Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping in 2018 Reviews

Buying a sleeping bag for camping should not be a complicated task. This is because; people buy one which perfectly fit their budget, season and size. Various styles and designs are available which needs one to be careful to ensure you choose the best for a memorable camping season.

Camping season greatly influences the type camping sleeping bag to buy. This is because of the variance in temperatures. As a result, you need to check a perfect sleeping bag whether it’s winter or summer to keep your body refreshed and warm. Before going for a camping trip, you can check some of these top rated best sleeping bags for camping in 2018 reviews.

1. Teton Sports Celsius XXL 0 F Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Celsius XXL 0 F Sleeping Bag
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As you think of getting a reliable camping sleeping bag, here is an excellent selection from Teton Sports. It’s a large, comfortable and warm bag to keep make you’re camping breathtaking. The large construction ensures that it can accommodate people of different height without compromising its performance; it measures 90×39 inches hence longer and wider than most of available sleeping bag. Construction is superb due to hard taffeta shell which is also easy to pack. Additionally, the double layers used in construction ensure that your body enjoys maximum warmth. The bag is suitable for cold areas and is enhanced with right and left zippers.

2. Coleman Plum Fun 45 Degrees F Youth Sleeping Bag

Coleman Plum Fun 45 Degrees F Youth Sleeping Bag
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Coleman plum sleeping bag is an ideal camping accessory especially when it’s cold. Designed to fit 45 degrees Fahrenheit, this bag allows your outdoor camping to be smooth and unforgettable. This is facilitated by the ThermoTech® insulation which keeps your body warm and cozy. Moreover, the Comfort Cuff™ design allows your face to enjoy a soft covering. On the other hand, for your personal accessories, they are well taken care by the interior tuck pocket. Rolling this sleeping bag is easy and convenient due to the Roll Control™ technology which keeps the bag during rolling. Once you get this bag, it comes backed by 5-years warranty.

3. KingCamp Ultra-Light Portable Sleeping Bag

KingCamp Ultra-Light Portable Sleeping Bag
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Are you a camping enthusiast? You need KingCamp ultra-light sleeping bag. Manufactured featuring high-quality materials, this camping bag provides durability and comfort. Additionally, exterior is 100 percent polyester fabric which is treated to make it waterproof. Lining also is polyester made as well as fillings which give your body enough warmth even under low temperatures conditions. Moreover, the big size is ideal for various people while soft lining gives your face a nice treat. Two straps on the bottom ensure easy carrying while cleaning is also smooth.

4. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag for Camping, 2 Pillows

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag for Camping, 2 Pillows
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Camping is now easy and comfortable with this sleeping bag from Ohuhu. The bag is designed from premium polyester to ensures it withstand all outdoor conditions. The outer shell is water resistant due to 210T polyester while cotton fillings are ideal for comfort and keeping the user warm. Unlike other sleeping bags, this one possesses 2-in-1 functionality. This means the bag combines to form a large bag which is capable for use by two people. Additionally, the zippers on both sides ensure easy entry and exit. The bag is ideal for use even when temperatures are 23 degrees Fahrenheit as well as 32-52 degrees Fahrenheit. Carrying bag and snug fit ensures easy portability.

5. Coleman Kids 50 Degree Sleeping Bag

Coleman Kids 50 Degree Sleeping Bag
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For outdoors camping, now you have a chance to give your kids a special treatment. The Coleman sleeping bag for kids is an ideal pick. All you get in this bag is a soft inner lining which gives your face and body soothing feeling. On the other hand, thermo lock draft is ideal in preventing loss of heat due to fitted zippers. Moreover, when using the bag, it enhances maximum safety due to its glowing deign. This bag is recommended for use by kids over 6 years and features a rectangular shape.

6. OutdoorsmanLab Ultra-light Sleeping Bag, Compression Sack

OutdoorsmanLab Ultra-light Sleeping Bag, Compression Sack
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If you are tired of using uncomfortable sleeping bags, OutdoorsmanLab lightweight bag is a great consideration. It’s a unique product which come boasting built-in pillowcase for added comfort. Additionally, this bag is ideal for use in warm conditions with temperature range of 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. For an extra comfortable sleeping experience without rolling like in other sleeping bags, this one comes with 2 straps to keep you intact. It is possible to make double sleeping bags through zipping them together hence ideal for couples and parents with kids. Carrying is a breeze due to the lightweight and convenient carrying bag.

7. Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Portable Sleeping Bag

Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Portable Sleeping Bag
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A full day with a lot of activities like hiking, traveling, and other camping activities, you need a proper rest. The Abco Tech envelope sleeping bag is a heavy-duty product which deserves to be in your camping list. The materials used in this sleeping are durable and enables it to be usable under 20 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining your body with ample warmth. Besides, the bag is waterproof as well as weatherproof to withstand extreme conditions. Cleaning this sleeping bag is smooth and easy as it is machine washable. Moreover, traveling with this bag is also easy due to carrying bag and strapped compression sack. You can bet on the bag durability and comfort due to tough outer shell and extra-soft inner lining hence friendly to all skin types.

8. Sportneer Ultralight Mummy, 3 Season Sleeping Bag, +20F

Sportneer Ultralight Mummy, 3 Season Sleeping Bag, +20F
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Get full relaxation when after a hiking trip, backpacking or camping. This Sportneer mummy 3 season sleeping bag is a perfect solution for people who like outdoor activities. Unlike other sleeping bags, this one is ideal for 3 seasons meaning you can use it at any time of the year. This is because it can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the construction features robust outer shell which is resistant to water and wind. The snug mummy style is ideal in ensuring that your body is perfectly fitting. Carrying it is smooth due to light and easy to roll design hence compact.

9. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag, Queen Size XL!, Waterproof

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag, Queen Size XL!, Waterproof
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Let your camping be a thrilling when you get this queen size XL sleeping bag from Sleepingo. With capability to fit two people, it’s ideal for a couple and also for parents with small kids. Apart from large space, the bag is designed from heavy duty materials which ensure that you remain dry and warm as outer shell is waterproof due to polyester material with excellent threading. The inner lining combines cotton and tetron which is soothing to your skin. For increased comfort, this bag comes accompanied by two pillows and ample padding. It’s ideal for cold weather with temperatures from 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Teton Sports Double Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Double Sleeping Bag
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The Teton Sports double sleeping bag is an ideal selection to campers, hikers, and other outdoor activities enthusiasts. The queen size bag is taller that the king size thus ideal for taller people. The outer shell is canvas made with flannel liner which guarantees the bag years of use without wearing off. The elite fibers used in manufacturing of the bag are perfect in eliminating drafts and cold spots. When camping in cold areas, this bag proves ideal since it can withstand temperatures below freezing point. Inner brushed flannel liner provides a cozy feel to your skin. Weighing 16-5 pounds, this bag is light to carry which is further eased by strapped bag.

Taking everything into account

Buying a sleeping bag for camping is straightforward depending on the quality and type you want. In fact, there is sleeping for everyone whether adults or kids, therefore making camping for everyone smooth and fruitful. Additionally, some of the sleeping pads and multipurpose hence rendering them ideal even for use at home. It’s time to make a perfect choice.