Top 10 Best SD Card Readers of 2024

Memory cards are small and convenient devices which allow a variety of data storage. Whether you want to store music, photos, and videos and also exchange of information, they are great consideration. Now, due to the size of memory cards, it limits their application on computers and other devices, thus requiring you to have an SD card reader.

When choosing an SD card reader, it’s good to consider the capacity of card it can support and data transfer speed. As the technology advances, the same is experienced in the memory cards. This is reason why it’s ideal to choose a card reader which compatible with various brands and types of memory cards. If you are looking for one, these are the top 10 best SD card readers in 2021 reviews.

List of Best SD Card Readers

10. Unitek USB 3.0 Multi-in-1 Card Reader

Unitek USB 3.0 Multi-in-1 Card Reader

This super speed USB 3.0 card reader is ideal for SD, MD, TF, CF, and SDHC use in PCs. It especially works well on Google Chromebook, Apple MacBook Air Pro, and Microsoft Surface. It supports transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps and is designed for multiple card use.
The SD card reader is USB-powered so no need for a battery or an external power source. You can use it for allows for fast data and file transfer and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1. The card reader is the best model to use when transferring high-resolution images and video recordings.

9. Geekdigg USB 3.0 Hub Micro SD Card Reader

Geekdigg USB 3.0 Hub Micro SD Card Reader

You can connect at least three devices simultaneously without creating a mess. It, therefore, allows for fast and easy exchange of information. You will be able to transfer photos, high definition movies, and music to another USB 3.0 external device faster. It is hot swappable and pluggable. Set up is easy and no driver is needed.
The USB card reader supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Furthermore, it is reverse compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices. The product is made of aluminum alloy and has a net weight of 66g. It is pretty light and portable with a data transferring speed of up to 5 Gbps.

8. CLWHJ USB Card Reader

CLWHJ USB Card Reader

This is Micro SD Card Reader with standard USB male and Micro USB Male connector for your Smartphone or tablet provided it supports OTG function. It will not support memory cards over 64 GB, but it is ideal for standard SDHC and micro SDHC. The multi-functional card reader has a compact size and is lightweight thus you can comfortably carry it around. It has a reasonable price tag and will not interfere with your budget.

7. Sabrent Premium Multi-in-1 Card Reader

Sabrent Premium Multi-in-1 Card Reader

Sabrent’s model is a 3-port Aluminum card reader with a 12inch cable and sleek design. It truly stands out from competition. The pocket-friendly price tag equally makes it the best choice for your PC especially if you’re working on a tight budget. The external USB 3 premium SD card reader adds three extra USB ports to your PC allowing you to connect your camera, flash drive, phone or external hard drive. Besides, it is easy to use and will not require any software to install. What’s more, the model’s slim design helps save desk space and its lightweight nature makes it easy to move between systems and also bring along while on the move.

6. CLWHJ USB 3.1. Micro SD Card Reader

CLWHJ USB 3.1. Micro SD Card Reader

If you’re working on a tight budget, then you’ll want to consider this external USB 3.1 memory card reader. Even at a low cost, the card reader still has unique features as other high-end models. It lets you transfer data and files between PCs and mobile devices faster. The card reader supports Micro SD, SDXC, and SDHC card up to 64GB. It supports FAT 32 file system and is not compatible with NTFS and exFAT formats.
The technical specifications of this model include a weight of 15g and dimensions of 70mm by 18mm by 9mm; you can read data on your smartphone, tablet, notebook or ultrabook provided it supports OTG function. The SD card reader has a convenient LED indicator that will show card insertion and data transfer activity.

5. NiceEshop Multi-in-one Memory Card Reader

NiceEshop Multi-in-one Memory Card Reader

This card reader has as total of seven slots: three USB ports and SD, M2, MS and TF card reader. This all-in-one multi-function nature makes it rank among the best models available in the 2019 market. It is compatible with most systems, consumes little power and has an over-voltage protection function.
Besides, it also features an overcurrent protection function, prevent leakage protection function and short-circuit protection function. The plug and play model by niceEshop is powered by USB, lightweight and portable. It boasts of a maximum transmission speed of up to 480Mbps. The model is ideal for travelers or anyone looking for a low-end micro SD card reader that highly functional and sleek.

4. Vogek USB 2.0 Hub Card Reader

Vogek USB 2.0 Hub Card Reader

The 3-port USB 2.0 hub can connect three devices simultaneously without creating a mess whenever you want to send data or file. It supports M2, MS, SD, and TF cards thus saving you the stress of buying another card reader. The reader has a data transmission speed of up to 480Mb.
It is super-light with a compact design and smooth surface. The reader will, therefore, occupy very little desk space and can fit anywhere when you want to bring it along while traveling. It allows you to connect your smart device directly to give extra storage for your high definition movies, music, and pictures. The plug and play model is hot swappable and easy to set up.

3. TopMate Regular Version Memory Card Reader

TopMate Regular Version Memory Card Reader

You will love the sleek design of this model. And even though the blue LED will show you when the reader is connected, it equally adds a nice touch to it. It has an ultra-slim and compact design making it the best SD reader to have while on the move. The TopMate Regular Version USB 2.0 reader is a six-port model with one TF and one SD card reader. It supports most USB interface peripherals like the mouse, U disk, and Keyboard. The reader is made of ABS plastic shell material and has a transmission speed of 33M/S.

2. Difini SD Card Reader

Difini SD Card Reader

Difini Card Reader is a multifunctional model with three interfaces: The lightning connector for iOS devices, a USB connector for computers and Micro USB connector for Android devices. It supports SD and TF cards and has a reading speed of approximately 27M/S. The reader allows you to save videos and photos to your flash drive allowing you to free up phone memory. The plug and play feature increases its functionality. It is compatible with Apple Lightning devices and comes with an18-month warranty.

1. IVYOCK USB Card Reader

IVYOCK USB Card Reader

This Gold TF and SD card reader have three interfaces making it highly functional. It has a small size of 63mmby 21mm by 8mm and a weight of approximately 12g. This makes it easily portable thus ideal for anyone who is always on the move. Its 3-in-1 design allows you to transfer data between devices within a short time directly. The USB 2.0 reader will work great on your cell phone, tablet, and PC. It has a pocket-friendly price tag and sleek design thus ideal for anyone working on a tight budget.