That is why getting highly breathable shoe is a great step. Puma Carson knitted cross trainer for men are here to change your training experience. They are stylish shoe featuring an excellent designing, besides being ideal for sporting. The interior is well padded with memory foam to support feet while providing shock absorption during training. Alongside sporting, these shoes are suitable for other uses. Exterior has a beautiful mesh which facilitates appearance and air circulation.

17. RYKA Faze Cross-Trainer Shoe for Women

RYKA Faze Cross-Trainer Shoe for Women

Nothing beats a durably constructed shoe like this Ryka cross-training shoe. Designed for women, there is no reason now for failing to exercise. It boasts a premium construction and design to effectively add inspiration to your training. Unlike other shoes, this one is lightly padded with superior materials which resist compression to guard your feet. With a rubber sole, it means that no slipping while anatomical design ensures that it fits and supports your legs adequately. The upper part is synthetic constructed and enhanced with Lycra tongue together with Velcro strap for effective closure. Above all this shoe is lightweight weighing 6.9 oz.

16. Champion Gusto Cross Trainer for Women

Champion Gusto Cross Trainer for Women

Become a champion today by getting Gusto cross trainer shoes for women. Constructed like no other, the trainer is lightweight hence giving you great time allowance without tiring your leg muscles. In addition, the upper part is fabric made meaning that no more excessive sweating and there is adequate air movement. For comfort, this shoe is furnished with soft lining and memory foam insoles. They prevent legs from developing sores and also reduce shock effects. It’s a sleek shoe which is multi-purpose and has a non-marking sole.

15. PUMA Enzo Cross-Trainer Shoe – Men

PUMA Enzo Cross-Trainer Shoe – Men

With Puma, you can’t go wrong when it comes to sports wares. Among many products from the company, Enzo cross trainer shoe is just a fantastic product. It’s a kind of shoe which everyone training needs due to its ability to deliver maximum comfort and support as well as elegance. Enhanced with extra-large collar height and clamshell construction it provides a fantastic look and outstanding feeling. Moreover, this shoe is made from a breathable mesh in the toe and heel region to facilitate breathability. The insoles are adequately padded to give leg ample support and excellent fit. Every run is enjoyable due to soft memory foam lining and rubber sole which offers a perfect grip.

14. PUMA Ignite Limitless Cross-Trainer Shoe – Men

PUMA Ignite Limitless Cross-Trainer Shoe – Men

Ignite your training with this limitless cross trainer from Puma. It features high technical features which make it an absolute running shoe choice. This feature delivers a peace of mind since you can rely on this shoe for all your training needs. The ample cushioning and well-padded memory foam insoles give your legs enough strength throughout the training session. With a combination of textiles and synthetic construction, material weight is significantly reduced. Moreover, heel is enhanced with a loop while sole is rubber made to ensure perfect grip. Apart from sporting this shoe comes in a style which improves your overall elegance.

13. Reebok Cross Fit Speed TR Men Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok Cross Fit Speed TR Men Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok is another company which delivers premium quality sportswear. With this cross fit speed trainer shoe, you are guaranteed of speed when cross training. No mores struggle as you run due to weighty shoes as this one is constructed from light materials; synthetic and textile. When wearing the shoe, it provides a firm fit due to the compression sleeve on the top. Further, the innersole is extra soft with a compression modeling and forefoot cradle which prevents slipping as you continue with your training. Metaslip grooves ensure your toes enjoy ample space for enhanced splay.

12. Adidas Adipower Men Weightlift Cross-Trainer Shoe

Adidas Adipower Men Weightlift Cross-Trainer Shoe

If you love to train whether indoors or outdoors here we go with this adipower weightlift cross trainers from Adidas. This men shoe is perfectly crafted to enhance functionality and performance. Unlike other shoes, this one is full synthetic from sole to the upper section. As a result, weight is substantially reduced. In addition, the top is coated with PU leather for improved comfort. Closure strap is adjustable depending on your feet and has a heel overly to increase stability. The outer sole is vented for adequate air flow and also reducing ground impacts, thus improved comfort.

11. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 Women Cross-Trainer Shoe

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 Women Cross-Trainer Shoe

If you are a female and willing to take you training a step up, here is what you a looking for. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 I a shoe dedicated to men thus improving your training. Further, it can be used in a range of activities likes weightlifting, gymnastics among others. This is because it enjoys high stability due to power heel technology combined with drop proprioception and heel lock, which guarantees ideal stability. In addition, the shoe gives feet adequate cradle as a result of incorporated adapter fit met-cradles adapt. The meta-flex technology too, gives the shoe high flexibility hence natural movement even when wearing it.

10. PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture FM Men Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture FM Men Cross-Trainer Shoe

Puma tazon is a great shoe which caters for all your training needs without subjecting your feet to strains. There are no heavy materials which are used in the construction of this shoe. This ensures that it’s a perfect shoe for training. Enhanced with a modern stylish look, it stands a chance for multi-uses besides sporting. Its sole is durable and provides ample strength to reduce instability thus safe for training under various terrains.

9. Inov-8 F-lite 240 Cross-trainer Shoe for Men

Inov-8 F-lite 240 Cross-trainer Shoe for Men

Are you struggling with your current shoes due to weight and other discomforts? No need to continue with such suffering, Inov-8 cross trainer is an ideal shoe. It boasts textile construction thereby no more leg muscles straining. Further, sturdy rubber sole with excellent stability makes the ultimate shoe weightlifting, cross fit and other workout selection. As you wear this cross trainer, it allows your leg to flex naturally due to meta-flex technology. Moreover, the met-cradle lacing mechanism helps in keeping your foot in position. For durability and traction, the shoe enjoys rope-tec technology.

