Top 10 Best Server Racks of 2024

Servers are nowadays common in many organizations. Apart from firms and companies, people are also finding it convenient to add power to their activities at home. Especially, gamers, video editors, and graphic designers, having powerful computers is a great move. Instead of placing your computers on the floor, there are server racks of different sizes that are ideal for your work. They are made to ensure there is proper support and space optimization.

Finding the right rack depends on the size of your computers. Regular ones don’t need massive support. However, when you have several computers to house, larger frames are superb. To ensure there is optimum computers performance, racks need to allow proper arrangement. Therefore, each of the machines will get adequate ventilation hence minimizing cooling cost. The frame also needs to be strong to ensure there is an excellent support. To have the best server racks, we have reviewed some of the top-ranked.

List of Best Server Racks

10. Samson 12 Universal Equipment Rack Stand

Samson 12 Universal Equipment Rack Stand

The ability to keep your computer and other machines in your office requires strong cabinets. But, the Samson 12 universal rack is superb for home and offices. It’s a strong rack made from heavy-duty steel. Therefore, it can hold heavy items without collapsing. In fact, it can hold your servers conveniently.

The innovative design makes the cabinet perfect for keeping the server perfectly anchored. Additionally, with easy to assemble, the rack is compatible with US and European standards threads. For easy transportations, the rack is fitted simple to fit casters. Ideally, the rack is perfect for amps, power conditioners, and other equipment.

9. TRIPP LITE Expandable Wall-Mount 2-Post Open Frame Rack

TRIPP LITE Expandable Wall-Mount 2-Post Open Frame Rack

When you want to keep your servers are other equipment safe, adding strong racks provides ideal support. This wall-mounted open-frame rack by Tripp Lite is amazing. It’s one of the best network racks you can get for home and firms. It allows configuration to 8U, 12U, and 22U hence great compatibility and versatility.

With construction boasting premium structure, it has expandable 2 pots that increase the space. Also, the design and structure can hold significant weight for the ultimate server’s storage. Being wall-mounted and optimized space gives it considerable space-saving. In fact, the rack is capable of accommodating up to 150 pounds.

8. 12U AV Glass Door Rack Cabinet 12U AV Glass Door Rack Cabinet

Computers and servers generate a lot of heat. Therefore, it is vital to provide a well-ventilated rack. The rack cabinet is one of the choices for firms as well as homes. This server cabinet features an enclosed design with ample ventilation to allow efficient cooling. Also, the super-tight lock helps to keep your machines safe from unauthorized access.

Despite the heavy-duty construction and weight capacity, the cabinet is simple to move. It has string casters that allow smooth rolling. Also, it quickly assembles to 12U configuration. The glass door enables easy viewing of your equipment without opening. With standardized rack mount, the cabinet is ideal for servers, KVM and is adjustable from 30-36 inches deep.

7. NavePoint 15U Deluxe 19’’ Server Network Rack with Locking Glass Door

NavePoint 15U Deluxe 19’’ Server Network Rack with Locking Glass Door

NavePoint 15U server network rack is the cabinet you need to lock your machines. Having this cabinet allows you to conveniently lock your network servers. In fact, the glass door is ideal since you can monitor the machines without opening the door. Amazingly, the 600mm depth rack is capable of 15U configuration. Also, it’s can be wall-mounted or free-standing.

The cold PCC Cold Rolled Steel construction enables the rack to be extra strong. Unlike other racks, this has inbuilt fans that keep the machine cool. Also, the vents are great for allowing cool air to get in. Additionally, this server rack cabinet is superb since it has lockable and removable side panels. They also facilitate free air movement, especially during hot seasons.

6. NavePoint 15U Wall Mount Open Frame 19’’ Server Rack

NavePoint 15U Wall Mount Open Frame 19’’ Server Rack

The NavePoint wall mount server rack is making your network server mounting easy. It’s a large structure with ability to hold 19 inches rack equipment. Also, the structure is wall mounted which is classic to ensure there is maximum space utilization. Additionally, quality construction is amazing in ensuring heavyweight support. Actually, the frame has 110 pounds of weight capacity.

With this rack, it can configure to 15U rack. Unlike other cabinets, this one has open sides which give servers complete air circulation. Assembling is extra simple since it comes with all assembling hardware. Also, the anchors are available which enables easy wall mounting.

5. Rising Electronics 42U 4 Post Open Frame Server Rack

Rising Electronics 42U 4 Post Open Frame Server Rack

The Raising Electronics frame is one of the best server cabinets. The rack provides reliable servers and other machines support. It is a strong structure and premium design that allows it to support a massive weight. In fact, it can hold up to 900 pounds hence ideal for massive servers support. Amazingly, there is no installation needed since the structure is free-standing.

The aluminum construction is a great way to ensure it has high reliability while cutting overall weight. Designed to allow numbered servers mounting, it also has M6 round screws for efficient trays installation. High stability in this cabinet rack assure users of the safety of their servers.

4. NavePoint 9U Wall Mount IT Swing-Out Open Frame

NavePoint 9U Wall Mount IT Swing-Out Open Frame

The NavePoint 9U swing-out frame is one of the superb ways to keep your servers safe. Created to be wall-mounted, the cabinet is one of the best home network racks you can get. Due to its open-frame design, it perfectly fits your home or office. This is because it allows natural airflow which enables great cooling. Due to strong and large construction, the frame is capable of holding up to 19 inches standard rack-mounted equipment.

Amazingly, the ability to support up to 55 pounds equipment means its ideal for network servers. Also, it can be used for other equipment efficiently. Additionally, the wall mounting ensures there is superb space-saving, unlike the free-standing versions.

3. Safstar Wall Mount IT Network Server Rack

Safstar Wall Mount IT Network Server Rack

The Safestar wall-mounted server rack is one of the safest enclosure for your network equipment. Unlike other cabinets, this has increased safety due to the full enclosure. This is unlike other cabinets that can allow people to access the interior. Bearing 1mm cold rolled steel, it is tough and exceptionally reliable.

Installing your equipment is simple with this cabinet. It has lockable and removable side panels that allow easy interior access. Also, the enhanced cable management design and ventilation keep the machine enjoying free air circulation. With a tempered glass door, the cabinet is designed to fit all 19U standard rack-mounted equipment.

2. TUFFIOM 12U Casters Network Enclosure, 19’’ Server Equipment Rack

TUFFIOM 12U Casters Network Enclosure, 19’’ Server Equipment Rack

Keeping your network equipment well-secured is a great step. Whether home or in a firm, there is a need to have the best server rack. The Tuffiom 12U cluster network cabinet rack is a strong and reliable enclosure. Compared to others, it has great reliability and durability. With powder coating, the rack is resistant to damage by moisture resulting in rust and corrosion.

The cabinet is created with ample ventilation which allows natural machine cooling. In fact, the side panels are also removable which allow easy interior access. Also, there is no assembling needed since the cabinet is shipped while fully assembled. Inbuilt fans improve the cooling while the casters enable easy rack movement.

1. NavePoint 4U Wall Mountable Server Rack

NavePoint 4U Wall Mountable Server Rack

This vertical wall-mounted rack by NavePoint is amazing for most places. Made from heavy-gauge steel, the rack is secure and ensures your servers are perfectly secure. Also, the design allows it to hold up to 60 pounds which is ideal for most homes. Besides, the weight capacity is great in ensuring the cabinet is safe for wall mounting.

Apart from the security, this server cabinet is sleek and ideal for different installations. The elegant air vents ensure there is maximum servers cooling. This allows our machines to function perfectly without overheating. Amazingly, the enclosure can take up to 4U racks. It’s one of the best rack servers 2019.