Top 10 Best Soccer Shorts of 2024

Do you love soccer? Getting the essential items is the first step toward achieving your goals. Some of the basics requirements include cleats, socks, shorts among others. Now, let’s us focus on short for playing soccer. Of course, besides being ideal stylish, it should be fitting. A large or tight will eventually affect the way you play. Since football shorts are applicable in many games, they are available in different styles and construction materials. Thereby, one needs to be keen in ensuring that you get perfect fitting short for maximum performance.

The main idea behind soccer shorts is to improve in the moisture wicking. Though in most cases they allow free movement, it should be noted that materials should be highly absorptive. Unlike cotton based, clothes, shorts for football training comes featuring nylon. This ensures that even when you are active, it allows moisture wicking while fast drying. With this, nylon prevents wetting effect associated with cotton clothes. Besides, nylon is a bit stretchy without losing its shape, unlike other materials.

On top of looking the quality and size, design matters a lot. A short with drawstring is recommendable, whether it is for training or playing. When active, short without a drawstring tends to move up and down and also keeps sagging. In the long run, it will compromise your comfort and performance. Getting your correct sizes, on the other hand, is an achievement. This isn’t hard as with right waist size; it will guide you on the best short. Now, when you need to buy a soccer shorts we have minimized your hassle by reviewing the top 10 best soccer shorts in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Soccer Shorts

10. Vizari Dynamo Soccer Shorts

Vizari Dynamo Soccer Shorts

The Vizari Dynamo Shorts are the best soccer shorts for someone looking for a functional yet affordable pair of training shorts. It is available in six different hues, and you can also find it in different sizes. The short has a white stripe on the side that makes it look even classier. Vizari’s soccer shorts stand out as the best model because aside from being cheap, they are made with high-quality material that guarantees you comfort throughout your training session.

9. Nike Hertha Youth Soccer Shorts

Nike Hertha Youth Soccer Shorts

You want to consider these blue pair of shorts by Nike if you’re looking for the best soccer shorts with Dri-Fit Technology. Besides, if you don’t prefer the blue shade, you have room to choose from ten other colors to get a pair that matches your taste. The polyester shorts are machine washable, lightweight and super comfortable.
They are equally appealing to the eyes and have a horizontal stripe on the posterior of both legs. The Nike Hertha Soccer Shorts should truly be your first choice if you want to concentrate on nothing more than the training at hand.

8. Adidas Performance Striker Athletic Men’s Short

Adidas Performance Striker Athletic Men’s Short

Adidas gives you the freedom to choose from three different shades and two varying sizes to get a comfortable fitting pair of shorts for your training. The bold contrast color screams elegance while the high quality soft knit fabric ensures you stay comfortable while training in the field. The pair, Striker13, further features Clima cool technology that ensures you stay dry and cool. The mesh soccer short has an elastic waist, and the Adidas logo at the left hem gives it an eye-catching look.

7. Adidas Performance Tastigo 15 Youth Shorts

Adidas Performance Tastigo 15 Youth Shorts

The Adidas Tastigo 15 pair of black and white shorts are made of 100% recycled polyester material. What makes it the best soccer shorts is the dyedye, the new dyeing technique that helps save at least 25L of water. The black and white shade isn’t the only pair to settle for. You can choose from a variety of colors available when you consider buying these shorts by Adidas. The shorts feature Clima-cool that ensures proper heat and moisture management through ventilation. The embroidered brand logo adds a nice finish to the already elegant pair of shorts.

6. Under Armour Golazo Boys’ Soccer Shorts

Under Armour Golazo Boys’ Soccer Shorts

You’ll love this pair of soccer shorts by Under Armour. They not only look great but equally feel great and sell at a pretty reasonable price that will not affect your budget. The soccer shorts by Under Armour are 100% polyester. The Golazo Shorts come in different shades, so you’ll find one that matches your color preference.

5. Vizari Trento Soccer Shorts

Vizari Trento Soccer Shorts

Vizari’s pair is the best pair of soccer shorts to have if you’re looking for an all black short to combine with your Velez, Monaco or Geneva soccer jersey. The pair features moisture wicking fabric that ensures you stay dry and cool while training. Furthermore, the soccer short also has six-inch inseam for improved functionality. You will find the shorts in a variety of sizes at a low price, so your budget won’t be affected.

4. Nike Team Equalizer Soccer Shorts for Men

Nike Team Equalizer Soccer Shorts for Men

The imported pair of white shorts is small in size and sells at a low price. It is the best performance shorts for all your moves on the pitch. The shorts feature an elastic waistband that has a drawstring made of polyester ensuring an adjustable fit for agility. Furthermore, the lightweight knit short features an 8-inch inseam and Dri-fit fabrication that wicks away sweat to keep you cool and dry. With this pair of high-quality soccer shorts, you are guaranteed excellence with every dribble, pass, and shot.

3. Under Armour Maquina Boys’ Shorts

Under Armour Maquina Boys’ Shorts

The Maquina Boys’ Shorts is made of 100% high-quality polyester material. Aside from black, there is a red short, blue, white, and green. The inseam is 7inches. The performance shorts are great for the soccer athlete and will look great with a shaped-neck jersey.
The lightweight material can easily stretch to increase comfort throughout the 90 minutes on the field. Besides, the material additionally has moisture wicking abilities to help you stay dry and cool while on the field.

2. Under Armour Hustle Boys’ Shorts

Under Armour Hustle Boys’ Shorts

These boys’ hustle shorts are the best pair to own if you’re looking for high quality yet affordable soccer shorts for your next training. They come in different shades packed with great features that will make your time on the field enjoyable. The lightweight shorts are 100%polyester and feature stretch-woven material that provides great mobility and superior durability.
This makes it even more comfortable to wear while tackling the ball. It has an elastic waistband that ensures a more comfortable fit. The brand’s Boys’ Hustle shorts will match well with any soccer jersey, so you’ll want to try them out.

1. Adidas Tastigo 17 Shorts

Adidas Tastigo 17 Shorts

The Tastigo 17 Pair of shorts is composed of 100% other materials. It is available in different tones and sizes to give you the freedom to choose one that meets your unique needs. The men’s soccer shorts by Adidas have a drawcord on the elastic waist and piping at the hem.
The high-quality material is also ventilated to keep you dry while training. It also has a mesh insert on the side to further increase its functionality and offer breathability. The three white stripes and brand logo gives it a nice finish that will make you stand out on the field.