Top 20 Best Rain Jackets of 2024

Weather conditions are unpredictable. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared before leaving the house. Rain jackets and raincoats are essential protective clothes against precipitation. Now, when it comes to getting rain protective clothing, people usually get confused to go for a raincoat or jacket. However, a raincoat is waterproof apparel which is designed to protect the body from elements. On the other hand, rain jackets are raincoats which are long up to the waist.

These jackets are manufactured from varieties of materials to allow them to perform excellently. Some of these materials include nylon, Gore-Tex and Tyvek. Whether buying men’s rain jacket or rain jackets for women, it’s essential to look one which will not compromise your comfort or style. To ensure you conquer uncertainties, we have present a listing of top 20 best rain jackets in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Rain Jackets

20. Portwest Classic Rain Jacket for Men

Portwest Classic Rain Jacket for Men

The Portwest Classic rain jacket for men is ideal pick when you want to remain dry during rainy seasons. Designed featuring nylon material, it’s a highly reliable coat to have. Apart from the nylon fabrics, the coat has PVC coating enabling it to remain water resistant. When wearing it, this coat allows ample breathability due to large hip pockets and flaps which ensure efficient ventilation. Also, breathability is enhanced by a mesh lining while fastening is enabled by zippered flaps. For maximum storm protection, the coat boats drawstring hood and hem not forgetting the elasticated cuffs for storm and tapped seams.

19. Columbia Watertight 2 Front-Zip Men’s Hooded Rain Jacket

Columbia Watertight 2 Front-Zip Men’s Hooded Rain Jacket

Wearing rain jacket doesn’t mean you should not look stylish. The Columbia Watertight hooded jacket for men is here to keep you looking elegant and protected from the storm. Designed featuring a classic look, it’s a sure jacket to wear whenever going outdoors. Its exterior is manufactured from 100 percent nylon and a polyester lining. Further, the jacket is furnished with 2 front zippers for maximum storm protection. The pockets features side design and zip ensuring safety of personal items. Your head is well protected too by the drawstring hood plus hemline.

18. Columbia Diablo Creek Rain Shell

Columbia Diablo Creek Rain Shell

This Columbia diablo rain shell is another high-performance jacket designed for men. It combines a series of construction materials such polyester and nylon to ensure durability and performance. Featuring Omni technology, the jacket is waterproof, breathable and enjoys full sealed seams. When carrying personal items such as phones they are secured by zippered pockets which also guard them from water. Hood is detachable and adjustable allowing it to be convenient. The hand pockets are zippered while Velcro closure strap on the hand, ensure that you get a perfect fitting to keep water away. This coat is packable into the hand pocket.

17. Gioberti Waterproof Rain Jacket for Men

Gioberti Waterproof Rain Jacket for Men

The Globerti rain jacket for men is a must have to battle the storm effectively. It’s a coat which boats latest waterproofing technology to keep your body dry. Additionally, despite being waterproof, it is highly breathable which ensures efficient moisture wicking. Further, to reinforce its ability to resist water penetration, it has sealed seams. The inner lining is highly breathable which ensure that no sweat accumulation on hot days as well as efficient vapor escapes. Front zipper closure is reinforced with Velcro flap to keep water away on rainy days. Its protective cap hood gives your head protection and is enhanced with adjustable pull string and Velcro sealing cuff.

16. Baleaf Unisex Packable Waterproof Rain Jacket

Baleaf Unisex Packable Waterproof Rain Jacket

No more wetting if you don’t have an umbrella and it’s raining. Here, you have a perfect backup rain jacket from Baleaf which you can rely on. Crafted for unisex use, the jacket fits both men and women perfectly while providing complete protection. The materials used in its construction are tough and water resistant hence guaranteeing to keep you dry regardless of whether condition. On the other hand, this jacket is extra lightweight due to full polyester construction, thereby minimizing carrying and wearing stress. Cuffs are elastic to maintain your clothes dry and reflective logos helps to improve your safety on the road under low light conditions.

15. Carhartt Rockford Rain Defender Jacket

Carhartt Rockford Rain Defender Jacket

There is no doubt that Carhartt Rockford raincoat for men is a high-quality product which is designed to keep your body dry. It’s an attractive jacket which aims to fit all occasions while keeping you prepared for a stormy season. Its construction features is 100 percent nylon thus lightweight and reliable. To improve its protection ability, this jacket is hooded while front side enjoys zip closure. Also present are 2 snap flap pockets with media ports. Without forgetting, there are also welted lower pockets as well as interior ones, hence safe personal accessory storage.

