Top 10 Best Safety Vests of 2024

Safety vests are known as reflective vests. They are common in fire department workers or people in police force. Also, they apply to construction workers. What purpose you are buying reflective vests for, choosing the best will mean that you’re abiding by OSHA and ANSI regulations. Besides, these in stations have gathered safety information for years. Therefore they know what is appropriate for enhancing safety. However, local details play a factor too.

After selecting the best brand for you, you will most likely make some choices in regards to color, pockets among others. First responders such as those in fire or police force, they should get the models that are deemed right by SEA and ANSI departments. For the color, they will need to wear a color that distinguishes them from other items within site. For example, it the cones are yellow, and the cars are orange, then personnel should wear something like green.

Also, you need to consider the environment you are working in. Urban is full of orange and yellow colors. Hence the vests should be green and other non-corresponding colors. The reverse should apply when you are in forest and countryside. So, choosing the right safety vest is very important to the safety of workers. And, visualizing all possible outcomes or scenarios is paramount in the selection process. We have done everything for you by reviewing the top 10 best safety vests in 2021.

List of Best Safety Vests

9. MCR Safety V210R Safety Vest

MCR Safety V210R Safety Vest

This general purpose safety vest is made of polyester mesh material. It is available in fluorescent orange and features 2-inch line and silver vinyl reflective stripes. The strips are sewn vertically onto the vest from the front to the back. The reflective safety vest has a hook and loop adjustable closure and elastic side straps. The vest is perfect for any work done under low lighting or at night.

8. ML Kishigo Reflective Safety Vest

ML Kishigo Reflective Safety Vest

The black series heavy duty reflective vest is made of polyester material. it has 2-inches silver reflective material with breathable contrasting color. The arms and piping down sides also have a reflective trim for increased low light visibility. For contrast, the vest has black sides which also give it a sporty look. It has numerous pockets some with adjustable flaps and grommets. This safety vest is highly durable and offers great functionality no wonder it has numerous positive reviews online. They are perfect for serious workers handling projects in the dark.

7. Misslo Yellow Safety Vest

Misslo Yellow Safety Vest

Misslo’s yellow safety vest comes in six different sizes. There is freedom to choose the perfect fit. The fluorescent yellow fabric is lightweight and highly breathable. It is made with a 2-inch wide strap along the chest, back, and shoulders. There are five different pockets for cell phone, pens, and card. It also features a high-density plastic zipper closure. We recommend it for bicycle riders, security guards and night walking.

6. GripGlo Reflective Safety Vest

GripGlo Reflective Safety Vest

The bright neon color and 2-inch reflective stripes make this safety vest perfect for night work. It ranks as Amazon’s Choice and boasts numerous positive reviews online. So far it is the best safety vest available on the market today. The premium quality material makes it highly durable. The material is equally lightweight and allows high visibility to keep you safe both during the day and at night. It is perfect for bicycle riders, police, security and running.

5. Safety Depot Safety Vest

Safety Depot Safety Vest

Making it on this list is this large royal blue safety vest with pockets. It is made with a high visibility reflective tape and comes in more than five different sizes. Even if you don’t want the blue vest, you can choose from a variety of shades. The polyester material is highly durable, washable and lightweight. There are pockets in different parts of the safety vest to keep your items. Many people prefer this safety vest over others because they have the freedom to choose a vest with their favorite color.

4. Dewalt DSV521-2X Surveyor Vest

Dewalt DSV521-2X Surveyor Vest

This surveyor looks different from other safety vests on this list. Despite being the highest priced vest on our list, it still ranks as the best safety vest. There are a lot of reasons why we prefer this vest over others. For starters, it is made of premium quality high visibility polyester mesh material. This heavy duty surveyor vest has solid Twill pockets and dual mic tabs at the shoulders. It has 2-inch parallel segmented reflective tape for visibility in dark places or night work. It also comes with a zipper closure and 3-inch contrasting black trim detail. The safety vest is available in a large size. The stitch reinforcement and heavy webbing guarantee tough protection.

3. KwikSafety CLASSIC Safety Vest

KwikSafety CLASSIC Safety Vest

This reflective safety vest is perfect for men and women. It is available in different sizes and comes in three different tones. The breathable polyester mesh has silver reflective tape to ensure maximum visibility. The black trimming gives this safety vest a clean finished look. It has two chest pockets and two expandable cargo pockets to store your heavier items. The fluorescent yellow and orange material and reflective bands make it perfect for nice work. The material is equally soft with no sharp edges that may cause irritations and injuries. You want an ANSI compliant vest and this vest meets the standards

2. Galeton Surveyor’s Safety Vest

Galeton Surveyor’s Safety Vest

What makes this vest stand out are the large iPad pockets. The two interior pockets have hook and loop closure to safely fit your tablet as you work. There are further three exterior pockets all with hook and loop closures. The vest also has a right breast pocket with pen holders. The safety reflector with pockets has a silver reflective tape and features reflective piping at the neckline, bottom, armholes and pocket flaps to increase visibility. The polyester material, aside from being comfortable, is also highly durable for long-term use.

1. PeerBasics Yellow Reflective Safety Vest

PeerBasics Yellow Reflective Safety Vest

You get 10 vests per package. This is great if you are buying safety vests for a group of workers ore if you want to save money buying safety vests every time. The pack of 10 has yellow reflective vests made of breathable mesh material that is highly durable. The yellow safety vest has reflective silver stripes that wrap the vest for maximum visibility. It comes in different sizes so you can always find the perfect fit. It is great for construction, schools, night or day work. For the price, this pack is truly worth it.