Top 10 Best Samsung Curved TVs in 2023 Reviews

Buying a TV in 2021 is very different from the 90s. Nowadays, technology has evolved to the extent of having smart TVs. We have several brands today, and Samsung is one of the leading which delivers superior and cutting the edge home appliances. Now, getting a Samsung curved TV is one of the best deal you can think of. Just like any other, it is ideal to get the latest model to be future proof, Therefore, getting HD, HD and QHD should be a least the models to look. But going with the latest trend, 4K is the best option if you have to get a television set.

With Samsung 4K curved TVs, they bring next to real imaged with immersive experience. This means that when watching a program or movie, it brings extra heavy-quality pictures. Although many people might argue, 1080p still generates excellent pictures, 4K beats them all. On the others hand, the display should also be of high quality which ensures that you get fantastic images output.

Many people argue that a TV being curved is just a style. But in real sense, besides being stylish, it gives your eyes easy than flat screen TV. The simple secret behinds this is that the screen takes eye curvatures hence eliminating strains when viewing. Size, on the other hand, is important to deliver satisfaction pictures. A medium sized TV is ideal for average viewers while large one will make a room look lively. Other features to check are capacity and smart TV functions. Now for those who are looking for ideal Samsung TVs, they are plenty on Amazon. Here we have just picked the top 10 best Samsung curved TVs in 2021 reviews which are ultimate choice.

List of Best Samsung Curved TVs

10. Samsung UN55HU9000 4K Ultra HD 13D Smart LED TV, 55-Inch

Samsung UN55HU9000 4K Ultra HD 13D Smart LED TV, 55-Inch

The 4K is the latest technology which is applied to the TV construction. Now, if you are looking for a 4K TV, Samsung Samsung UN55HU9000 is the best you can furnish your home with. Featuring a curved design construction, the TV eliminates eye struggling and gives a panoramic viewing. Unlike the standard FDH screens, this provides 4 times better resolution for excellent pictures clarity. Additionally, for people without4K content player, or using smartphones, this TV has an upscaling feature to UHD level. Operating is simple due to voice command prompts enhancement, gesture recognition and smart remote control. It has excellent connectivity due to a variety of ports such as four HMDI ports, three USB, two composite and components ports.

9. Samsung UN65JS9000 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV, 65-Inches

Samsung UN65JS9000 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV, 65-Inches

Well, when looking for an ideal 4K TV, this curved screen from Samsung will fit your wish. It delivers deep stunning colors which ensure you get exact pictures without distortions. With a curved design, this TV brings immersive images which ensure your eyes don’t struggle. Besides watching movies and programs, it possesses smart TV features as it allows access to internet contents such as apps and social media. Also, it is also possible to enjoy your older content from Blu-ray or DVD with this TV since it comes with upscaling technology to exceptional high definition quality. On the other hand, the Samsung 2.0 is great in ensuring connectivity and sharing of content between TV and your phone. Above all are variety of connectivity ports for multiple connection ability.

8. Samsung UN55KS8500 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55-Inch-2016

Samsung UN55KS8500 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55-Inch-2016

Enjoy smart watching with this 55 inches smart 4K TV from Samsung. Designed to deliver excellent pictures, the TV provides unmatched pictures. Unlike a standard HD TV, this one offer billion colors due Quantum Dot Color drive, which ensures you get real pictures without even the slightest distortion. Additionally, the triple dark technology ensures you never miss the dark which is perfect experience for movie lovers. In addition, when you want to have clear and crisps colors, this TV boasts UHD dimming for crystal clear pictures. Controlling this smart TV, is a universal remote which ensures you get easy access to everything with ease.

7. Samsung UN49K6250 Curved 1080P Smart LED TV, 49-Inch

Samsung UN49K6250 Curved 1080P Smart LED TV, 49-Inch

Get real HD by having this Samsung UN49K6250 smart TV and enjoy your watching. It is a sleek TV with a curved design which ensures that you get best pictures ever than just a HD TV. Unlike earlier TVs which had a problem with fast moving pictures, this one can play any movie while getting clear image delivery. To facilitate this, it boast MR120 which provides outstanding refreshing rate. In addition, the rich color experience is ideal in allowing the TV to deliver eye catching pictures even when playing your old movies. For unlimited entertainment, this TV connects to cloud services for easy games access. With the ability to log in to the internet, this TV brings a variety of entertainment at your fingertips.