14. Charles River Apparel Women’s Waterproof Rain Jacket

Charles River Apparel Women's Waterproof Rain Jacket

As you leave the house for outdoors activities, there Is no need to leave this women rain and windproof from Charles River Apparel. Manufactured from premium Polyurethane bonded fabrics, the jacket is extra lightweight and yet super performing. Unlike other jackets which are designed for rainy seasons, this one is great on windy weathers. The seams are heat sealed, thus perfect in ensuring no water is leaking while mesh lining provides high breathability. Besides the breathable mesh, the front has ventilations that deliver fresh air to your body. Pockets are zipper enhanced while cuffs are adjustable for proper fitting. Further, the bungee cord hood is perfect for protecting your head, and reflective strips ensure improved safety.

13. Columbia Splash A Little Rain Jacket for Women

Columbia Splash A Little Rain Jacket for Women

For women, there is something to celebrate. The Columbia Splash rain jacket is here to make your life comfortable during stormy weathers. Featuring mixed fiber construction, the jacket is ideal for maintain your body warm and also waterproof. Further, the Omni-tech design ensures that the jacket is waterproof and breathable due to fully sealed seams. On the other hand, it protects your head through the attached and adjustable hood. Unlike other coats, the splash rain jacket is equipped with interior security pockets as well as zippered hand pockets.

12. White Sierra Trabagon Women’s Rain Shell

White Sierra Trabagon Women’s Rain Shell

White SierraTrabagon rain shell for women is a stylish apparel which is elegant and ideal for use everywhere you go. Whether you are going to office or a hike this jacket makes a great deal. Its construction boasts Teflon fabric which allows this coat to repel water and stains. This means you can use it without to make your adventure is thrilling. Also, you can bet on its comfort due to ample vents which promotes air flow. Therefore, it’s ideal for use in humid and hot conditions. Carrying the jacket is easy through provided pouch while zip secured pocket ensures the safety of personal items.

11. SWISSWELL Men’s Waterproof Hooded Rainwear Coat

SWISSWELL Men’s Waterproof Hooded Rainwear Coat

It feels great when you are always prepared with a reliable jacket. The coat is created to deliver an exquisite look thereby allowing you to wear it in a range of occasional during rainy periods. Designed for men, the coat is furnished with a hood, front zipper and Velcro elasticized cuffs for excellent wearing. No more excessive sweating when wearing this jacket since it is crafted a meshed liner while outer shell is tough on rain. When wearing it at night, the coat has reflective strips which enhance visibility.

10. ZSHOW Men’s Windproof Waterproof Quick Dry Jacket

ZSHOW Men's Windproof Waterproof Quick Dry Jacket

Avoid all discomforts associated with cheap raincoats. All you need is Show men’s quick drying rain jacket for men. Once you get this one from ZSHOW all your worries are gone when enjoying outdoor adventurers. To withstand outside conditions, it features superior fabrics which are water and windproof. The cuffs are Velcro-enhanced and hem with elastic straps not forgetting air holes which facilitate proper aeration. If you like carrying personal items in your pockets, this coat has plenty of them. It has 4 pockets, one interior, two on chest and one zippered on the chest. The coat is ideal for use a variety of activities and seasons without compromising your comfort.

9. Coofandy Unisex Packable Waterproof Hooded Raincoat

Coofandy Unisex Packable Waterproof Hooded Raincoat

This unisex Coofandy Unisex raincoat is here to give excellent protection against precipitation. Construction utilizes high quality materials; 80 and 20 polyester and nylon respectively. This means that when wearing no extra weight as with other raincoats. Moreover, for added protection, the coat has hood with adjustable drawstrings and can be used during high winds. When traveling, this coat is very easy to transport due to the front carrying pocket. It’s a great jacket for cycling, fishing, and any other outdoor activity.

8. Portwest Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Portwest Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Portwest Lightweight rain jacket is ideal apparel for using when the weather is extreme. Unlike other existing rain jackets, this one is designed to keep you highly visible especially when using a busy road. Moreover, it is certified to EN471 Class 3:2 and EN343 Class 3:1 meaning it’s a reliable apparel to protect you from rain water. On the other hand, the hood offers additional protection and is fitted with drawstrings to keep water and wind away. Storing is eased by ability of this jacket to roll.

