Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Food Containers in 2018 Reviews

Many people regard stainless steel as the workhorse of any kitchen. The main factors that make stainless steel as superior materials are because it is durable, sturdy and doesn’t fall apart in a dishwater after several washes. Also, the material doesn’t stain even after using the food containers with various sauces. They are also resistant to beating, dents, and dings that the lunch containers experiences from adults and kids alike. Unlike disposable plastics, bags, and utensils, stainless steel offers a reusable solution that could save you a lot of dollars. We will, therefore, review the top 10 best stainless steel food containers.

1. Thermos Stainless King 24 Ounce Food

Thermos Stainless King 24 Ounce Food
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If you need to find a great food container that will justify the value for your money, you better invest on this Thermal stainless king food container. It features a premium design that is capable of keeping the food hot for 14 hours and cold for 24 hours. Thanks to the integrated thermos vacuum technology which offers maximum thermal retention. The durable stainless steel exterior and interior enhances durability, and it is cool to touch. Besides, it is sweat proof even when cold. On the other hand, it is ideal for smaller kids since it has an incredibly wide mouth that is easier to eat from and refill.

2. LunchBots Bento-Trio Large Stainless Steel Food Container

LunchBots Bento-Trio Large Stainless Steel Food Container
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Whether you want to cater for bigger appetites, this container will perfectly suit you. It features one big compartment that can handle a big sandwich and two smaller compartments which are designed for sides. This unique design is ideal for handling your whole lunch in just one container. The container is safe and durable. Thanks to the 18/8 stainless steel which doesn’t leach any harmful toxins into the food. So, the all in one design saves you the hassles of opening countless containers during mealtime. Besides, by being dishwater safe, you will just need to toss this Bento-Trio in the dishwater for a perfect clean up. Additionally, it doesn’t retain food flavors after cleaning.

3. New Wave Enviro, Stainless Steel Food Container

New Wave Enviro, Stainless Steel Food Container
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If you have been experiencing headaches while struggling to find an eco-friendly solution to serve as your food container, look no further. New Wave Enviro is a stainless steel container that offers a reliable and affordable alternative to plastics for lunch boxes and food storage. Thanks to the 100 percent food grade metal that contains no traces of plastic or any toxic material. So, this container doesn’t leach any toxin into the food contents. It is so easy to clean that it doesn’t leave any smell or food flavors from your last meal. Also, the durable and leak proof container design offers a perfect fit into your lunch box and even carry an extra sandwich, salad, and snacks.

4. THERMOS FOOGO, Vacuum- Insulated Stainless Steel

THERMOS FOOGO, Vacuum- Insulated Stainless Steel
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Featuring double wall steel construction, coupled with Thermos vacuum insulation technology, Thermos Foogo is a dependable food container that will never let the contents get hotter or cooler. It can retain the food temperature for about 5 to 7 hours. Also, it has been designed with kids need in mind. Precisely, it features a stainless steel material on both the interior and exterior, perfectly to withstand daily kid’s behaviors. Thus, it ensures that your kid doesn’t miss a meal and you don’t become a spendthrift. The material is dishwater safe and therefore boasts simple care and doesn’t contain harmful contaminants such as BPA.

5. Green Pack Medium, 3-in-1 Lunch Box

Green Pack Medium, 3-in-1 Lunch Box
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Being a top rated model and among the best stainless steel food containers available, you expect fantastic features. And indeed, Green pack lunch box is exceptionally designed to give you a new experience in storing and carrying food. It is made of strong, durable and food grade stainless steel metal. It should be noted clearly that this lunch box contains no harmful plastic or BPA. Hence, if you want an eco-friendly option, go for this food container. They are completely reusable and therefore, can help you save money and environment, as well. However, this lunch box is made of metal, and hence it isn’t microwavable and cannot hold wet or liquid foods.

6. Thrive Home Products, Premium- Built Stainless Steel

Thrive Home Products, Premium- Built Stainless Steel
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If you are looking for durability and convenience of use, Thrive home products promises you that and beyond due to its premium construction. By boasting an insulated double walled stainless steel, it gives you all the freedom you need in keeping your soups and coffee warm for over 6 hours. Also, the design is airtight, leak proof, odor resistant and at the same time, stain resistant. An incredibly wide accessible mouth opening that makes it easy to fill, pour as well as clean with convenience. Other exceptionalism includes a bonus E-book collection as a recipe and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

7. LunchBots Uno-Stainless Steel Food Container

LunchBots Uno-Stainless Steel Food Container
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Are you bored with a squashed and messy sandwich? Then, here is the solution for you. Lunchbots Uno-stainless steel food container is the perfect solution to keep your food safe. By having a great design that measures 6 by 5 by 1.75 inches, this container will keep salads, wraps, and salads among other main dishes in the safest way for the purpose of your well-being. With a single compartment, you can trust on the flexibility of this food container. The design enhances portable convenience that helps you to use this product for traveling and family gatherings. Further, they are dishwater safe and are stain resistant, and because they are virtually indestructible, they are ideal for no-go lifestyles.

8. E-PRANCE Coffee Canister Stainless Steel Food Container

E-PRANCE Coffee Canister Stainless Steel Food Container
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By extending their superior craftsmanship, E-prance brings to you a new and astoundingly performing food container. Precisely, it is a coffee bean container which will keep your coffee beans well protected from detrimental light, air, and moisture thereby giving it perfect freshness all the time. If you are conscious of your environment, this container gets it right by providing a reusable solution. Thus, it eliminates any instance or needs to use wasteful plastics. It is perfectly BPA free this doesn’t pose any health hazard. It is also great for storing other food resources such as flour, spices, and sugar. Ease of clean is worth praising, thanks to the smooth and stainless finish which wipes well using a wet sponge or soft towel.

9. BFF system Stainless Steel Lunch Box

BFF system Stainless Steel Lunch Box
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So much have been said about the best stainless steel food containers on the market, but BFF system carries the day. It features exceptional durability that saves you a lot of money as compared to other competitive brands on the market. Thanks to the silicone sealants that have proved to increase the strength by at least 1.5 times compared to other close brands. Also, the lid lock design ensures you will never experience unnecessary spillage. If you are buying it for kids, rest assured that it will offer optimal food security as it is free of harmful toxins. And with the variety of sizes ranging from 12, 23 to 37 ounces, this food container is ideal for school use, camping, dinner leftovers, and picnics. They are also easy to clean as they are dishwater safe and can be heated on gas and electric stove.

10. Vaya Life Insulate – Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Vaya Life Insulate - Stainless Steel Lunch Box
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Another great invention, representing a valuable food container, Vaya Life stainless steel food container. The reason why it appears on this list of the top rated and best sellers’ stainless steel food containers, it features a premium construction with remarkable features. Comes with a set of two containers which carries a maximum of 4 food varieties without any challenge. By boasting the most sophisticated thermally insulation technology, the food is kept the way you like for as long as you can. If you are tired of the constant use of refrigerator and microwave, Vaya Life food container will save you a lot of worries. It is BPA-free, doesn’t leak, dishwater safe and extremely office friendly.

Taking everything into account

If you have been searching for the top rated best food containers which can handle your food with utmost security, there you have them. They are the top 10 best stainless steel food containers. Remember, they are affordable, durable, easy to clean, elegant. They are simply the top rated and best sellers representing what will make store you food clean all day long.