Top 20 Best Scientific Calculators of 2024

Isn’t it amazing how technological advancements have had an enormous impact on our day to day operations? There are significant improvements in the methods we employ running everyday tasks both in school and at work. Among other handy accessories that have eased how we solve problems, there is the science calculator that has made it easy to solve mathematical problems.

This modern technological device is recommended for work and school and even for personal use in our homes. The regular calculator may not be good enough especially if you get to a higher level of math classes where you need to solve trigonometric, algebraic and statistical problems. Hence the introduction of the scientific calculators. The scientific calculator allows us to do simple addition and also get solutions to complex mathematical problems. The versatility of these calculators scientific is one of their major strengths.

While most calculators boast of all great features, the best scientific calculator is built to be durable, with large backlit screens and well-oriented keyboards. However, aside from all these great features, buying a science calculator equally depends on how much you are willing to spend. And even when most people put a lot of money on one, our list will give you a wide variety of affordable yet great scientific calculators that you can buy. There are many great models available in the market today, including the Casio scientific calculator thus to get real value for your money, we give you some of the highly-acclaimed brands.

List of Best Scientific Calculators

20. Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Science Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Science Calculator

This calculator sells in a pack of one at a reasonable price. It is battery powered and additionally comes with a slide case for improved functionality. The TI30XA science calculator has a design that delivers scalability and allows for maximum flexibility. Aside from the obvious addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication performed on calculators; this model also performs logarithms, roots, trigonometric function, reciprocals, and powers.
The basic scientific calculator has a one-line display that holds up to 10 digits and conversely features one-variable statistics. It is the ideal calculator scientific for algebra 1, 2 and pre-algebra aside from general math and science. It is great both for college and high school students who tackle advanced math.

19. Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Science Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Science Calculator

The TI30X IIS robust model is a professional grade 2-line scientific calculator with black and blue accents. Aside from this shade, there are eight different hues including pink, blue and orange. This calculator scientific double line display will show you both the entry and the calculated result at the same time. It can handle three angle modes; degrees, grads and radians.
Aside from this, the calculator has been built to also deal with one and two-variable statistical calculations and engineering notation modes. Its `male-like` design makes it suitable for men exploring math and science concepts. Among other great features include the entry line scrolling feature, edit, cut, paste entries and review of previous entries. It is the best scientific calculator to have for science, general math, geometry, statistics, and trigonometry.
What’s more, this model has a menu that lets you select settings suitable to you study needs. And apart from the low price, the calculator ranks among the best because it is both battery and solar powered adding to its convenience. Its Snap-On cover will perfectly fit on the devices’ back whenever in use.

18. Casio fx-115MS PLUS SR Science Calculator

Casio fx-115MS PLUS SR Science Calculator

This Casio scientific calculator also has two display lines that can display up to ten characters. It has a 9MB memory and comes with a center dial and slide-on hard case. It is the best model to have for science and math students at all levels. Besides, the calculator can also be used in an office setup especially those that need algebraic computations most of the time.

It features complex number calculations and has an algebraic mode. Further, the device has 279 built-in mathematical functions that you can use to perform different tasks. What’s more, the fx-115MS Casio Scientific Calculator lets you key in and program any formula you want and save it for future use. For a basic scientific calculator, the FX-115MS has all the great features needed even for high school students.

17. Black Casio Scientific Calculator FX-300MS

Black Casio Scientific Calculator FX-300MS

The three by five black Casio scientific calculator has nine variable memories with 240 inbuilt mathematical functions and Multi-replay function. The device supports complex calculations, has 18 levels of parentheses and can also be used for algebra and calculus. While it can be a great accessory for school and office use, you can equally use this device at home for converting cooking measurements and performing basic finance calculations. Its two-line display can exhibit up to 10 digits.

The best part of this model is that it will show you both the problem and the answer thus giving you better tracking of the process. Furthermore, there are other great features like the auto replay function, the backspace key for quick clear and over 229 built-in math functions. Aside from basic math operations, you can also figure standard deviations, enter fractions and calculate sine and cosine.

If you want the best scientific calculator to complete your math assignment or lab work, then the Casio FX300MS is the best model for you. Besides, you can also key in and program formulas that you can save and use in future. The device’s key layout makes it pretty easy to use. Thanks to its solar power ability, you can never worry about replacing batteries every time.

16. Casio fx-991MS PLUS Calculator Scientific

Casio fx-991MS PLUS Calculator Scientific

A lot can be said about the Casio fx-991MS because aside from the standard calculations, the model can also perform fraction calculations and integration calculations. It features two-line display, has CALC memory and 9 variable memories. The calculator scientific by Casio can perform 40 scientific calculations, 40 metric conversions and is ideal for engineering symbol calculations.
Furthermore, this 3.4-ounce calculator by Casio comes with a slide-on case and sells quite reasonably. This is perhaps the only mid-range scientific calculator that can work with complex numbers and equally solve matrix equations and 2-3 degree equations. This solar-powered calculator helps increase battery life thus you won’t have to worry about buying batteries frequently. If you’re an electrical student, then you’ll find this model quite useful.

15. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Black Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Black Graphing Calculator

The TI-84 Plus is the best model that Texas Instruments made. It ranks as the best scientific calculator available in the market today because aside from being pocket-friendly, this model is equipped with a lot of unique features that will help both students at all levels.
The black standard scientific calculator has a large LCD designed to plot out graphs and even equations. Further, it can plot up to six polar expressions, ten rectangular functions, and six parametric expressions. This one-of-a-kind calculator allows you to transfer data from your calculator to the computer using USB on-the-go technology. It is preloaded with over 12 applications and lets you explore interactive geometry.
This Graphing Calculator is a handy computing accessory for math and science high school students. As opposed to other models, this device has a processor that is 2.5x faster and more memory. Moreover, the calculator is powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries and a silver oxide battery preserved for backup. It additionally has an auto shutoff feature that saves energy.

14. TI-30XS Multi-view Texas Instruments Science Calculator

TI-30XS Multi-view Texas Instruments Science Calculator

Unlike other models, the TI-30XS by Texas Instruments has four line display. It is perfect for high school math and ideal for geometry, statistics, biology, chemistry, algebra 1, 2 and general science. This robust model by Texas Instruments ranks among the best scientific calculators because it is designed with exclusive features that let you key in more than one calculation and compare results.
The toggle key lets you view fractions and decimals in alternate forms while the scroll button allows you to go through previous entries. You can equally edit, cut and paste entries using this calculator. The device is both solar and battery powered making it quite convenient to use. This is the best model for any high school student.

13. HP 35s Calculator Scientific

HP 35s Calculator Scientific

HP’s 35s is the best model to use in the field of science, medicine, engineering and even survey. It is equally ideal for college students. This programmable calculator has 30KB user memory and allows the user to choose between RPN and algebraic entry-system logic. The large double alphanumeric display lets the user view menus, prompts and results with ease.
Its adjustable contrast feature makes it great for both indoors and outdoors. There are over a hundred built-in functions, and the large memory makes it easier to perform even the most extensive calculations. What’s more, the calculator has over 800 independent storage registers that let you store equations that you can use again.

12. FX-570MS Casio Scientific Calculator

FX-570MS Casio Scientific Calculator

The FX-570MS Science Calculator by Casio is a 2-line display model with 40 scientific calculations and 40 metric conversions. The 9.9ounce device has nine variable memories and allows both fraction and integration calculations. Further, the model has CALC Memory and is equally designed with engineering symbol calculations making it ideal for engineering students.
The best part of this model is that it is not as complicated to use as other models though it has many great features that will help even the college student in math or science class. With all the complex number calculations, base-n conversions and logical operations you have to compute in high school, you surely need a device that will make all these looks as easy as A, B, C. The FX-570MS is truly the model to have.

11. HP 35S-35S Science Calculator

HP 35S-35S Science Calculator

This programmable science calculator by HP has a 2-line alphanumeric display that is engineered with adjustable contrast. It additionally features raised edges designed to protect the keys. This is a great model for college students and professionals because it is pretty flexible. The display lines can show up to 14 digits.
It has a library of built-in constants and functions. The HP 35S programmable calculator is one of the approved models for an Engineering Competency Exams. College students and professionals will truly appreciate all the features that come with this device designed by HP.

10. Sharp EL-W516XBSL 556 Calculator Scientific

Sharp EL-W516XBSL 556 Calculator Scientific

Sharp’s latest model beats competition because of its low price and unique features. Among them include the Write View technology that will display formulas just as they are printed in textbooks. Besides, it has more than five different modes including Stat, Drill, Matrix, and Normal. It can handle at least three simultaneous equations adding to its versatility. The Sharp EL 556 science calculator has an extra-large 4-line display screen with the ability to show upto16 digits at a time.
There are also four programmable keys designed to allow quick access of user desired functions. The calculator boasts of over 550 different scientific functions including sinh, DEG, RAD, and RANDOM. There is a playback feature that lets you edit and change formulas easily. With this model, solving challenging scientific equations will look like a piece of cake. Designed using advanced technology, this model is great for students who study general math and science, geometry, biology, chemistry, and statistics.

9. Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Calculator Scientific

Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Calculator Scientific

The TI-36X Pro is an advanced four-line science calculator engineered for high-level math and science. Much as it is great for students taking engineering and computer science courses, it can also be a great mathematical companion for junior high school algebra. And for such a low price, this model comes packed with a lot of great and unique features.
It is designed with features for unit conversions, statistical analysis, and Boolean logic operations. It is easy to use and can calculate angle units and perform fractional equations. Important to note however is, the TI36X is a single-line LCD calculator and may equally not be recommended for users who need graphing functions.

