Top 10 Best Outdoor String Lights of 2024

String lights are trendy especially when there is a celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, Christmas or parties, they are popular, and many people love their decorations. The fantastic thing about these lights is they are versatile. They allow you to install them in different places outdoors for a beautiful and attractive look. With different colors, it’s easy to blend different looking bulbs to create a fulfilling experience.

Before you go for outdoor lights, you need to be sure where you are going to install as well as the full area coverage. Of course, these lights cost you money and no need to overspend only to buy excess. Also, getting correct supination means you purchase the right size for exact fitting. This is where you need to measures using a string to get most ideal estimation. On the other hand, deciding where you want to attach our lights is vital as it will dictate installation requirements. Whether it’s on the walls, tree or fence, you will need perfect accessories for installation.

Well, depending on the occasion, the color of bulbs will make your event colorful or awful. Choice of color is an important factor that one should condenser when choosing right lights. On the other hand, mixing different colors keeps the outdoor event looking fabulous, and everyone thrilled. Well, the other thing that one needs to check is the type of lighting. Basically, you can choose between a halogen or LED lights. They have bright slight but, power consumption varies. For LED they use less power and have higher light lumens. Well, if you want to achieve great outdoor lighting, these are best top 10 string lights you can opt for.

List of Best Outdoor String Lights

10. Enbrighten Classic LED Cafe String Lights

Enbrighten Classic LED Cafe String Lights

String lights have become part and parcel of every festival these days. If you’re looking for the best string lights for your upcoming party, it is worth to consider the Enbrighten’s product. These are incredibly bright and flexible and can add an attractive ambiance to any outdoor or indoor space.

These lights are durable as they feature Acrylic Edison-style bulbs which do not break easily. It is UL- listed for safety and durability standards. These lights offer flexible mounting options. Well, you can hang from above or mount on any flat surface. Also, it has an end to end connections meaning that you can connect a very long strip depending on your needs or preference.

9. Brightech Ambience Pro – LED Outdoor Globe String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro - LED Outdoor Globe String Lights

Do you want to create a fantastic atmosphere with the Old Italian bistro lights? Well, you need to have the Brightech Ambience Pro string lights. These can accompany you when you want to have a kickback as you relax outdoors with your cool beer. For whatever occasion, these string lights just set the mood right for you. These are fully customizable to meet your objectives. You can go retro with your wedding celebration.

Also, you can choose the amazing carnival look with the scalloped strands. Alternately, you can make straight ropes across your garden to meet your modern style. Moreover, these strings lights are sturdily built to ensure they withstand bad weather. They can stand the test of wind blowing at 50 miles per hour.

8. Moobibear LED Decorative Fairy String Lights

Moobibear LED Decorative Fairy String Lights

Here is a classic option for anyone looking for the best fairy string lights. At 99 feet long, these are relatively long to ensure greater customization and more brightness. It is made up of copper wire and a total of 300 LED bulbs. It also comes with a 14 feet connection cord. This can cover an extensive area for added convenience. Besides, these have a waterproof rating of IP65.

For additional safety, the copper wire features an enamel coating making it perfectly insulated. The other astounding feature is the remote control mechanism of this string light. It comes with a 24 key remote control which allows you to choose three lighting modes. Also, it has a built-in intelligent memory function. Thus, it saves you from the hassle of setting the mode every day.

7. Enbrighten 37790 Vintage String Lights

Enbrighten 37790 Vintage String Lights

It is now easy to create a visually pleasing atmosphere. Thanks to the state of the art construction of this Enbrighten 37790 string lights. It is unique lighting deliver that provides an option of 16 colours, dual colour combination, and a plethora of preset modes. The included remote function allows you to select the ideal mode at the push of a button.

Also, it uses a total of 24 acrylic Edison-style bulbs, which are energy-efficient and impact resistant. It boasts UL certification and hence promises safe working and unmatched durability. With LED technology, there won’t be any bulb to replace. And, they are energy efficient to ensure your energy bills remain low.

