Top 10 Best Sheep Blankets of 2024

Sheep blankets are important to keep your animals clean and protected against weather elements. These blanket are designed to ensure sheep have protection against UV, rainwater, bacteria, and fungi among others. To ensure animals have a comfortable feeling and smooth movement, choosing the righty blanket is paramount. Well constructed blankets always come with free air circulation which is an excellent way to ensure the body gets adequate cooling.

There are different blankets designed for multiple purposes. Depending on the size of your sheep, it is vital to measure your animal. Usually, there are blankets designed for lamb as well as mature sheep. Additionally, due to the difference in breed size, it becomes crucial to have right blankets for high comfort. To give your animals superb feeling, check these top 10 best sheep blankets reviewed in 2021.

List of Best Sheep Blankets

5. JT International Tough-1 Deluxe Mesh Sheep Blanket

JT International Tough-1 Deluxe Mesh Sheep Blanket

Just like goat coats, sheep blankets also vary a lot. This is true especially when you look at the quality of construction. Amid the best sheep blanket brands, the JT International is a perfect choice. So, this sheep blanket features durable mesh construction. It is made of tough waterproof material. For comfort needs of your sheep, this blanket features unique gusset and adjustable belly strap.

The edges feature black binding to help in keeping it tear proof. The black color of the binding complements the white color of the entire blanket body. The collar is also adjustable to offer amazing comfort for your goat.

4. Rural365 Sheep Cover

Rural365 Sheep Cover

Are you searching for the best sheep cover? The Rural365 Sheep cover could be what you’re looking for. It is among the affordable sheep blankets available. It is designed to keep your sheep clean, warm and scratch proof while transporting it. It also acts as a barrier against infections that can be carried at the shows. It also includes unique leg gussets for an enhanced leg movement.

The breathable mesh material not only protects your sheep from weather elements but also allows perfect airflow to keep your animal fresh and comfortable. It is tear proof as it features black nylon binding. Also, cleaning is pretty easy by hand or by machine. However, you need to wash with similar colors on cold and no bleaching.

3. Weaver Leather Livestock ProCool Sheep Blanket

Weaver Leather Livestock ProCool Sheep Blanket

The high-quality fleece construction is one of the many reasons to choose this as the best sheep blanket. It also features a jersey top which makes it uniquely beautiful. It is an ideal sheep cover to keep slick shorn market lambs warm. And for added warmth, you need to use Cordula or ProCool blankets.

It provides protection from cold weather while keeping your animal safe from fungus contamination at the shows. It is machine washable with cold water on gentle cycle, line dry only and not bleach. Well, this may fit goats though it is not recommended for various reasons.

2. Weaver Leather ProCool Mesh Sheep Blanket

Weaver Leather ProCool Mesh Sheep Blanket

Embrace the ProCool mesh sheep blanket and trust that your sheep will be safe from all weather conditions. This breathable white mesh blanket provides excellent ventilation and prevents the penetration of UVA and UVB radiations. Since it is made of rip-resistant material, this blanket is durable and scratchproof. So, it is great for covering your animal when transporting it to the show.

Edged with black binding, this sheep blanket boasts added strength and looks fashionable. Amazingly, the butt features incredibly breathable mesh material for hassle-free air release and circulation. Its large size fits lambs weighing 130 to 170 lbs.

1. Weaver Leather Cordura Solid Butt Sheep Blanket

Weaver Leather Cordura Solid Butt Sheep Blanket

Your sheep needs to stay comfortable anywhere you go. And, this is one of the best sheep covers from Weaver Leather. It boasts a beautiful blue color and it can fit several sheep sizes. It is made of rip-resistant material while the edges feature black binding for added strength.

The design also entails leg gussets for enhancing comfortable movement. Also included are neck cuffs for extra protection. Moreover, the size tag is sewn into a pocket for effortless identification. The medium size fits 110 to 140 lbs sheep.