Top 10 Best Table Tennis Balls of 2024

Table tennis is a cool and exciting game which helps people to spend their time properly just likes the other main games. For one to enjoy the game, essentials such as net, ball (ping pong), paddles and others must be present. Now, we are going to deal with table tennis ball to allow choosing best for an enjoyable gig. Basically, a ping pong ball is supposed to be 40 mm according to the governing body, ITTF. Traditionally, these balls were manufactured from cellulose, but of late the organization has approved the use of Plastic Polystyrene balls in the competition.

For one to get a high-quality ball for table tennis, there is needed to understand the classification of these balls. This is because they are available based on stars rating depending on the quality. For 1 star ball, it’s meant for exercising, 2 stars for training while 3 stars are designed for professional tournaments. Thus, aiming to have 3 star balls will greatly brighten your training or competition with friends. When getting a table tennis ball, a thorough examination is ideal for ensuring that only you buy highest-quality. Ensure that it is smooth without a seam in the middle as well as how firm is the ball.

Now, when it comes to buying a ping pong ball, you need to select a trustable dealer. The era of trial and error is over as nowadays is simple to buy online from Amazon and product delivered to your home. Consequently, for the convenience of buying, we have chosen the top 10 best table tennis balls in 2021 reviews to ease your selection.

List of Best Table Tennis Balls

10. Butterfly B3W640C 40mm Table Tennis Balls, 3-Star ITTF Approved

Butterfly B3W640C 40mm Table Tennis Balls, 3-Star ITTF Approved

Table tennis is an excellent game to kill your free time.Also, it’s an attractive professional game worth investing in. Now with high-quality balls, you can achieve proper training. Butterfly 40mm table tennis balls are outstanding and perfect choice. These balls are professionally constructed to bring decent bounce and weight. Featuring clam shell, they are durable while performing exceptionally. Each pack comes with 6 balls which are 3 stars rated by ITTF meaning they can be used in Olympic games.

9. STIGA Sports Table Tennis Balls, 1-Star Rated

STIGA Sports Table Tennis Balls, 1-Star Rated

Stiga sports table tennis balls are ideal recreational balls for the whole family. Apart from being good structurally, these balls are also fun to have. Each pack comes with 6 different color balls. Therefore, there will be no monotony of playing using same color throughout.

Now, using these ping pong balls brings joy during your free time. They are 40mm and 1 star rated by ITTF. Inspired by sports themes, these balls are highly reliable. Of these balls, there are 2 football, 2 basketball, and other 2 baseballs inspired.

8. STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

Stiga is a dedicated manufacturer of tennis accessories. Now, if you love table tennis, here are the ideal ball to have. Their construction aims at providing balls with high reliability and performance. These are premium designed for training and tournaments. This is because their construction ensures that they conform to International Table Tennis Federation regulations.

These balls are available in standard 40 mm recommended by governing body. This means that the construction and weight are excellent. As a result, you achieve superior bounce, spins, enhanced ball control and longer volleys than other balls. They are US table tennis approved for tournaments.

7. EastPoint Sports40mm Table Tennis Balls, 1-Star

EastPoint Sports40mm Table Tennis Balls, 1-Star

EastPoint Sports table tennis balls are outstanding and ideal to bring in your collection. These balls are designed by professionals to ensures you get a thrilling table tennis session with you family and friends. In addition, these balls are manufactured to the recommended standards 40 mm measurement.

Besides size, the balls exhibit ideal weight which allows them to be suitable for tournament. Each ball comes with a standard white color and company logo imprints. It’s a perfect upgrade or replacement set to spice up your table tennis game.

6. Killerspin Premium Table Tennis Ball,4 Star Rated

Killerspin Premium Table Tennis Ball,4 Star Rated

Killerspin table tennis balls a are uniquely designed and high-quality than most of balls you can find in the stores. Manufactured by experts in they are ideal for advanced players and tournaments. Therefore, you can engage in a serious game with friends or just for training with excellence.

Well, Killerspin balls have outstanding spin, bounce, and control. This is facilitated by premium construction giving them a rating of 4 stars. Each of the balls has exceptional balancing which gives it consistent bounce and spin. The white finish and red spots give these balls high visibility, and they measure 3mm.

5. MAPOL 3-star 40mm Table Tennis Advanced 100 Training Ping Pong Balls

MAPOL 3-star 40mm Table Tennis Advanced 100 Training Ping Pong Balls

Do you want to master great table tennis moves? Poor quality balls should not deter you. All you need is to get this pack of Mapol 3-star rated ping-pong training balls. Their construction ensures that can be used for hard training without getting ripped, unlike other inferior quality balls.

When using these ping pong balls, they have exceptional bounce and spin enabling you to train with ease. Additionally, with pack containing 100 balls, it means you won’t have to go shopping for table tennis balls every week. Bearing standard 40 mm size, these balls have ideal weight and aerodynamics for superior control.

4. Xushaofa Sports 3 Star 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls

Xushaofa Sports 3 Star 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls

When it comes to professional table tennis, high-quality balls are paramount. With Xushaofa sports 40+ seamless table tennis balls, you can play like a pro. These balls are manufactured using the most advanced revolutionary technology on the market. As a result, they allow better performance and durability.

Now, if you are used the conventional balls made of celluloid, these are made from poly plastic. This material is safe and durable than traditional celluloid material employed in other balls. Additionally, the seamless construction is excellent in ensuring that these balls achieve exceptional bounce. ITTF and USATT approve these balls.

3. TADICK New Material Ping Pong 40+ Poly Premium Table Tennis Ball

TADICK New Material Ping Pong 40+ Poly Premium Table Tennis Ball

Are you an aspiring table tennis player or a professional player, here are your perfect balls of choice. These Tadick ping pong balls are good consideration to add to your table tennis collection. Utilizing news construction materials; poly plastic, they are high-performing and durable.

If you have used the older celluloid balls, using these, you will notice the difference. They have high bounce, spin, and balancing. They are 3 stars rated meaning they are ideal for tournaments as well as training. Tadick ping pong balls measure 40+mm as per governing bodies.

2. KEVENZ 40mm Table Tennis Balls, Training Ping Pong Balls, 50-Pack

KEVENZ 40mm Table Tennis Balls, Training Ping Pong Balls, 50-Pack

Kevenz table tennis balls premiumly crafted balls. Their superior construction ensures that you get durability of use and superior performance. Unlike other balls, these are made from sturdy materials which ensure you get over1000 impacts without cracking or losing performance. In addition, these balls have exceptional bounce and control for maximum performance.

The manufacturing of theses balls strictly adheres to the recommended weight by the regulators. With this pack containing 50 balls, they have a recommended weight; each weighs 2.75 grams. Further, with 40 mm diameter and 3-stars rating, it means that they are ideal for training as well as tournaments. The yellow color improves visibility when playing.

1. Sportly Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls, 3 Stars Rating

Sportly Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls, 3 Stars Rating

Sportly ping pong balls are all you need to sharpen your table tennis skills. They are strictly created featuring the recommended size and weight. The pack of 6, each ball measures 40mm and have 3-stars rating thus exceptional for training as well as tournaments.

With a combination of balanced weight and size, these balls have excellent bounce and spinning. Also, the consistent volley renders them ideal for any level of playing, whether beginner or experts. The white finish eases spotting ability and smooth cleaning. The company logo imprint improves the balls beauty.


Ping pong balls are useful tool when it comes to table tennis playing. Without solid balls, it can be frustrating as they can’t last for a considerable period. Also, weight and weight as we have seen are the primary consideration when buying a table tennis ball. Don’t lose the bounce, pick your favorite ping pong ball and enjoy the game.