Top 10 Best Outdoor Cat Houses of 2024

Letting your cats outside ensures they have great exercise and easy time to eliminate boredom. These houses are created to make sure your pet cat enjoys a great time outdoors with minimal effects of weather conditions. Available for different ages, there is always a great choice for all cat sizes. Whether its kitten or aged cats, there are suitable houses for outdoor usage.

Outdoor houses are different from ones used indoors; this is because sometimes cats will have to spend time outside in different seasons. A house designed for use in all weather and seasons is excellent as it offers perfect pet protection. On the other hand, safety, space, and ease of cleaning should be your crucial lookout whenever you are looking for a cat house. For everyone looking to give their pet a perfect relaxation, an outdoor house is a better idea. Check our top-rated outdoor cat housed reviewed in 2021.

List of Best Outdoor Cat Houses

10. FEANDREA Foldable Cat Condo

FEANDREA Foldable Cat Condo

Cats are among the pickiest pets when it comes to the habitat selection. Do you want the best thing for your cat? Outdoor cat house has become popular. If you want the best outdoor cat house, FEANDREA is a great brand to consider. This cat condo features a cube design and has enough interior space to keep your pet happy. The top features a padded surface for your cat to spend leisure time looking around the house.

Also, it features a hiding hole to take care of shy cats or when the cat is eating meat foods. Well, cats are aggressive when feeding on meat and they always want to hide. The condo features soft cushion which provides comfort for all seasons. Featuring durable linenette fabric and robust wood panels, this cat house resists damage and remains durable for years.

9. Portable Warm Fold Cat Condo with Cat Scratching Board for Indoor or Outdoor

Portable Warm Fold Cat Condo with Cat Scratching Board for Indoor or Outdoor

Featuring new and upgraded design, this pet condo provides a modern way to enhance your pet’s happiness. The house features a two in one design in that it has a scratching surface and a cave. This impressive combination provides a peaceful hideout. The extra thick cushioning give your maximum pet comfort. Also, the material is woven natural sisal. Besides, the construction features sewing machine lock edge, thick cushion, and the sturdy supporting plate.

Also, it is easy to assemble and collapses effortlessly when not in use. The slanting sides feature a tough woven sisal material. Therefore, the cat can engage in unlimited scratching activities to keep the paws strong and healthy. Dimension wise, this cat condo is perfect for small and medium-sized pets. It is ideal for enhancing the sense of security and touch of privacy to your pet.

8. AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House/Condo

AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House/Condo

The AmazonBasics provides a new solution to pet lovers looking for the best cat house. This house features a cube design which provides a nice place for a cat to lounge, hide and play. Besides, it has a combination of beauty features to keep your cat feeling owned and loved. The bottom and sides feature suede color, and the top boasts cozy Sherpa. For an enhanced structure and comfort, this cat condo features raised border edge. Also, this house allows the cat to engage in interactive play. Well, thanks to the creative structuring with unique circular cut-outs. The interior looks like a natural den which provides a pleasant napping place. Moreover, the stylish shade of grey coordinates and provides a perfect way to boost your existing décor.

7. Petsfit Weatherproof Cat House, 20” x 16” x 17”- Outdoor/Indoor

Petsfit Weatherproof Cat House, 20” x 16” x 17”- Outdoor/Indoor

If you want a cat house that’s sturdy, ergonomic and beautiful- look no further since Petsfit has the solution for you. It features a solid wood construction which is robust enough to support one adult and about three kitties. This house looks like a real house since it possesses a modern design. However, it has a unique interior den that meets the cat’s wild needs.

Besides, there are small gaps between the woods to facilitate air circulation. Additionally, the door can also be used as stairs. Further, the off ground design keeps off moisture for comfortable outdoor use. More also, the roof opens for easy cleaning. In fact, this is one of the best cat houses well suited for outdoor use.