8. Sharp EL-501XBGR Scientific Calculator

Sharp EL-501XBGR Scientific Calculator

This model by Sharp is green in color and has a single-line LCD screen that can display up to 10 digits only. It has a new ergonomic design and comes preinstalled with over 130 science and math functions. It is pretty lightweight and has a convenient size that will perfectly fit your office desk at work and also at home.
The calculator scientific is also designed with a large hardcover that will protect it from any scratching or accidental damage. Other special functions include complex number calculation, n-base calculation, and variable statistics. This, therefore, makes this model the best scientific calculator for general math students, algebra, and trigonometry students.

7. FX-115ES PLUS Casio Scientific Calculator

FX-115ES PLUS Casio Scientific Calculator

The Casio FX115ES Scientific calculator boasts of over 280 functions including complex number calculations, standard deviation, and linear regression. Its natural textbook display will show expressions and the results just as they appear in the textbooks. It further features a Multi-replay function that lets you backtrack through calculations allowing you the freedom to edit expressions and recalculate answers.
It is the best choice for both college and high school students supporting users taking general mathematics, engineering, trigonometry, chemistry, statistics, and algebra. It is approved for use on NCEES exams, AP tests, and PSAT. To add to its convenience, the FX115ES is booth battery and solar powered. There is a table function, list –based STAT Data Editor and 400 metric conversions. This model is truly worth the price.

6. Casio FX-300ES PLUS Science Calculator

Casio FX-300ES PLUS Science Calculator

This pink model by Casio looks pretty classy and is equally easy to use. However, there is the blue and the black model if pink isn’t your favorite color. This model’s large screen and the patented natural display makes it the perfect scientific calculator for middle and high school students taking maths and physics.

What’s more, the device is solar powered aside from the usual battery powered providing longer life. Further, the FX300ES has over 200 features and is approved for ACT exams, SAT and AP. Its Multi-replay function lets you backtrack through calculations while the natural textbook display will show expressions just as they appear in your textbook. It has nine constant memory locations and will help you compute the logarithm of any base, the GCD/LCM and also simplify fractions and roots.

5. Calculated Industries 8030 ConversionCalc Plus

Calculated Industries 8030 ConversionCalc Plus

This model by Calculated Industries, the ConversionCalc Plus, is compelling and pretty easy to use. It has over 5000 conversion combinations and uses 70 built-in standard and metric measurement units. The model 8030 is the best scientific calculator for nutritionists, pharmacists, health care professionals, engineers and lab techs.

The ConversionCalc Plus model will give you quick and accurate solutions for all professional conversion needs allowing you to enter and convert large units to micro units. Packaging includes a battery, Snap-On cover attached with a quick reference guide and an illustrated pocket reference guide.

4. Casio FX-95MS Calculator Scientific

Casio FX-95MS Calculator Scientific

The 4.6-ounce black calculator by Casio sells at a pretty low price. And for a low price tag, the calculator surely has lots of features to offer the math and science students. It has a two-line LCD with natural textbook display and boasts of over 240 functions. The best part about this scientific calculator is that aside from its low price it is effortless to use. The FX-95MS is ideal for general math and general science.

3. Casio FX-82ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-82ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

The FX-82ES weighs 100 grams and sells at a low price. It will help you solve both simple and complex calculations with over 250 different functions. The calculator scientific can display up to 10 digits plus two exponential digits. It additionally features a Multi-replay function and dot matrix display making it pretty versatile.

Its plastic keys not only makes it easy to use but additionally increases its lifespan, so you don’t have to consider buying a new one anytime soon. Don’t forget to carry this handy computing accessory to your next math or science class; it is truly worth the price.

2. Casio FX-991EX Black Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-991EX Black Scientific Calculator

This Casio scientific calculator has a high-resolution display that allows you a clear view of more data. The calculator shows symbols and numbers just as they are printed in your textbook. It is both solar powered and battery powered making it last longer without the inconvenience of changing batteries every time.
This model is a simultaneous and polynomial solver also allowing numeric integration and differentiation. It is equally easy to generate a QR code for your problem. What’s more, students can collectively see their real-time data with other students.

1. Helect H1002 Science Calculator

Helect H1002 Science Calculator

Helect’s H1002 new release is a handy professional-grade calculator scientific with a two-line display that shows you the entry and the calculated result simultaneously. It can handle three angle modes, has engineering notation modes and can compute 1 and 2 variable statistical calculations. The model is great for high school and college students as well as professionals.


Having reviewed the top 20 best scientific calculators for 2021, you surely have a wide choice when selecting your preferred model. Our reviews have taken into account your financial budget and made sure to highlight only those reasonably priced science calculators that equally boast of great features for students and professionals. Be sure to consider one that meets your specific needs.