Top 10 Best Reciprocating Saws of 2024

A reciprocating saw just as the name is a cutting device which moves forth and back. Unlike the manual sways, this one is motorized which enables to move at high speed allowing excellent cutting speed. Well, the stool is highly versatile since its common in workshops, plumbing, and electrical jobs. On the other hand, these saws are extremely versatile which renders them applicable in various works.

Depending on the work you intend to do with a reciprocating saw, it is what will determine the type of the tool you are going to purchase. With cordless and corded versions available, you can select one depending on where you are working. Mostly, corded are great when working in proximity to a power source like workshops or plumbing while cordless are ides for outdoor activities. Therefore, if you aim to buy a saw for tree running, ideally a cordless will be your perfect choice.

Well, the blade type is also important in affecting the application of a reciprocating saw. With these tools available in orbital and straight blades, one can freely select according to the task on the hand. The straight blades are a bit slow and robust which gives them the ability to cut tough surfaces including metals. Moreover, orbital are aggressive and provides faster cutting. When buying a reciprocating saw, general aspects to check include variable speed, cushioned grip, adjustable shoe and others. To find a high-quality tool, here are top 10 best reciprocating saws in 2021.

List of Best Reciprocating Saws