Top 10 Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2024

Some will call it a pregnancy pillow and others pregnancy cushion. They mean the same thing and as the name suggests, they are specially designed pillows for pregnant mothers and mothers to be. They provide the general function of enabling pregnant women to sleep comfortably in bed. As you know, pregnant women have restless symptoms which can affect the quality of their sleep. You willl not be able to sleep on your stomach and also lying on your side will feel quite absurd.

As a result, you will also engage in bad habits such as snoring and hot flushes. Ideally, pregnancy pillows are designed in a v-grooved shape. The idea is one end going below your arm or head and the other end between the legs and the middle. So, it provides comfortable support to your stomach, and you can enjoy your sleep. Here is our selection of the best pregnancy pillows.

List of Best Pregnancy Pillows

10. Back & Bump Comfort Blue Cozy Pregnancy Pillow

Back & Bump Comfort Blue Cozy Pregnancy Pillow

During pregnancy, women go through a lot, but they don’t really say. To ease the hidden pain for your loved one, you need the best pregnancy pillow. The Back & Bump cozy pregnancy pillow offers unique comfort. It is specially designed with hypoallergenic and cozy materials to ensure you don’t experience some serious pains. Whether it is swelling legs, sciatica or just general discomfort, this pillow offers the best support. After easing the pain, it also enhances proper blood flow and reduces muscle tension. It allows easy change of sleeping positions so that you aren’t limited to side sleeping. It is an inflatable pillow and inflates easily.

9. Meiz Premium U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Meiz Premium U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Made of 100 percent pp. Cotton and ergonomic U shape, this pillow is designed to take care of all your pregnancy position needs. It is perfectly compatible with the unique body shape. Through the contoured designed, it pampers your body and offers excellent body supports. So, you can rest your unborn baby nicely on the pillow as you engage your hands in doing other tasks such as reading, typing, eating, playing games. This is a deluxe and versatile pillow and surpasses most of the high priced pillows. Thanks to the polyester and premium hypoallergenic materials. It allows the pregnant mother to sleep soundly every night while enjoying premium comfort. It is ideal sciatica and leg swelling relief. Moreover, it’s great for side, stomach and back sleepers.

8. Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Are you searching for an ideal pregnancy pillow for your loved one? The Hiccapop wedge pregnancy pillow provides exceptional performance. In fact, it is designed to fit the physique and comfort needs of every individual. It offers efficient Belly support which in turn reduces the chances of edema. It is a versatile wedge belly, back, and knee pillow. It helps in relieving nerve pain and numbness. With a plush VELBOA cover, the pillow is extremely comfortable as it offers perfect pampering during to ease your third-trimester pains. Featuring CertiPUR-US® FOAM, it offers unique air ventilation technology to keep your body fresh and comfortable. Thanks to perforated foam layer which offers this unique breathability.

7. PharMedoc Pregnancy Pillow-with Jersey Cover

PharMedoc Pregnancy Pillow-with Jersey Cover

This one is C shaped. Made by professionals, PharMedoc, the pillow offers guaranteed comfort. It is designed to enable expectant mothers to have perfect belly support. So, she can engage in important activities such as nursing, watching, reading, typing, knitting, and others. The pillow replaces the need for several bed pillows. It offers comfortable support for leg, knees, hips, neck, and head. One amazing feature is the adjustable polyfill. This allows the pillow to adopt the belly and back for ultimate support. It is the best pillow you can gift to a pregnant woman. More importantly, it eases the trimester pains to ensure life goes normally.

6. Meiz 55″ U Shaped Maternity Pillow

Meiz 55" U Shaped Maternity Pillow

The best pregnancy pillow should offer various sleeping and sitting positions. The Meiz 55’’ U shaped pregnancy pillow is that kind of pillow. It is designed for pregnant mothers who want to maximize their productivity throughout the pregnancy period. It uses premium filling material which is 7D hollow fiber. The 7D PP cotton is not only comfortable but also scent free and extremely breathable. The outer cover is cotton which is hypoallergenic and also extremely durable. The pillow is versatile and multi-functional. It offers a belly support position so that the pregnant woman can read, watch, nurse, breastfeed, use a computer and other tasks.

5. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge with Jersey Scalloped Trellis White- Slipcover

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge with Jersey Scalloped Trellis White- Slipcover

Featuring a new improved design, the Boppy pregnancy wedge pillows get lots of praise. It boasts ultra-soft slipcover and provides impressive support to the bumps, back, knees and key body parts. Even though it is quite comfortable and soft, it is also a bit hard to allow belly support, side sleeping, lumbar support, and knee support. Also, it is incredibly compact and portable. So, you can go with it anywhere to ensure you are always at comfort. Besides, it allows you to quickly and conveniently change sleeping positions. The jersey cover is removable and washable by machine and by hand. Moreover, it features beautiful pattern printing and comes in a diversity of colors.

4. Boppy Maternity Support Pillow

Boppy Maternity Support Pillow

The Boppy pregnancy pillow remains one of the best in a number of aspects. It features a medium-sized design and is ergonomically designed to allow excellent comfort. It is purposely made to provide the best support for the hips, legs, back, pelvic joints and other sensitive parts. Also, the aspect of versatility has been put into the equation.

The pillow is ideal for sitting on chair, lounge and sleeping on the bed. Moreover, the manufacturer made the pillow a bit compact to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the space in your bed. Material wise, the pillow features natural polyester filling and a removable cotton slipcover. Thus, the pillow provides unmatched durability and comfort.

3. AngQi Unique Full Pregnancy Body Pillow

AngQi Unique Full Pregnancy Body Pillow

This is yet another full body sized pregnancy pillow worth your consideration. It is ergonomically designed in U shape to ensure it conforms well to your body contours. It is specially designed for expectant mothers to allow them to have undisturbed night’s sleep. However, it is great for all persons who want to experiment all sleeping styles without any hassles. The U shape is not only for beauty, but it relieves hip pain, back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica heartburn, and other pregnancy symptoms. Besides, this pillow enhances multiple positions for watching, reading, breastfeeding, nursing, and other activities during and after pregnancy.

2. ComfySure Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

ComfySure Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Whether you’re a first-time mother or otherwise, you shouldn’t suffer during pregnancy. Having a good maternity pillow can relative you all the pain. Among the aspects that determine the best maternity pillow, you need to look at the versatility. The Comfysure multipurpose full body pillow provides unique versatility. It is ideal for types of sleeping styles.

You can use it as a lounge or a reading cushion, and the results are just superb. It also offers lumbar support, and you don’t have to engage in reposition when you sleep. The hypoallergenic nature of natural polyester makes this pillow great. So, it is ideal for people with and without sensitive skins. Its extra-large size makes it perfect for king and queen bed sizes.

1. Yunbaby Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Yunbaby Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

People are getting more concerned with the best pregnancy pillows. There have been issues regarding health safety of pregnancy pillow roaming the market today. Some have harmful additives which can cause serious problems for pregnant mothers. However, you can trust the high quality of Yunbaby pregnancy pillows. They feature natural latex and no harmful additives. Also, they are mildew proof and resistant to dust mite and other harmful substances. The pillow also has millions of interconnecting air cells. Thus, it is highly breathable and maintains comfortable sleeping temperatures. It provides impressive support and relieves pain in hips, back, lower pelvis and other sensitive body parts.