Top 10 Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet of 2024

If there are a sub-set of soccer players having a hard time finding the best soccer shoes, its football players with wide feet. The most common question you’ll always come across revolves around finding the best soccer cleats for wide footed players. And if you’re a die-soccer player with a great passion for the game, you understand what it means to have the best football shoes available in the market today.

Just as football has evolved over the years, so has football boots with newer designs appearing way lighter than their predecessors and having appealing designs and additional features every player would want to have.
While other players have an easy task choosing their preferred pair, players with wide feet need a little help in making a final decision. This is why we’ve created this top 10 list of best soccer cleats for wide feet available in the market 2021.

List of Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

10. Men’s Nike Tiempo 819233 Rio III FG

Men’s Nike Tiempo 819233 Rio III FG

The Black and White Nike Tiempo Rio not only looks stylish but is also comfortable to wear. They are undoubtedly among one of the best Nike cleats soccer shoes available in 2021. These are a pair that lets you look like a champion and equally build your confidence in the field.

Aside from feeling comfortable, the synthetic leather allows for great ball touch, and it’s high-density EVA sock liner delivers quite responsive cushioning. Don’t worry if you have wide feet because these soccer cleats will fit you perfectly and their lightweight gives it a plus in this category.

What’s more, its bladed studs allows for maximum ground penetration thus offering you added support and is particularly an ideal pair to own even on hard ground pitches.

9. Men’s PUMA evoPOWER 4.2 Graphic FG

Men’s PUMA evoPOWER 4.2 Graphic FG

PUMA is an athletic brand that manufactures the best soccer shoes with the sport, player’s lifestyle and fashion in mind. The PUMA evoPOWER 4.2 are a pair worth considering especially if you have wide feet. They are quite light and very comfortable to wear.

You’ll undoubtedly love its stylish design and the great blend of high risk red, white and sea pine that’ll make you stand out from other soccer players. They have GripTex treatment allowing for added ball control with a synthetic sole that makes running very smooth.

Moreover, the evoPOWER 4.2 has synthetic upper material making these cleats very durable you’ll surely use for a long time. The small studs on the boots allow for perfect grip and provide great stability to the player.

8. PUMA evoPOWER 3.2 Jr. Cleat

PUMA evoPOWER 3.2 Jr. Cleat

You’ll want to get these pair for your 4 or 8-year-old soccer player even if they have wide feet. They have a beautiful blend of colors making them quite a precious pair to have. The synthetic material used to make these football boots promise you long-time use.

These soccer cleats are also very light and have asymmetric lace-up vamp for a safe fit. The upper GripTex allows for enhanced control your little one will surely have the time of their life in the field.

7. PUMA EVOSPEED Men’s 4 H2H FG Soccer Cleat

PUMA EVOSPEED Men’s 4 H2H FG Soccer Cleat

These boots have an orange clownfish color, and you’ll just love them especially because they are very comfortable and durable. If you have wide feet, don’t worry because these shoes will fit you perfectly. They have been designed with a synthetic sole that will make you the champion in the field.

The EVOSPEED 4 H2H FG is worth considering if you’re a player looking for a pair that is not only affordable but also fashionable and comfortable to wear.

6. PUMA Universal II IT Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe

PUMA Universal II IT Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe

If you want a pair that is comfortable, lasts long and also affordable, then the Universal II IT are the right football shoes for you. These shoes use soft abrasion-resistant synthetic leather offering the player comfort when they wear it and guaranteeing service for a long time.

It is a suitable pair to use on indoor surfaces since it has a non-marking rubber indoor outsole. Its platform measures around 0.5 inches and the color pop details and tonal topstitching giving it a very elegant look.

5. Adidas ACE 16.4 FxG W-W Performance Women’s Soccer Cleat

Adidas ACE 16.4 FxG W-W Performance Women’s Soccer Cleat

Even in a market where the best Nike cleats soccer shoes dominate, Adidas still manages to make the best soccer shoes that stand out in 2021. If you’re a woman in the football field, you might want to give these shoes some consideration. Of course its elegant design and color will call your attention, but the Adidas ACE 16.4 has more to give than a beautiful look.

These shoes are designed for natural grass and hard ground you’ll still be able to move fast while maintaining stability. They are conversely made with a soft synthetic upper that improves every touch and makes playing easy and fun. It has a comfortable lining, and they are very light.

4. Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0 FG-M Men’s Soccer Shoe

Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0 FG-M Men’s Soccer Shoe

Now that you understand the Adidas brand equally provides the market with the best soccer cleats, you’ll surely want to try these shoes if you have wide feet. These are a pair worth your money especially if you’re the professional player who takes soccer a little too seriously.

The firm-ground men’s cleat gives you extra protection and added padding with higher heels than other soccer shoes have. They have a highly abrasion-resistant Bravo 3W upper and a leather finish in the forefoot. Their elastic ENERGYPULSE outsole element allows for an increased energy output while the elastic ENERGYSLING element provides exceptional stability and energy return.

3. Adidas Messi 15.2-M Men’s Performance Cleat

Adidas Messi 15.2-M Men’s Performance Cleat

If you’re a Messi Die-hard fun, you’ll surely love this pair especially because it will allow you the chance to win like the best football player in the world. Its 3D synthetic leather upper gives you a perfect touch thus enabling you to have more ball control. With the messiTOUCH X-ray surface, you’ll have a lethal grip on the ball while the messiGAMBETRAX stud configuration offers you excellent traction underfoot for a Messi-like speed.

The Messi 15.2-M comes with a skeleton outsole allowing you ultimate agility even on an artificial ground while its engineered cage allows for heel stability. What’s more, you’ll love the exposed messiFRAME that wraps around your foot giving you a locked-in feel.

2. Adidas Performance X 16.4 FxG-M Men’s Shoe

Adidas Performance X 16.4 FxG-M Men’s Shoe

Not only will you love the stylish design of this solar red/metallic silver/Hi-Res Red soccer cleats, but its affordable price and the lightweight feature will also equally make you settle for it.

The Adidas X 16.4 FxG-M allows you to move with explosive speed and is exemplary for use on artificial grass. The soft Chaos Feel upper gives you an improved touch and locked-in fit you’ll surely want to have these football shoes.

1. Adidas Goletto V FG-M

Adidas Goletto V FG-M

These black and white men’s soccer shoes are the best fit for anyone with wide feet. Moreover, their classic look makes them an ideal pair for men. The Goletto V FG-M are very light in weight and have a durable synthetic upper.

These soccer cleats are a pair designed for stability, and they guarantee you fast speed on firm ground. The textile lining in the Goletto V FG-M gives you great comfort when worn. You’ll surely want to own these shoes.


With our list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet choosing your preferred shoes shouldn’t be a daunting task after all. While the list may go on and on, these soccer cleats rank top in our guide based on their functionality, affordability, and stylish design. Be sure to settle for a pair that meets all your individual criteria rather than choosing the best soccer shoes simply because of their recognized brand.