Top 10 Best Tactical Flashlights of 2024

A torch is great especially in illuminating dark places and in case of emergencies. We have standard household touch which is designed for use under normal circumstances. But, for tactical flashlights, they are durable, sturdy and can withstand high level of abuse. For a torch, therefore, to qualify to be classified as tactical, it must be made from durable materials. Apart from durability, tactical torches have powerful illumination with lowest rated having at least 90 lumens.

Because of the application of tactical torches, almost all of them are available with textured body to offer firm grip. Nowadays, many have integrated features such as compass, and hard butt which can be to break car windows. Additionally, with technology advancement, these flashlights boast LED bulbs which are far much brighter than halogen based. Also, they are energy efficient thereby improving batteries life.

Now, when purchasing a tactical flashlight, some of the important aspects to know are reliability, number lumens, battery among other features. Remember, these flashlights are great tools for security even when at home or walking in darkness. A torch with high lumens is ideal in blinding attacker temporarily before you decide next move. Additionally, light modes and waterproof ability are factors to ensure you carefully scrutinize. Most of the cheap flashlights come with disposable batteries while higher ends have rechargeable. Depending on the role of your flashlight, size is another vital factor. Now, for those who are looking for reliable flashlights, don’t you are almost there. Check the list below for the top 10 bests tactical flashlights in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Tactical Flashlights

10. AYL TF89 Bright CREE XM-L2 LED Tactical Torch Flashlight,900 Lumens

AYL TF89 Bright CREE XM-L2 LED Tactical Torch Flashlight,900 Lumens

The AYL 900 lumens tactical flashlight is a premium torch which is ideal for a wide range of application. This flashlight is a great option for outdoor as well as emergencies at home. Boasting an inbuilt rechargeable battery, it gives you a peace of mind since there is no need to buy disposable batteries regularly. With 3 light modes and zooming lens, this torch delivers excellent illumination of up to 900 lumens.

Construction is heavy-duty featuring anodized aluminum alloy which is sturdy and resistant to damage or rusting. Consequently, the torch is exceptional for use under all weather conditions. Unlike other flashlights, this has a silent and easy to use switch. With LED bulb, it has an extended durability of up to 100, 000 hours.

9. J5 Tactical V1-PRO Ultra Bright Flashlight, 300 Lumen

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Ultra Bright Flashlight, 300 Lumen

The days when you used to carry a large touch with weak light beam is far gone, nowadays, a tactical flashlight is the best torch you can think of. The J5 tactical V1-PRO is a compact torch with great illumination. It boasts 300 lumens, enough to illuminate up to 600 feet. Additionally, it has 3 modes, strobe, low and high hence keeping you prepared for anything.

The J5 uses single AA battery or 14500 Rechargeable. Th battery can last a couple of days considering this torch utilizes LED battery. The durable and sturdy body and compact design enable this flashlight to be ideal for outdoor activities. Also, it is an outstanding choice for daily home use.

8. PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight Water Resistant, Rechargeable Torch

PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight Water Resistant, Rechargeable Torch

The PeakPlus super bright tactical flashlight is a high-performing compared to its size. It is compact easing portability and usability. This is because you can just slip it into the backpack pocket when going outdoors. Also, when walking in dark places, it is a perfect security tool due to strong-illumination which deters the attacker.

Amazingly, you don’t have to keep on replacing batteries. Once you have this torch, it comes with a powerful 18650 Lithium ions rechargeable battery. Also, it boasts 5 light modes and adjustable zoom which create an intense beam with ability to reach 600 feet. The body is water resistant, anti abrasive and skid-free.

7. YIFENG XML-T6 Super Bright CREE LED Tactical Flashlight, 1000 Lumens

YIFENG XML-T6 Super Bright CREE LED Tactical Flashlight, 1000 Lumens

A powerful tactical flashlight is worth to invest. The Yifeng XML-T6 is such a torch which has unmatched brightness. This one boasts 1000 lumens, rendering it super bright. With this kind of illumination, the torch is great and can easily achieve 600 feet lighting. With 5 light modes SOS, strobe, low, middle and high, the torch is ideal for various situations.

When you are using this flashlight, it has an adjustable light which enables distant objects zooming. The body is durable, waterproof with IPX6 rating to provide usability even under harsh conditions. It uses a single rechargeable Li-Ions battery or 3 AAA disposable batteries. The LED bulbs used has a lifespan of 100,000 hours giving it an extended lifespan than halogen bulbs.

