Top 10 Best Tactical Pens of 2024

There are many tactical tools out there dedicated for emergencies and other situations. But, one of the fascinating things are tactical pens. They are created to save you in case of an emergency. Mostly, they are handy tools that offer high versatility apart from writing. In most cases, these pens are ideal when going for outdoor activity. Whether its camping, hiking and other activities, they are valuable tools.

Typically, these pens are customizes depending on your use. Some come with glass breakers, self-defense, and other functions. This means that even when among people they can’t raise attention since they are created with a pen design. With a variety of tactical pens on the market, it can be tricky to have the right pen to suit your application. But, here are the top best tactical pens that will fit everybody under different situations.

List of Best Tactical Pens

10. Smith & Wesson Military & Police SWPENMP2BR 2nd Generation Tactical Pen

Smith & Wesson Military & Police SWPENMP2BR 2nd Generation Tactical Pen

When you hear of the word tactical, one thing that comes into your mind is sturdy construction. Well, this tactical pen is one of the best since it is constructed using rugged T6061 Aircraft Aluminum. This is a material that makes the pen last for ages and is adaptable to hard environments. The screw cap ink style of this pen makes it impressive and functional in all situations that demand fast response and sturdiness. However, it costs slightly higher for many tactical pens. Nevertheless, it is beneficial for having this pen in situations that demand high-quality construction. Well, it doesn’t fail to light even when it is contaminated.

9. LX Highly EDC MILITARY Titanium Tactical Pen

LX Highly EDC MILITARY Titanium Tactical Pen

By combining tungsten and titanium material, there is no doubt that this is one of the best tactical pens. The amazing design lets you perform some functions using the same pen. For instance, the design is also a window breaker, bottle opener, and a screwdriver. If you are doing tactical things, then you must have this pen at your disposal. Amazingly, it doesn’t cost expensive. It is slightly above the normal multifunctional pens. The hollow curved body construction ensures comfort and fatigue-free use.

8. Cool Hand M.T.A.P 4.4” EDC Tactical Bolt Action Pen, Aluminum, Compact Size

Cool Hand M.T.A.P 4.4'' EDC Tactical Bolt Action Pen, Aluminum, Compact Size

The durable aircraft construction of this tactical pen makes it one of the best. There is no need to overwork your mind anymore if you know that your work situation demands the best tactical pen. The click open and bolt action mechanism makes it pretty easy to use this pen even when you’re in a hurry. The gunmetal color is quite inspiring since it matches with most of the tactical gear you might be having. It is incredibly lightweight but equally sturdy to fits the tactical usage.

7. YAMTHR Tactical Pen Self Defense Pen

YAMTHR Tactical Pen Self Defense Pen

When you search for the best tactical pen intensifies, relax and trust the YAMTHR tactical pen will offer the best service. It is built using the latest technology to meet functionality as well as durability. It is a good self-defense pen which can be used in window breaking during emergencies. To meet its goals, it features nonskid design to ensure it doesn’t slip from the hand. With heavy-duty pocket clip, the pens stay in place even when you roll.

6. OdowalkerKubaton Solid Full Stainless Steel Key Chain Tactical Pen

OdowalkerKubaton Solid Full Stainless Steel Key Chain Tactical Pen

Even by looking at its appearance without touching it, you will qualify it to be one of the best tactical pens. This tactical pen is made of high-quality stainless steel material. Although aluminum material makes the pens lightweight and durable, steel is also great because it is impeccably strong. Instead of using a non-slip rubber grip, this one features a grooved design. This provides excellent grip, and you can even feel safer walking at night alone while holding this tactical pen.

5. TF Take Flight Tactical Pen

TF Take Flight Tactical Pen

Dealing with the daily hassles for security requires the use of advanced weapons. One of the simple devices which can mean a matter of life and death is this tactical pen. It features rugged and high-quality aircraft grade aluminum material. It is ideal for military pilots, navy seals, police and other people in challenging professions. With its robust construction, it is also an excellent window breaker. You can carry it in your pocket, laptop bag, running bag, and other gears. The grooved design enhances excellent grip so you can exert enough force when dealing with danger.

4. TK Flight Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool – Survival Multi-tool

TK Flight Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool - Survival Multi-tool

As a great addition to your survival gear, this tactical pen can save your life when you have no other options left for you. Made by the renowned TK Flight, it features military-grade aluminum material. This is to ensure it is durable, strong and lightweight. The size is quite okay for you to store it in your pocket or any concealed place where you can easily access it. The heavy-duty pocket flip allows perfect storage as you await the next use. You can use it to break a window glass in the event of an accident or a hijack.

3. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

After thorough research regarding the best tactical pens, the Atomic Bear Tactical pen has several unique properties that guarantee it this incredible position. Coming at number three in this review, it features a true military grade for durability and fulfillment of its functionality. It feels balanced, rugged and of premium quality enough to welcome the unexpected.

It includes two ink refills and is compatible with fisher space, parker, and rite in the rain as well as the atomic bear ink refills. Featuring machined military grade aluminum material; this is a perfect window breaker which can virtually break all kinds of glasses. When it comes to writing, the pen is incredibly swift since the handle features excellent grip.

2. ANO SMOOTHER Stainless Steel Tactical Pen

ANO SMOOTHER Stainless Steel Tactical Pen

Even when you’re in the wilderness, you may need to write. Having the best tactical pen will give you a lot of advantages. The ANO SMOOTHER stainless steel tactical pen will give you peace of mind since it serves as a multi-tool. It comes with two refills to ensure you enjoy putting down all occurrences that matter.

When self-defense need arises, this pen is there for you. You can use it as a whistle to play alarm, window breaker, a bottle opener among other uses. Durability is guaranteed since the rugged steel construction is best suited for military situations. Another thing which you will love is the stylish shiny finish of the pen.

1. 2cl Direct Practical Survival Pen

2cl Direct Practical Survival Pen

Surviving in any tactical or emergency can be facilitated by use of simple items. Taking the number one of the best tactical pen review, the 2cl Direct Tactical pens feature an improved design to increases your survivability. The design makes the tool fat and accurate to deploy to ensure increased chances of survival.

With the tungsten carbide tip, this tool can break any glass or pierce through flesh as you battle for your life. It is a refillable pen which you can use to document every occurrence easily and tactically. Moreover, it features a flashlight which is quite bright for all your tactical needs. The pen has gone through checking and has been proven to be one of the best tactical pens by TSA.


There is every essence to have the best tactical pens. They are vital and enables people to have an easy time in challenging situations. As seen, different pens come with a variety of features. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have one in your possession. For first time buyers or people used to these tools, it is time to get handy pens. Therefore, you can write while enjoying high performance during emergencies.