Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements of 2024

Proteins are very important for both the growth and recovery of your muscles. You can get proteins by either eating whole foods or by using the best protein powder.

However, you can get tired of consuming chicken breast and tinned tuna and therefore you will struggle so as to get in the correct level of protein. In that case you will need to use protein powder supplements. The supplements can be prepared easily, can serve any purpose. The supplements also come in different flavors so as to ensure that you never get bored.

Although all supplements work others are more effective and more tastier than others. In this article we are going to help you get the best protein powder that is suitable for you. Below are the top 10 best protein powder supplements in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Protein Powder Supplements

10. BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder – Chocolate Milkshake

BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder - Chocolate Milkshake

This is a high quality product that has 22 grams of mixed proteins thus making it the best protein for post-workout. The product has an amazing flavor. However its major disadvantage is that it has high calorie content.

SYNTHA-6 is the best choice for you if you are trying to gain weight. In case you are trying to lose weight you should go with supplement that has low calorie content. This protein supplement is relatively high in fat and carbs.

9. Muscle Pharm Combat Protein Powder 5lbs. Cookies and Cream

Muscle Pharm Combat Protein Powder 5lbs. Cookies and Cream

This protein supplement is a quality blend of 5 different kinds of protein that are meant to offer you slow, medium and fast-releasing protein after a period of time. This product allows you to get all the protein supplements available..

It also uses an advanced protein mixture that is time-released so as to provide you with a stable supply of both nutrients and amino acids for a maximum of 8 hours. Combat Powder is a mixture of casein, whey protein, branched chain amino acids, and also digestive enzymes. The supplement comes in different flavors so as to give you a complete supply of protein while at the same time ensuring that enjoy drinking it.

8. MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder

MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder

Muscletech is among the leading companies whenever it comes to the bodybuilding supplements. MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder provides you with a stable source of amino acids which are supplied to you over a period of time. The product is made up of seven different types of proteins that provide you with a complete amount of protein.

While ideal as it’s suited for people on a given diet, individuals who are looking forward to bulk up will do well by supplementing their shakes using carbohydrate sources such as oats. Adding oats to the shakes is a common practice within the bodybuilding world.

7. MET-Rx Natural Whey Vanilla

MET-Rx Natural Whey Vanilla

This powder passes through specialized filtration procedure that reduces level of cholesterol, lactose, saturated fat and carbohydrates while also concentrating natural proteins. It also uses state of the art manufacturing methods so as to deliver a high quality protein powder mixture that is wholesome and also scientifically advanced. The supplement also contains Branched Chain Amino Acids that are natural.

6. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition is legendary brand for both innovation and quality. In addition to making the best-selling whey protein in the world, ON’s Gold Standard 100 percent Casein has introduced a slow-digesting nighttime protein into the weight training world. This protein powder is manufactured by Optimum Nutrition. This supplement can support better recovery of the muscles. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard contains the highest quality whey protein and is also loaded with BCAAs. The supplement tastes great and has the ability to help you get quick results.

5. Jay Robb – Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate Powder

Jay Robb - Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate Powder

The product comes in different flavors that range from Strawberry to Pina Colada. Immediately you taste this protein powder, you will realize that that the blend is a step above other supplements, as it is made from the best ingredients.

This is a high-quality protein powder that is the best for kick-starting the synthesis of proteins in your body and also helping you to easily burn unwanted fat.

4. Stronger Faster Healthier Pure Whey Protein Powder

Stronger Faster Healthier Pure Whey Protein Powder

Stronger Faster Healthier Pure Whey Protein Powder is manufactured from free range cows that are grass fed. The cows are also never treated using either antibiotics or bovine growth hormones. The supplement provides you with a rich source of important amino acids that are needed by the body every day. It also hydrates well when in water and is also very well absorbed into your body. All whey proteins have different lactose, fats and calcium content. Pure Whey contains a low lactose content that is approximately 1.8% and has low cholesterol level; and is also high in calcium.

This protein powder is suitable to all ages and also children. The supplement is also beneficial in areas like sports nutrition, immune support, bone health, weight management and the general wellbeing. If you are a parent who is concerned about your kid’s food choices, Pure Whey is ideal for you as it has a high protein content which helps children to grow up healthy.

3. Spiru-Tein (Spirutein) Shake

Spiru-Tein (Spirutein) Shake

If you are struggling to cut down on weight , you might find meal-replacement diets to be helpful as they help you to regulate calories without the necessity to count any. Although the protein powder is not sold as a weight-loss supplement it can also work for you as meal replacement so as to help you limit your intake of calories and also lose some weight. However, you should seek the advice of your doctor before you start any weight-loss diet.

One serving of the product has 99 calories, 0 grams of fat, eleven grams of carb, one gram of fiber and also14 g of protein. The supplement meets 100 % of the daily requirement for certain types of vitamins and minerals which include vitamins A, C, D and E and all of the B vitamins, iodine and also zinc. The product has high calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and molybdenum content and also meets 250 % of the daily requirement for manganese.

2. Legion Whey+ Chocolate Protein Powder – Best Tasting All Natural Whey Isolate Protein Shake

Legion Whey+ Chocolate Protein Powder - Best Tasting All Natural Whey Isolate Protein Shake

This product has a protein-by-weight ratio of 67 percent however the most impressing thing about the product is that it has additional 4 grams of L-Leucine on every serving. Legion supplements which is the manufacturer of the product is a favorite brands for many people because of their approach to nutrition that are science based and also formula transparency.

1. BulkSupplements CLEAN Whey Protein Powder Isolate 90%

BulkSupplements CLEAN Whey Protein Powder Isolate 90%

This is a very clean and pure protein powder. This is a 1 kilogram brand that is packed and wrapped in foil zip pouch. The product is more affordable as compared to other whey protein powders which are packed in bottles. You can purchase this protein powder with confidence as it is laboratory tested for certification and also guaranteed purity. The product does not contain additional sugar or preservatives.


Now that you are now informed about protein supplementation, your diet should become a bit easier. However, it is very important that you keep in your mind that what works best for another person cannot work for you. However, having many scoops of protein powder does not guarantee that your muscles are going to develop suddenly. You also have to test out diverse protein options till you find the right powder that is the best for your budget, body and also goals.