6. Classyke LED Outdoor String Lights-48ft

Classyke LED Outdoor String Lights-48ft

Do you want to color your garden or backyard? It can be very simple if you only have the best string light. For a classic and stylish look, you need to consider this product by Classyke. Both the cable and adapter are UL listed to ensure maximum safety. So, it is a great idea if you want a permanent installation in both outdoor or indoors.

Furthermore, their construction ensures these string lights remain to function in all weather conditions. Besides, they are easy to install with a convenient loop on each socket. The eye hooks and zip ties allow hassle-free installation. They are multi-functional and can be used in decorating your garden, backyard, pergolas, bistro, and more.

5. GDEALER 100 Led 16-Colors String Lights

GDEALER 100 Led 16-Colors String Lights

This is a 16 color changing street lights. They are the best lights if you want to make your ceremony extremely colorful. Also, these are functional and remote-controlled. You can turn on the lights, change color, and set the preferable lighting mode. As well, you can activate the 6 hour time and chose the mode speed with the same remote.

UL certifies all components. It features a high-quality copper wire to ensure long-lasting functionality. These lights boast a water rating of IP44 and will survive on rainy days. Also, the 12V low voltage power adapter is UL certified.

4. Toodour Solar String Lights

Toodour Solar String Lights

Enjoy using a free source of energy with the Toodour solar string lights. These don’t need any power, but rather it gets its energy from the sun. It uses a 2V 100MA solar panel which is powerful and quickly converts light energy into electrical energy to be used by these string lights. However, it uses a built-in battery rated 600MAfor perfect storage of power.

The length is 23 feet and includes a lead cable measuring 4.9 feet. Besides, these string lights are innovatively built to withstand all weather conditions, including storm rain and snow. Since no wiring or power cost, these are affordable and easy to install for any occasion.

3. Ollivage LED Rope Lights Outdoor String Light

Ollivage LED Rope Lights Outdoor String Light

Here is a versatile string light. The Ollivage LED strings lights are easy to customize to meet the occasions demands. It offers 8 lighting modes and ten levels of brightness. Besides, it can be deformed in different shapes. The remote functionality brings a clear difference. You can turn on and off the device and select your preferred lighting mode with a simple push of a button. These string lights feature a premium copper wire coated with clear tubing.

So, the rope light is designed to be waterproof. In fact, it is IP67 rated meaning that it can withstand harsh rain and snow weather. It operates on 3 AA batteries which aren’t included and is exceptionally portable since it can be mounted anywhere. It is best if used as an outdoor string light. But, you can as well use it indoors as a decorative system.

2. JUSLIT 48Ft Commercial Grade f Outdoor LED String Lights

JUSLIT 48Ft Commercial Grade f Outdoor LED String Lights

If you’re looking for the best commercial-grade string lights, this JUSLITs product is a perfect idea. They feature a heavy-duty copper wire and thermoplastic rubber sockets. Also, it features brass contacts which are UV resistant. Featuring premium vintage Edison led bulb, these lights are unbreakable and will survive any weather condition.

These bulbs are bright, energy-efficient and add a vintage appearance to your outdoor or indoors. It offers a perfect way of boosting your landscaping décor. Well, these are UL listed as everything is smartly designed to keep off weather elements. With a total of 16 bulbs in a unique pattern, these string lights are bright and can change your backyard décor in a minute.

1. Mlambert 48FT Color Changing Outdoor String Lights

Mlambert 48FT Color Changing Outdoor String Lights

Everyone knows that incandescent bulbs are short-lived. If you’re looking for a perfect substitute, Mlambert string lights will do the trick. It features a shatterproof and durable design and hence won’t break during transportation or installation. You will also love the dimmable and color-changing function.

With these string lights, you will no longer need to buy a dimmer. You can just choose warm white for general purpose and select a particular color for your occasion with a push of a button. It uses a 24V low voltage adapter, making it safe for outdoor use. You can trust the built-quality of these string lights since they possess ETL certification.