Top 10 Best Pencil Cases of 2024

For artists and students, pencils are very vital. Whether for writing or art, they are must-have accessories. They are great when it comes to the storage of a variety of pencils. You can use these pencil cases for a variety of occasions to enjoy great pens storage. With different sizes, they are designed to accommodate several pencils. Besides holding your pens, the cases are great option when it comes to organization. In fact, most of these pouches come with different slots for smooth storage.

Depending on how many pencils you are carrying, it is possible to have your favorite case. The construction depends on the brand, and the users preferred style. With some having capacity to hold more pencils, it all depends on the number of pens you intend to carry. The materials used in the construction should also be strong to ensure the pencil case last for a long time. Whether buying for kids or personal use, here are the best pencil cases to own in 2021.

List of Best Pencil Cases

10. ZIPIT Monster Royal Blue Pencil Case

ZIPIT Monster Royal Blue Pencil Case

Are you searching for a unique way of storing your pencils, writing and drawing equipment? The ZIPIT Monster pencil case can provide a unique way of storing your items and allow easy access whenever you need them. The interesting design makes it among the best pencil cases you would come across on the market. Well, this can be a great gift for those who love drawing and especially kids. The one zipper design looks igneous and is a great way of revealing innovation and allowing you to dispatch your drawing and writing skills. The monster printing, in this case, makes it quite funny and can keep you excited when removing your pens. It is made of tough polyester material making it extremely durable.

9. Homecube Pencil Case, Big Capacity Green

Homecube Pencil Case, Big Capacity Green

The Homecube pencil case features a rectangular shape. It can accommodate all sizes of pencils. With its beautiful colors, it brings a sense of love and can stimulate the artist’s mind and impart extra writing skills. Besides, it has a large capacity that can accommodate a total of 45 pens and other essential small items which you may find practical. It also features a center flap which you can use to store your frequently used pencils or drawing accessories. In addition, it has a mesh pocket where you can store cards, tickets, notes and such items. It is made of canvas material which is extremely tough to ensure maximum durability.

8. ColorIt Premium Zippered Travel 48 Pencil Case

ColorIt Premium Zippered Travel 48 Pencil Case

Are you looking for the best-colored pencil case? As the name implies, the Colorlt premium pencil case is the best for that job. It is made of the premium zipper and nylon material. The case is extremely sturdy to safeguard your valuable pencils. It boasts professional artistry with its fine stitching and durable construction. It is ideally designed to prevent the tips of your pencils from breaking ensuring that the pencils have a long life. The inside design is quite rigid to ensure you have a nice arrangement of pencils. Thus, you can easily spot the right colored pencil. The stylish design of this pencil case makes it a great option for artists, writers, and hobbyists.

7. KUUQA Dark Gray Felt Pen Pencil Case

KUUQA Dark Gray Felt Pen Pencil Case

For the best stationery pouch bag, the KUUQA can be an ideal choice. Besides, it doubles as a pencil case and a cosmetic bag. It comes as a set that includes a rectangular bag and rounded bag. The rounded one can accommodate up to 25 pens while its rectangular counterpart can store up to 15 pens. It features a classic design that is fit for ages. As long as one has the passion for drawing and writing, these pouches can serve the purpose. It is made of lightweight but very sturdy materials. So, it is not only ideal for storing pencils but can also hold coins and other metallic accessories safely. They feature a sturdy zipper which is easy to handle and safeguards the pencils from breaking their tips.

6. BTSKY Deluxe PU Leather Pencil Case – 120 Slots

BTSKY Deluxe PU Leather Pencil Case - 120 Slots

This is another great option for those looking for the best case for storing colored pencils. It offers an incredible capacity for storing up to 120 pencils. This tells you one thing; that this pencil case is made for serious drawing artists. However, it is great for beginners since they can store their pens well and be able to experiment with different varieties. The design is quite portable and the handle is removable. The slots are arranged in various categories and you can store the pencils in endless configurations. It is ideal for storing various kinds of colored pencils. It is great for storing Marco, blender, Crayola, prism color pencils and others. It’s quite hard on the outside but soft in the inside to ensure tender care for your pencils. It is made of unique and high-quality PU material.

5. Pencil Case Holder Slot – 202 Colored Pencils

Pencil Case Holder Slot - 202 Colored Pencils

Featuring an elegant design, this pencil case adds a sense of liveliness in the artist’s mind. It is designed with multi-layer compartments and has an incredibly large capacity that can store up to 202 colored pencils. It features a tough cover made of polyester oxford fabric. It won’t let you down under tough circumstances since it won’t rip apart. Apart from storing pencils, it is great for storing gel pens but can accommodate 136 of this type. Well, this has great versatility which contributes to the reason why it can be regarded as among the best pencil cases. It is a great option for students, painters, or make up professional.

4. GUND Pusheenicorn Unicorn Cat Pencil Case

GUND Pusheenicorn Unicorn Cat Pencil Case

Another great maker of pencil cases, the Gund, now brings a new invention into the market. It presents the Pusheen pencil case. This is a chubby and tabby cat that is the fun of dress up, cuddles and snacks. The young artists will love keeping their essentials in this beautiful case. It features an ergonomic zip close accessory and brings the legendary Pusheenicorn to life. Well, it is made of a soft, warm and huggable material that will for sure change the drawing and painting experience. It has an impressive capacity and allows perfect arrangement. Moreover, it is surface washable to welcome easy cleaning.

3. Smagear 3D Silicone Pencil Case with back Zipper, Portable

Smagear 3D Silicone Pencil Case with back Zipper, Portable

Innovation can take our imaginations high; the Smagear pencil case features a Cartoon style. Well, this is a great thing for kids and of course those who love cartoon stuff. But dot underestimates it. It offers perfect storage for pencils and other drawing stuff. It can be a great deal for anyone looking for unique aspects as far as the best pencil cases are concerned. With a large internal capacity, you can store your pencils, markers, phone, eraser and other essential stuff. It boasts waterproof cover material and is incredibly portable. Also, it has a strong zipper which is pretty easy to use.

2. Happy Travel Large Durable Student Office Pen Holder Organizer

Happy Travel Large Durable Student Office Pen Holder Organizer

Featuring two zippered compartments and a compact design, this can be the best thing to gift to an artist. They will find it quite practical regardless of their level of experience since it offers a perfect arrangement of pens. The material is high-quality polyester. It provides a roomy interior for storing all drawing and related stuff such as sharpener, ruler, pencils, and eraser. Apart from durable polyester material, the inside of this case features PU lining which is incredibly waterproof. The case has tough edges and panels to ensure the pencils tip and other delicate accessories.

1. Cuppqq Cute Unicorn Pencil Case with Unique Unicorn Design

Cuppqq Cute Unicorn Pencil Case with Unique Unicorn Design

This pencil case features multi-functional design. Being among the best pencil cases you’re looking for, there is a reason why you should own one. It features a unique unicorn design which makes quite exceptional. It can be used at home, office or at school for storing various accessories. The design features unique EVA material which is both soft and extremely durable. Also, it is waterproof and shockproof. So, your drawing tools will always be safe in this case. The interior has mesh pockets and pen holders to ensure the best arrangement of your writing and drawing stuff.


Having the right pencil case has proved to ensure kids and adults has an easy time. With great versatility, these cases ensure you can arrange your pencils easily. With many choices in terms of size, design, and material, no more losing your pens. In our collection, we have ensured they featuring cases are stylish and highly reliable. Therefore, professionals, as well as regular users, can use them. Don’t let inferior cases mess up with storage of your pencils, just grab one featuring in the list.