8. Reebok Lifter Pr Men’s Cross-trainer Shoe

Reebok Lifter Pr Men’s Cross-trainer Shoe

Nothing brings peace of mind like when having a reliable, durable and lightweight trainer shoes. Now, Reebok knows all your training need and that is why they have created this lifter cross-trainer shoe for all your exercising needs. Featuring a sleek designing it can be used in other purpose besides training. The sole is specially made to allow more stability when lifting weight. Further, the heat activated foot wrap delivers a customized fit depending on your leg size. Its lining is enhanced with anti-friction material together with dual loop closures to give non-slipping and comfortable fitting.

7. AVIA Avi-Celeste Women’s Cross-Trainer Shoe

AVIA Avi-Celeste Women's Cross-Trainer Shoe

If you are a woman and want to keep a stylish look when training, avi-celeste trainer shoe should be you your primary consideration. It’s a shoe which is made while taking into account comfort and general appearance. This is because; at the top side the shoe comes boasting a mesh construction which impacts lightweight and excellent ventilation. When wearing, you enjoy perfectly compressing insoles made from EVA foam which improves stability of your feet due to enhanced balancing. Sock liners are GEL foam made and are removable while the sole is rubber a features which allows feet to enjoy maximum flexibility.

6. PUMA Fierce Gold Cross-Trainer Shoe for Women

PUMA Fierce Gold Cross-Trainer Shoe for Women

This Puma fierce gold shoe for women training is one of the best treats you can get to improve your exercises. Its construction is like no other shoe on the market. This is due to the much concentrating given to support and comfort and of the shoe by the company. It combines versatility and functionality to ensure that training is enjoyable. At the bottom, it has full flex groove that enables multi-directional movement. Further, the high bottle construction and thick heel allows for 360 movements.

5. Reebok R Crossfit Nano 6-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok R Crossfit Nano 6-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

It’s no doubt that this Reebok Nano 6-0 training shoe is an absolute product which brings enlighten and revolution in your exercising. Constructed uniquely, it comes with an infused Kevlar mesh which is tough and highly breathable. More to that, there is no straining when wearing the shoe as it’s anatomically shaped to perfectly fit your feet. Midsoles on the other hand, they incorporate tri-blend foam fusion technology to give feet a gentle feeling as well as full support. The outsole has a lugged piston design while RopePro has sandpaper textures Kevlar which makes any moment with this shoe memorable.

4. Reebok Hayasu Training Shoe for Women

Reebok Hayasu Training Shoe for Women

For women cross training, it’s now easy and efficient through Reebok Hiyasu. The shoe is beautifully made with a sleek overall design allowing multiple usage of this shoe. In addition, the construction enjoys a stretching ability to keep feet perfectly fitted while allowing maximum flexibility. No more heavy shoes as this one is an excellent replacement for your cumbersome older shoes since it features textile construction and rubber sole. The sockliners are molded with ortholite design to deliver extra soft and firm fitting to your feet.

3. Adidas Performance Powerlift.3 W Cross-Trainer Shoe

Adidas Performance Powerlift.3 W Cross-Trainer Shoe

With Adidas products, there is no single moment your comfort and training will get compromised. The performance powerlift for women, is ideal shoe for ladies who are involved in a variety of exercises. By just a look, this trainer shoe is elegant and will leave you charming. The fabric construction with a mesh collar, tongue and lining, it ensures your feet are fresh and free from excessive sweating and bad odors. Outer sole features anti-slip ability to impact a firm grip hence secure landing as you continue with training. The crossing lace and hook-and-loop straps make its simple to close this shoe for an excellent fitting.

2. Nike Flex Supreme TR 4 Women’s Cross Trainer Shoe

Nike Flex Supreme TR 4 Women's Cross Trainer Shoe

Nike is another globally known company which concentrates a lot with sportswear. His time round, they are presenting this superior quality cross trainer for women. Designed to tackle any form of workout, it’s also ideal for wearing when you want your feet to relaxes you walk around the compound. Most of the exterior part is meshed to allow ventilation and cut overall weight. In addition, the midfoot strap is free-floating down from midsole to facilitate lockdown support. To improve a safe and non-slipping motion, the sole has hexagonal grooves while outrigger provides a multi-directional movement.

1. Nike Air Monarch IV (4E) Men’s Training Shoe

Nike Air Monarch IV (4E) Men's Training Shoe

For Nike air monarch training shoe for men, its unmatchable products in term of design, comfort and elegance. Further, the shoe is multifunctional meaning you can use it in different tasks like exercising, during casual occasions. It enjoys maximum cushioning and lightweight material to maintain high comfort levels. On the other hand, durability is a guarantee though construction by combining synthetic and leathers materials. The sole has variety of traction design to enable perfect grip when training. It’s an ideal shoe for heavy duty training like weight lifting and others.


Well, training especially running is the easiest form of exercise. Although many sport requires you to have light shoes, some are more demanding thereby it’s mandatory. As we have seen in our reviews, most of the available trainer shoes significantly try to cut overall weight while improving stability and comfort. If you are planning to get a pair of new trainer shoes, it’s time to go for the best.