6. Petsfit Large Weather-proof Outdoor Cat Condo/shelter/House with Stair, 27.5″ Lx17.5 Wx20

Petsfit Large Weather-proof Outdoor Cat Condo/shelter/House with Stair, 27.5" Lx17.5 Wx20

Despite having a modernized design, this pet house mimics the natural habitat which a cat needs. It features an oversized door and flap door at the back. The back door acts as an escape door. The bottom floor is easy to remove to allow easy cleaning. The wood material is natural cedar. Thus, the house is beautiful, durable and natural. However, it features a water based paint which is harmless to the pet. The structural design is awesome and totally waterproof. Whether rain, wind, or hot weather, this house keeps your pets safe and secure. Also, the installation is a breeze and portability is excellent.

5. Petsfit Outdoor/Indoor Cat Shelter Feral Cat, Wooden Cat Condo

Petsfit Outdoor/Indoor Cat Shelter Feral Cat, Wooden Cat Condo

This is a classic example of the best outdoor cat houses. Made by a remarkable manufacturer, Petsfit, this house will bring a sense of love to your pet. Well, the main material is natural cedar which has outstanding qualities. In fact, this wood is anti-rot and features a good smell which cats love. Also, the cedar wood has a beautiful natural finish which even becomes better with age. Further, the panel walls are 12mm thick and therefore, the house is incredibly strong. However, this house isn’t right for a pet that chews. Besides, the bottom floor features slats butted up against each to enhance easy cleaning and proper ventilation. If your cats don’t love chewing wood, this could be the best outdoor house for them.

4. Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House for Cat, Kitty or Puppy, 22 x 18 x 17 inch

Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House for Cat, Kitty or Puppy, 22 x 18 x 17 inch

Do you have cats or puppies that seem to be dissatisfied? Maybe their house is not ideal for them. If you want the best outdoor pet condo, try milliard portable pet house. It is outstandingly designed since it features a 600D nylon canvas. This makes the house lightweight, durable and weatherproof. It features Velcro and zippered joints which ensures straightforward installation. The house also features dual openings. One of the openings acts as an emergency exit. So, the cat can escape easily when attacked by intruders. Moreover, the door features removable transparent flaps. Thus, the pet can have a vivid view of outside.

3. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Sleep-house Heated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Sleep-house Heated Pet Bed

The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Sleep house features a beautiful and luxurious design. You will first love the leopard print which makes this cat condo stylish. The unique thing with this pet house is that it features a thermostatically controlled heating system. This system warms up the pet’s bed to the pet’s normal temperature. It features plastic walls which are thick and weatherproof to withstand the test of time. Also, the microsuede and soft fleece ensure maximum comfort. Well, this design is well suited for interior use but is still versatile for outdoor use.

2. Kitty Tube the Gen-3 Outdoor Insulated Cat House-Custom Pet Pillow

Kitty Tube the Gen-3 Outdoor Insulated Cat House-Custom Pet Pillow

Are you facing problems while searching for the best outdoor cat house that will offer ultimate protection? The Kitty Tube Gen 3 cat house is a terrific choice to pick. It features an insulated design that keeps off all weather elements. Dimension wise, it can accommodate up to three adult cats. Also, the design features a removable flap door. Inside this house, your cat will find perfect padding to enhance comfort. Also, the machine washable bed on top of the insulated floor keeps the cats dry and comfortable all the time. Besides, it has ergonomic lifting handles for easy portability. However, these built-in handles can be adjusted to increase ventilation during the summer. The same can be closed during winter to allow heat retention.

1. Petmate Kitty Kat Condo Outdoor Cat House

Petmate Kitty Kat Condo Outdoor Cat House

Are you a cat lover and want your pet to live in the smartest structure. Consider the Petmate Kitty Kat Condo Outdoor Cat House for the best experience. It features a unique door design which directs rain and snow away from the condo. The rounded hood design also makes the cat happy since it looks like a natural habitat. Also, it features a carpeted floor that keeps the pet warm and allows easy cleaning. The carpet is also a bit rough to encourage scratching. Since it is made of plastic, the house is non-porous. With this feature, it discourages mold growth and fleas’ inhabitation. The design is super easy to install since the top and bottom snaps together in seconds.