6. Samsung UN78KS9500 Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, 78-Inch

Samsung UN78KS9500 Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, 78-Inch

Forget about your old TV which provides unappealing pictures. With this 78 inches Samsung UN78KS9500 4K smart TV, it is possible watch even the finest details without a hassle. The TV has a curved design to enable easy viewing due to natural curvature. With a smart application, this TV easily connects to your mobile phone to allow you to watch your favorite programs via smartphones. Also, for clear and high quality images, the TV features Quantum Dot Color technology which is responsible for delivering best pictures. The UHD dimming on the others hand is great in providing best contrast for improved image quality. Designed with universal remote, the accessing any content is just by a few button clicks.

5. Samsung UN43KU7500 Curved 4K Ultra HD LED TV,43-Inch

Samsung UN43KU7500 Curved 4K Ultra HD LED TV,43-Inch

Get immersive experience with Samsung UN43KU7500 smart 4K TV. It brings exceptional images which are stunning pictures when everywhere in the room. Unlike other TVs which are hard to navigate, this one comes with a smart remote with a touchpad and is ideal for use on multiple devices. Even for your old movies, this TV can play in HD due to the upscaling technology for optimized pictures. For enhanced high-quality images, UHD dimming feature is great in ensuring real life like pictures. The curved design is ideal in ensuring watching is immersive and eye catching. Above all is motion rate 120 which renders it perfect for watching all movies and TV programs with getting stuck spots.

4. Samsung QN65Q8C 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV, 65-Inch

Samsung QN65Q8C 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV, 65-Inch

There is no doubt that having a 4K TV brings joy and outstanding watching in your home. With this Samsung QN65Q8C QLED TV all your viewing is now revolutionized. Designed with a curved style and metallic finish, it ensures that t it complement your decor. Additionally, it is super thin which allows you to either hang it on the wall or use it stand. The Samsung Quantum Dots brings fantastic colors which ensures that you get a real like pictures. The invisible connectivity is great unlike in other TVs, since it allows easy connection with with other devices. The QLED technology allows a wide viewing angle while MR240 ensures you get real fluid motion.

3. Samsung QN65Q7C Curved 4K Smart QLED TV, 65-Inch

Samsung QN65Q7C Curved 4K Smart QLED TV, 65-Inch

The era of straining yours eyes due to burled pictures is now over. With a 4K TV like this Samsung QN65Q7C it is now easy to watch brilliant pictures without a hassle. This is enhanced by the quantum dot from the company which delivers billions of colors. This TV also boasts QLED display which is ideal for providing high-quality images and is gentle to the eyes as well as extended durability. Additionally, the screen is designed to reduce cluttering which lead to exceptional pictures. The 360 boundless ensures mounting the TV on or wall or using its stand is easy and stress free. The Q-smart oneremote accompanying this TV provides smooth control. It automatically detects connected devices which enable you to control them as you relax.

2. Samsung UN65MU8500 Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart 65-Inch, 2019

Samsung UN65MU8500 Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart 65-Inch, 2019

Getting sharpest pictures can only happen if you have a reliable 4K TV. Now, with this 2019 model from Samsung, obtaining authentic images is now a piece of cake. Designed to bring a significant contrast between dark and light fields, it means watching your favorite program or movie just got exciting. Utilizing 4K technology, this TV has extreme color step up which brings bright and brilliant images. Whether watching a racing program or any other fast moving pictures, with this TV, it is astounding and enjoyable. This is because, it boasts MR 240 hence ideal for sports and all fast moving contents. The screen is clutter free thus won’t damage your eyes. Smart hub enhancement allows access to online content hence maximum entertainment.

1. Samsung UN65MU7600 Curved 4K Smart LED TV, 65-Inch

Samsung UN65MU7600 Curved 4K Smart LED TV, 65-Inch

Having Samsung UN65MU7600 brings pure and premium 4K technology to give your watching an exceptional upgrade. Designed featuring 4K color drive, this TV provides broad spectrum colors which ensure fantastic pictures with a realist look. Besides, the full HD with 4K HDR pro gives it the ability to deliver a wide range of contrast. To complement your space effectively, this device comes boasting a curved designs with 360 degrees and a metallic finish. It is possible to fix it on the wall or free standing using its firm stand. The MR 120 renders this TV ideal for watching sports and any other fast moving program.


Upgrading your TV is the first step in improving your entertainment. However, getting a reliable 4K TV can tricky as not all brands bring real full 4K resolution. But, with above reviewed 4K TVs, its is possible to get your desired size and features. In conclusion, there is the right 4K for everyone depending on size and price.