7. Urban Republic Boy’s Rain Jacket, Hooded

Urban Republic Boy’s Rain Jacket, Hooded

The Urban Republic rain jackets for boys are sleek apparel worth adding to your wardrobe for stormy days. Its polyester made to ensure there is no chance of water getting into your clothes. Also, the coat is stylish to complement you appearance when wearing not forgetting the hood for keeping your head dry. Further, the jacket boasts a zippered chest pocket which is ideal for keeping a phone or any other personal accessory. Front closures zipper is covered by a flap to ensure water is kept out completely.

6. SWISSWELL Waterproof Rainwear for Men

SWISSWELL Waterproof Rainwear for Men

Instead of carrying large umbrellas which are inconvenient to carry, a rain suit is ideal. With Swisswell waterproof rainwear, you can have a peace of mind due to expert craftsmanship. The outer shell is 100 percent polyester-made with PU coating to repel water excellently. Also, for comfortable wear, inner lining is manufactured from combination of mesh fabric and Taffeta. The latest technology incorporated in designing this rainwear makes it ultimate choices for every man who like outdoor activities and adventure. The taped seams and attached hood renders this jacket ideal windbreaker besides protecting you against rain.

5. Columbia Roan Mountain Jacket for Men

Columbia Roan Mountain Jacket for Men

Columbia is known for the production of fashionable clothes which keeps wearer looking elegant and stylish. Now, when you are looking for a raincoat, Columbia Roan Mountain Jacket for men makes a perfect pick. With 100 percent nylon made, this apparel gives you excellent protection against rain. Additionally, the protection is extended to head due to the fitted hood. On the other hand, it has zippered placket and adjustable Velcro-enhanced waistband to keep it well fitted. Being packable into the hand pocket make is easy to carry.

4. Columbia Big & Tall Glennaker Rain Jacket for Men

Columbia Big & Tall Glennaker Rain Jacket for Men

This is another jacket from Columbia worth having in your wardrobe. Al materials used in its construction are water resistant and lightweight meaning it’s a comfortable coat to have. Unlike other jackets, this one is easy to clean since its machine washable. Additionally, it has 2 tone designs which make it stylish to wear. The tow-away hood and front zip ensures you remain on rainy seasons while enjoying your outdoor experience. Pockets are on sideways and slanted to safely accommodate personal stuffs. Further, this jacket features standing collar, adjustable sleeve cuffs and drawcord hem.

3. Marmot Precip Jacket for Men

Marmot Precip Jacket for Men

Forget about postponing your outdoor activities due to extreme weathers. All you need to have is Marmot Precip jacket for men and experience the difference. Designed for men, the apparel is extra lightweight with 100 percent nylon construction which allows it to guard you against rain water. This is further facilitated by Marmot NanoPro technology which renders it breathable. The fitted hood folds into the collar enabling it to be retractable when need be. The DriClime Lined chin guard flapped front zip closures eliminate any chance of water penetration. Above all this coat fits into its own pocket.

2. White Sierra Trabagon Rain Shell

White Sierra Trabagon Rain Shell

If you want to look great in a raincoat, then you can get this White Sierra Trabagon rain shell for youths. The apparel is perfect for rainy seasons which make it great due to waterproofing properties. The outer material features Teflon waterproofing material and the jacket is highly breathable to ensure you remain comfortable. Seams are taped to extend protection while front zip is enclosed in a flap to prevent water entry. The hood is adjustable which keeps your head free from element as well as chin guard. Self-packing and zippered pockets renders this coat ultimate choice.

1. Carhartt Big & Tall Surrey Coat for Men

Carhartt Big & Tall Surrey Coat for Men

One of the surest raincoats which you can rely on to keep elements away from you is this one from Carhartt. Featuring 80 percent polyvinyl chloride and 20 percent polyester, it means water repelling is superb. Also, the side pockets are Velcro-enhanced to allow the safe keeping of personals stuff. Additionally, cleaning the coat is a breeze since it’s machine washable. Hood is removable unlike in other coats which are ideal since it can be used even when there is no storm. Above all are the reinforced elbows which ensure ample strength.


As we conclude, raincoats are essential to enhance personal safety against weather elements. As we have seen they are available for very one; men, women, and youths, of all sizes. Therefore, as you move outdoors, it would be good to consider having one of the above-reviewed rain jackets