Top 10 Best Shower Sponges in 2019

Bathing is more than standing a shower. Giving your body ample scrubbing ensures you get a great feeling. With a good shower sponge, it ensures you can maintain your skin supple and performing excellently. Mostly, sponges are designed to exfoliate the dead cells hence leaving your skin functioning normally. Although there are many options when it comes to selecting bathing sponges, their performance is different.

Some of the materials offer better scrubbing than others. For instance, loofah is excellent and has better ‘teeth’ that delivers great scrubbing. Compared to foam, it has better performance; also, there are nylon sponges that also offer great feeling when bathing. Now, the designing of shower sponges differs. Some are round and other shapes. However, there is no standard shape and what is important is how they function.

Apart from offering perfect bathing, the sponges are decorative. They are available in different colors and styles which is excellent for decorating your bathroom. Well, as you decide to buy a bathing sponge, the vital elements include size, texture, and durability. The softness of a sponge affects your bathing experience. With a soft yet effective shower cloth means excellent on the skin. The size also should also be another thing you need to look. Small sized sponge gives you headache when bathing because they are hard to maneuver throughout the body. Well, to give your body excellent feel, these reviewed shower sponges in 2019 are the perfect pick for everyone.

List of Top 10 Best Shower Sponges in 2019