Top 10 Best Psychology Books of 2024

Psychology entails the study mind and how people behave. Classified under the social science, the discipline that tries to understand how and why people think and behave in a particular manner. It is from here that we have physiologist. These are the specialist or researchers who try to understand the role of mental function in the human behavior.

Now, many people are aspiring to get into this profession and become a prominent psychologist. Just like any area of study, you need to have great psychology books to give you a smooth navigation. On the other hand, it is not every book that will provide you with the relevant information you need. Some of the available books use hard language to understand. Others are very fluffy which gives the readers a hard time when trying to excavate the necessary information. Also, for new students, getting a psychology book for beginners will save you the agony.

Now, there are some of the general rules that apply whenever buying a book. Purchasing a psychology book will not be an exemption. The content of a book is very crucial, for your studies. If you are getting a book that was published like ten years ago, it means that you won’t have a chance to get the current issues addressed. On the other hand, getting a straightforward to understand book saves you struggle and frustrations. If your career dream is to become a psychologist, here are top 10 best psychology books in 2021 reviews to get.

List of Best Psychology Books

10. The Psychology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

The Psychology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

This Psychology textbook explains over 100 ideas in the field of psychology. The book uses accessible easy-to-understand graphics and illustrations to explain the theoretical foundations of psychology. From behaviorism to psychotherapy, this Psychology Book talks about all the gurus in the field like Pavlov, Freud, Skinner, and Jung. This is an important reference book for Psychology students, but it can also be a great read for anyone interested in understanding how the mind works.

9. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

Just like the book cover reads, Brian Tracy will help you double or triple your sales faster and easier in any market. This book will give you ideas, methods, and strategies to make more sales faster than ever before. The Psychology of Selling promises prosperity with methods that have been used and worked over and over again. Many people have implemented sales guru Brian Tracy’s ideas and seen them grow to millionaires just by listening to them. This is the best psychology book to read if you want to grow your business.

8. Psychology for Dummies

Psychology for Dummies

Psychology for Dummies is a fun and user-friendly guide that will help you learn the basics of human behavior and mental processes. Dr. Adam Cash uses plain English and lots of everyday examples to explain what psychology is and what it says about why you do the things you do. This book will give you insights into human nature and help you understand yourself better.

Besides, Psychology for Dummies will help you makes sense of individual behaviors and teaches you how to recognize problems in yourself and others. The psychology textbook will serve as an invaluable supplement to your classroom learning and help you avoid the things that cause stress. The book will take you on a journey of self-discovery you’ll truly want to read it again and again.

7. Psychology by David G. Myers

Psychology by David G. Myers

Myer’s 10th edition remains the best psychology book to buy today. With every new edition, the book reaches a wider audience of students and instructors. The book truly helps you understand the field of psychology and every research conducted. It is a good introductory text a general psychology book for anyone interested in learning about psychology.

It has a good flow and logical progression of the topics. It uses an easy-to-understand language and a lot of real-world examples that you can relate to. If you are interested in general psychology, then the book will help you understand sensitive topics like anorexia so you can easily explain it to those who are suffering from such disorders.

6. Barron’s AP Psychology

Barron’s AP Psychology

This seventh edition is an updated guide that gives you content and test questions as per the latest version of the AP Psychology objectives. It comes with an optional CD-ROM that has two full-length practice tests with automatic scoring and the answers fully explained. In the book, there are three practice exams, one diagnostic test, and two practice tests. It also gives you a review of all AP test topics. In each unit, you will also find fifteen multiple-choice questions with explained answers.

5. Heads Up Psychology

Heads Up Psychology

Marcus Weeks finds an easy way to help you comprehend a topic as confusing as psychology by using simple terms and easy-to-understand examples so you can easily relate. Heads Up Psychology touches on all areas of psychology like intelligence, psychoanalysis, and mental disorders to help teens understand this topic without scratching the head too hard.

With a language that is easy to understand, this general psychology book brings all the ideas of over 60 psychologists to help the reader learn Psychology faster. The book is structured around the questions young-adults often ask like “How do I fit in?” What’s more, the Weeks uses cleverly conceived diagrams and graphic illustrations to explain psychological theories and show you how they relate to everyday life.

4. The Science of Human Nature

The Science of Human Nature

William Henry Pyle’s book is among the best-selling psychology books for beginners. This should be no surprise because the book comes complete with clear and original charts, illustrations and diagrams meaning you will easily understand and recreate the experiments and exercises described in the book.

Every chapter in the book gives you a clear understanding of the nature of human beings but through several lenses. There are also mental tests where the author observes the differences between males and females regarding memory and vocabulary. The book is truly a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the mental functional and human behavior.

3. Human Psychology 101 by Alan G. Fields

Human Psychology 101 by Alan G. Fields

This book shows you the facets of a human being and how these aspects work together to make a person tick. The book is a collection of Alan Fields’ research of psychology and personal experiences to illustrate the principles of human psychology: it is neither a DSM-V nor a psychological treatise. He divides the book into seven aspects of human psychology including personality, decision-making, emotions, and behavior along with three other aspects. You will find this book quite informative, and you will also be able to understand how human beings think and behave.

2. How to Analyze People

How to Analyze People

Do you want to learn the art of speed reading, anyone? Well, this psychology self-help book will teach you this art through psychological techniques and body language analysis. Whether you want to know what your friends think or assess potential business clients, this book will give you a lot of insights and help you get a lot out of your relationship with other people. You can equally understand how to spot deceitful behavior and learn to stay cautious with the intentions of a stranger on the street.

Psychologist Katherine Chambers’ insightful book gives you a firsthand look into the body language and guides you on how to understand words being spoken, detect ‘leaking signals’ that people give away subconsciously and a lot more. The bottom line is, this book is the perfect verbal and non-verbal analysis tool that will help you understand every interaction in your life and your relationship with others.

1. Psychology by Andrea Bonior

Psychology by Andrea Bonior

With years of experience in helping people discover what makes them tick, Dr. Andrea Bonior uses psychological principles to address relationship issues, anxiety disorders, grief and loss among other common problems affecting people today. Her book bridges the gap between theory and real-life to help you understand how you and other people fit into it all.

This reference book will give you a foundational understanding of the study of the mind. It will equally give you an insight into your thoughts and behaviors. The major fields covered in this book include developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, personality psychology and behavioral psychology.