6. LuxPower Tactical V1000 LED Flashlight, Zoomable, Water and Shock Resistant

LuxPower Tactical V1000 LED Flashlight, Zoomable, Water and Shock Resistant

Are you worried about your torch getting damaged by weather elements when outdoors? You can now relax since here is your perfect illuminating companion. The LuxPower V1000 tactical flashlight is a premiumly designed torch which gives you 5 light modes. Equipped with powerful LED bulb, it delivers more than enough light for super illumination. Besides, it has a water resistant body which allows it to work even after a complete submersion.

The LuxPower V1000 is a versatile flashlight which everyone should have. It is ideal for use in vehicles, camping or emergency during powers outages. The compact design ensures portability is a breeze and can fit in your purse, pocket or drawer. It uses rechargeable Li-Ion or 3 AAA battery. Every purchase comes with 2 torches.

5. Captink T8 800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight, LED Flashlights 5 Modes

Captink T8 800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight, LED Flashlights 5 Modes

Walking in darkness pose risk of getting attacked. One of the best options is to carry a tactical flashlight. The Captink T8 tactical flashlight is great choice in ensuring that you are safe in darkness. It has great light output, 800 lumens, giving it the ability to deliver super bright light. Moreover, the adjustable and zoomable light it ensures you can see distant objects clearly.

Unlike the earlier torches which lasted for a few minutes and were big, this one is compact. Also, it has great battery endurance of 4 hours non-diminishing light with AAA batteries or 6 hours with 18650 rechargeable battery. The torch has compact design to fit in pocket and can last for over 50,000 hours.

4. LETMY Tactical Flashlight Waterproof Military Grade Flashlight

LETMY Tactical Flashlight Waterproof Military Grade Flashlight

Letmy tac light torch flashlight is constructed featuring waterproof military grade materials to increase its versatility. The torch is fitted with upgraded LED chip which improves the light output. Additionally, the chip is durable than regular bulbs, achieving 50,000 hours of bright lighting. With 5 modes, the device you can toggle between each mode with just a press of a button without the clicking noise.

The construction of this flashlight entails hard military grade steel and aluminum alloy with anodized finish. This gives the torch ability to withstand heavy duty application and waterproofing ability. Powered by either 3 AAA battery or 18650, the torch can deliver 800 lumens. This enables it to achieve up to 826 feet lighting range.

3. Gold Armour LED Nightlight Flashlight, Zoomable Light

Gold Armour LED Nightlight Flashlight, Zoomable Light

When going out for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and the like, as tactical flashlight is a must. Gold Amor LED nightlight flashlight is a good idea when it comes to emergency and personal safety. Designed featuring professional grade material, this torch is dedicated to lighting your full house in case of power outage.

Once you get it, the torch proves to be durable bearing in mind that it has an aluminum body. The casing is waterproof, anti scratch hence it remains clean in its entire lifetime. Unlike other flashlights, this one comes with a Li-Ions rechargeable battery and charger, hence it no extra costs of buying accessories. With 5 lights and zooming lens,  allows you to zoom distant objects.

2. MsForce Water Resistant LED Tactical Flashlights Set

MsForce Water Resistant LED Tactical Flashlights Set

Walking in darkness should not be stress anymore, all you need is to equip yourself with this set of super bright torch set from Msforce. This set comes featuring 2 flashlights with intense illumination 2000 and 1000 lumens. The torches are durable bearing excellent construction, thereby ideal for armies, police, campers among others. Amazingly, the flashlights are available in 2 sizes thus ideal to choose your best when going outdoors.

To ensure that you get high performance, these torches comes backed by 3 high capacity rechargeable batteries which offer up to 8 hours run time. Besides, holding these torches is fantastic and extra comfortable. They are designed featuring textured grip to prevent slipping. Therefore, even when you are in unknown territory, there is no risk of dropping your flashlight. For law enforcers, these torches are compatible to mount on a weapon.

1. ATOMIC BEAR SWAT Tactical LED Flashlight, Water Resistant

ATOMIC BEAR SWAT Tactical LED Flashlight, Water Resistant

Do you know that a simple flashlight can be greater than a weapon on the darkness? One of the best tactical flashlights is this one from Atomic Bear. This swat tactical flashlight is great choice for police and military due to its high power and durable body construction. Featuring aircraft grade aluminum, it is also waterproof hence ideal for all situations.

Walk in darkness in confidence once you have this flashlight. The Atomic bear SWAT tactical torch delivers super bright like as 100 watts bulb. Additionally, with adjustable light, it is easy to get an intense laser to blind an attacker. Apart from high, light beam, it can be a useful tool due o the sharp edge. Delivering 400 lumens, this torch used 1 14500 rechargeable or 1 AA battery which provide 25 hours of non-diminishing light.


Tactical flashlights are great substitution to concealed weapons. They are usually compact and don’t arouse a lot of attention. Having a powerful flashlight is ideal for ensuring that you can visit places without anything to worry. Now you are informed, it’s time get your favorite choice.