Top 10 Best Running Belts in 2018

There is no doubt that a running belt is a must-have accessory for anyone who loves fitness exercises. With the use of a belt, you can run and do other physical exercises comfortably while carrying your necessities without bothering you. That’s why; this article aims at providing a guideline to choosing the best running belt and ultimately knows the renowned brands available on the market. And as technology continues to change humanity, no one can go anywhere without having a smartphone and other fitness devices.

But, how do you hold all its items yet you want to exercise comfortably without disturbance? The use of armbands can seem very challenging especially when carrying large smartphone, but a running belt is well made for such tasks. Apart from smartphones, a running belt can help you carry a hydration pack, keys, and other essentials. For sure, running belt is specially made for runners who want to exercise without leaving behind the fun of technology. In actual sense, there isn’t much you are required to know when buying a running belt.

However, you need to know the intended uses and how intense they will be or a specific duration. Also, the material is very crucial when buying a running belt. The best materials are known to be Lycra and nylon for a running belt. In this regard, we’ve spent our time burning the midnight oils analyzing various brands of the running belt just to ensure that you get the ultimate and unbiased information. That having been done, we proudly present the following top 10 best running belts in 2018 reviews.

List of Top 10 Best Running Belts in 2018

1. Running Belt Max Exercise Running Belt

Running Belt Max Exercise Running Belt
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You will probably consider several aspects when determining the best running belt. The Running Belt Max could be what you have been searching for a long time. It features amazing design and comes to an impressive offers. It is fully adjustable, no bounce and can be used in different sports activities. Besides, it boasts incredibly soft Lycra materials. This is by far softer than neoprene. It fits waist size from 27 to 48 inches. It comes with plenty of pockets where you can carry your important accessories such as phone, passport, cards, and keys among others.

2. Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

Sport2People Running Pouch Belt
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Are you having a lot of options when determining the best running belts? Well, you need to choose the best for you to enjoy the full features of a running belt. When you choose the Sport2People brand, you will experience quite some benefits. It offers some pockets to enable you to carry all vital accessories while enjoying your exercises.

Besides, you want to feel as light as possible for you to accomplish your exercise goals. This belt features incredibly large and waterproof pockets to keep your important gears. The waist length adjusts from 27.5 to 40inches. This is an ideal coverage for most athletes meaning that this belt is incredibly versatile.

3. UShake Running Belt Bounce Free Pouch Bag- Extender Belt

UShake Running Belt Bounce Free Pouch Bag- Extender Belt
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How do you determine the best running belts? Before you can even think about the answer, Ushake Running belt can offer a real example. It features a polyester and Lycra fabrics. This fabric is incredible in terms of durability, lightweight and is also compact. Unlike some competitors, it features adjustable pockets where you can keep any smartphone to fit excellently. The waist size adjusts from 27 to 42.5 inches. It features adjustable straps to allow smooth adjustability to fit different waist size.

4. Fittek Running Belt Running Belts

Fittek Running Belt Running Belts
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Featuring high-quality materials and a state of the art design, the Fittek running belts scores highly in the current market. Most of the athletes have realized the benefits of having a waist-running belt, but are very choosy. This belt features Lycra and TPU material which is both lightweight and waterproof. The premium quality of this belt features a large iphone pouch made of durable and waterproof material. You can also adjust the tightness and length of this belt easily.

5. UShake Running Belt- Slim Exercise Belt

UShake Running Belt- Slim Exercise Belt
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By combining nylon and Lycra materials, this running belt has its unique way of boosting the athlete’s performance. It is breathable, lightweight, stretchable, and easy to clean and dries quickly. The waist size adjusts from 29 to 42 inches. Thanks to the strong and adjustable straps that allow every user to enjoy a unique fit and to maximize the running exercise. It features a large storage pouch with unique padding to keep your smartphone safe.

6. FREETOO Hydration Belt – Bottles Leak-Proof

FREETOO Hydration Belt - Bottles Leak-Proof
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There are many unique features being employed while designing the best running belts. For the FREETOO running belt, things are much better. It features an adjustable design with hydration bottles. So apart from carrying your phone and vital accessories; this belt host hydration bottles to keep your thirst quenched. The hydration bottles can meet the demands of a 5 to 10 km race. It fits snugly, and the length is adjustable to suit your size. The material is Lycra which is breathable, lightweight and waterproof.

7. GEARWEAR Running Belt –with iPhone Pouch

GEARWEAR Running Belt –with iPhone Pouch
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There are myriads of benefits runners realize from using the best running belts. The GEAR WEAR knows the needs of top-notch runners and has incorporated the important features on this running belt. It features a storage pouch that can accommodate phones measuring 6 inches. These can include smartphones such as iPhone x, 8 PLUS, seven-plus, 6s, 6 plus, galaxy s series among others, so, you can achieve your running goals while enjoying the smart life with your phone. The unisex design makes this belt incredibly versatile. Also, thanks to the adjustable tightness and length which ensures amazing fit.

8. Filoto Running Belt

Filoto Running Belt
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You could be having great running skills or other sports skills, but you lack proper training gear. Having the best running belt could be a life changer for you if you give it a try. Among the variety of brand available on the market, Filoto features an innovative design that will motivate you to engage. The main material is Lycra and offers several advantages to the user.

It features an incredibly large storage pouch with a reflective logo. The waist size adjusts from 32 to 42 inches. Hence, it covers a wide range of athlete waist sizes. Besides, you can engage in music as you continue with your exercise. Thanks to the included earphone holes so you can have a vibrant workout experience.

9. Peak Gear Water Bottle Belt

Peak Gear Water Bottle Belt
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The innovative design of this running belt makes it one of a kind. It offers multiple pockets where you can store phones, cards, keys, music gear. Besides, it features a bottle holder to enable you to carry the necessary hydration gear. It also features earphone slit to allow you listen to music as you continue with your exercises. Besides, it is lightweight so that you can engage in jogging, engage in dog walking and spend a day at theme pack. It uses a soft elastic strap to enhance perfect fit through precise adjustability.

10. Gritin Running Belt, Fitness Belt

Gritin Running Belt, Fitness Belt
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You wouldn’t even need to ask why this can be regarded as the best running belt. It features a stylish design with a rigid and fashionable storage pouch. With a smartly curved design, it snugly covers your waist to enhance excellent comfort. It features precisely cut earphone holes to allow a comfortable music listening experience. It also offers multiple pockets with strong zippers to keep your essentials safe and secure. Also, it features reflective stripes to ensure visibility.