Top 10 Best Sand Timers of 2024

There are various ways you can determine the duration of events. You can use digital, analog and other the of timers. However, one of the earliest know timers were sand based. Although they were used centuries ago, they are still available today with improved accuracy and capable of measuring different units of time. Whether you want a few minutes to half an hours, these timers are available on the market.

Usually, the timers are simple to use and eco-friendly since they don’t need batteries. Moreover, they are great for use by all people without any training or special skills required. With these timers, people can use them for a variety of activities. For efficient and simple time management, these reviewed sand timers are the top choice for everyone.

List of Best Sand Timers

5. Lily’s Home 60-Minute Hourglass Sand Timer

Lily's Home 60-Minute Hourglass Sand Timer

When you want to enjoy vintage sand timer, this one by Lily’s Home is exceptional. It’s a sleek and decorative timer that can be used in different places. Unlike others, this features hand blown glass. Therefore, it is elegant and durable, which gives it a long life. Fitted in a cheery finished wood frame, it can fit in different places. Whether kitchens, table rooms and other it’s a great clock.

The large design and sleek nature improved the overall beauty of this hourglass timer. Measuring 9.5 inches high and 6 inches diameter, it’s a great centrepiece to add in your home. Due to its elegance, the timer is excellent during conversations.

4. Daya Fashion Hourglass White Sand Timers

Daya Fashion Hourglass White Sand Timers

Adding decorative accessories in your home brings a calm relaxation. This 60 minutes hourglass sand timer by Daya Fashions is an ultimate choice. Created with decoration in mind, it perfectly keeps any place looking awesome. Made from durable glass, you can expect it to last for years. Additionally, with high precision, it gives more accurate time than others.

Apart from reliability, this timer incorporates a sleek wooden frame. Also, the frame created a stable platform for exceptional safety. Amazingly, each of the timers is tested, which ensures they don’t get stuck. Overall, the timer suits different orientations. Whether relaxing or working, it created a sorting and accurate timing.

3. SWISSELITE BILOBA Puff Sand Hourglass


Swisslite Biloba is one of the best hourglass timers to equip your house with. The beautifully made timer features hand-blown borosilicate glass. This gives it high toughness and reliability to ensure it doesn’t break easily. Unlike other hourglass timers, this one is versatile. It is usable like an interval timer. With high accuracy it can indicate 3, 5, 30 and 60 minutes.

The glass used is highly transparent, which adds excellent clarity. As a result, you don’t have to struggle when checking the remaining time. Also, a broad base is essential in ensuring high stability and safety. It gives high versatility since it fits schools, office, desks, and homes.

2. MyGift 12’’ Brass-Tone Metal Rotating Sand Hourglass

MyGift 12’’ Brass-Tone Metal Rotating Sand Hourglass

Mygift hourglass timer is an excellent way to enjoy accurate time estimation. Therefore, when you are involved in different tasks, it can be handy. The timer is uniquely and elegantly created. The brass enhanced frame adds exceptional beauty. Moreover, the structure is rotating which enables smooth timer rotation. Due to this, it reduces the chance of breaking like frameless sand hourglass timers.

Apart from a sturdy frame, the base is extra broad, which improves overall stability. The smooth white sand stream ensures there is a lively decoration. Also, this timer is purposely created to keep homes and offices decorated. It measures 12.4 inches height and 6 inches across hence large for perfect décor.

1. Bellaware Large Hourglass, 30 Minutes Wooden Sand Timer

Bellaware Large Hourglass, 30 Minutes Wooden Sand Timer

Bellawere hourglass is an elegant timer for decorating homes and other places. Depending on your favourite colours, the timer is available in black, purple, red, among others. This creates a thrilling look which inspires your relaxation. Sleekly designed glasses are clear and reliable which improves your timer life shelf.

The frame features metal and wood. As a result, it delivers great strength and protection. The metal rods are sturdy and enhanced with a sleek finish. Additionally, wood base and top created a safe landing point for the glasses. Overall this 30-minute sand timer is awesome when having chats with friends.