Top 10 Best Power Extension Cords in 2019

Many people know the benefits provided by a power extension cord. However, very few know the basics of choosing the best. But, in real life, you cannot survive without the use of power extension cords. They allow you to access power over a long distance away from the power outlet. They are of particular importance when doing handy jobs outside the house or when you want to use electronic devices during outdoor parties. Do you know that they are some details you need to know about the extension cord you intend to buy? Some people focus on length and forget about many other quality aspects of the cable.

Don’t worry, this article will shed some green light, and you will be able to select the best brand eventually. The primary thing is to ensure that the cable you are using has the proper amperage or current rating that matches the appliance you are using. Amperage is simply the rate of flow of electric current. So, small tools draw less electric current than heavy-duty devices. The second parameter to check is the resistance.

A longer wire usually has more resistance than a thicker and shorter wire. Resistance results in loss of energy as heat. That’s the reason why extension power cordss have an insulated jacket. You may have experienced a damaging heat effect when using certain appliances. It results when you use a cords that isn’t appropriately rated as per the current that your appliance is drawing. For instance, appliances rated 15 amperes shouldn’t be connected with a cable rated 10 amperes. This can increase the resistance, and the cable may end up being burnt by the excess heating.

So, wire length, thickness, and amperes should be checked before using any particular extension cord. Also, the quality of the insulation is very crucial. Also, it is prudent to ensure that the extension power cord has undergone testing and certified by independent organs like UL and CSA. Let’s explore the following top 10 best extension power cords in 2019 reviews.

List of Top 10 Best Power Extension Cords in 2019