Top 10 Best Oil Filters in 2023 Reviews

Weather and road conditions are some of the harsh factors that put our vehicles to some extreme tests. With the development of computers, we have the most effective running engines that we have ever come across. Trucks can go for up to 30 miles/gallon, sports cars go for up to 40 miles per gallon, and even the personal cars reaching 50-70 miles per gallon without having many problems.

To make your engine run as smoothly as possible, you need excellent engine oil that is capable of enduring high temperatures. You also need an oil filter which keeps the oil clean from abrasive particles. There are 2 most common types of engine oil filter that you will find for various by vehicle. The filters are cartridge filters, and enclosed canister filters which are also known as “spin-on” filters.

The type of the vehicle you have, determines the type of oil filter that should be used. It is always important that you purchase an oil filter, which is the exact fit for your vehicle. This is mainly because having the wrong fit can lead to oil leaks at the filter area, improper oil filtration and low oil pressure. Below, we have put together a list of the best engine oil filters which you should give a thought when buying filters. Here are top 10 best oil filters in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Oil Filters

10. Mobil 1 M1-108 Performance Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-108 Performance Oil Filter

This is a well-known engine oil filter that sells thanks to its great performance. The oil filter has an extended performances model. That means that it’s capable of capturing more contaminants as compared to other filters.

Mobil 1 M1-108 Filter has an ability to remove contaminants with great effect since it has a relatively high rating of 99.6%. It also boasts of Durability as it can withstand up to nine times the normal operating pressure. In addition to that, the oil filter comes together with anti-leak valves.

9. K&N HP-1010 Performance Oil Filter

K&N HP-1010 Performance Oil Filter

Most drivers are very familiar with the K&N brand. The HP-1010 is popular due to the simple fact that this oil filter works with different types of cars and also offers great performances. As a matter of fact, it is has the ability to trap up to 99% of contaminants that are present in the engine oil.

The filter features a special gum that helps to improve its ability to keep smaller particles. The filter’s construction is considered to be heavy duty while it has the anti-drain valve that ensures that there aren’t any dry starts or any unexpected oil spills.

8. Mobil 1 M1-212 Performance Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-212 Performance Oil Filter

Nothing works better than Mobil-branded oils in keeping your vehicles running smoothly. From the premium conventional to the advanced full synthetic, high-performance to long distance there is always a Mobil-branded oil to help you go any distance for more than once. Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic motor oil keeps your engine running like new one by preventing sludge, decreasing wear and controlling oil breakages. Mobil 1 is the leading synthetic motor oil brand in the world and is highly recommended by car builders than any other brand of motor oil.

7. Kohler 52 050 02-S Oil Filter

Kohler 52 050 02-S Oil Filter

Kohler Oil Filter helps to keep your car’s engine running smoothly. This is an original extra capacity oil filter that works better with selected Kohler engines. It is also an original oil replacement part for Command Pro, Aegis, Kohler Command, Courage and twin-cylinder Magnum engines. The filter features a spin-on design for easy fitting and replacement. Each and every unit comes along with one auto oil filter.

It prolongs the oil’s life by absorbing most oil contaminants while this filter itself won’t need to be changed anytime soon. The Kohler 52 050 02-S Filter has anti-drain valves which is standard among all oil filters found within this price range. The oil filter has additional capacity and it also includes a 90 day warranty.

6. Bosch 3330 FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch 3330 FILTECH Oil Filter

The Bosch 3330 FILTECH engine oil filter features base plates and housing that is made up of steel so as to help in preventing warping and leaks. It has a gasket design that makes it quite easy to take off and also gives it a tight seal. It has a silicone back valve that helps to keep it from draining. This makes sure that only clean oil is supplied to the vehicle when you are starting it. It also features a rolled seam that is double locked hence making a canister which does not leak. It is known for its trademark FILTECH material that aids removing more contaminants thus protecting the engine fully. Other good features that you will find attractive include sturdy and high quality material that is made by Bosch which is a respected brand name.

5. Mann-Filter 719/45 Spin-on Oil Filter

Mann-Filter 719/45 Spin-on Oil Filter

Mann-Filter W 719/45 works best for engines that require high performances and money saving solutions. It’s a great oil filter that features a special media that’s capable of helping to retain the most of the oil contaminants.

It also has the anti-drain valve along with a non-return valve which maintains optimal pressure. The model’s construction is quite tough thus making it corrosion-proof. The model is compatible with different types of cars and can be acquired with various types of the filter media.

4. K&N KN-204 Motorcycles/Powersport High Performance Filter

K&N KN-204 Motorcycles/Powersport High Performance Filter

K&N KN-204 motorcycle oil filters is a quality and an affordable product that’s produced by well-known manufacturer K&N. The filters features a new synthetic filter media which designed for ultimate flow with less pressure drop. The synthetic filter media have been engineered for outstanding filtration. This model is compatible with most cars, trucks, ATV’s and SUV’s motorcycles. This top oil filter uses a gum that helps it filter up to 99% of contaminants. The system also has an anti-drain back valve which removes dry starts and prevents oil leakages into the crankcase during an engine shutdown.

3. KN-303 High Performances Oil Filter

KN-303 High Performances Oil Filter

This oil filter can be used on motorcycles, cars, ATVs, SUVs and even trucks. It comes together with 17mm nut which is visible so that you can easily remove the filter. This filter is also uses gum to trap the harmful contaminants so as to make sure that your engine is not spoiled.

It also features an anti-drain back valve that prevents dry starts. The filter is designed with the 17mm lug that’s placed at the top therefore making it quite easy for you to remove it. Space has been left between the filters ensures that your installation isn’t interfered with.

2. KN-171C Harley Davidsons/Buell Oil Filter.

KN-171C Harley Davidsons/Buell Oil Filter.

KN-171C Harley Davidsons/Buell Oil Filter is well-made with the latest synthetic filter media which ensures that there’s an ultimate flow with less pressure drop. The have been perfectly designed so as to make sure that you’ve got the best oil filtration ever. There’s also a spin-on oil filter with the heavy duty can.

The 17mm nut present in the filters makes both installation and removal quite quick. This nut is crossed-drilled so as to enable racers to safely install item on their bikes.

1. N-171B Harley Davidsons/Buell Oil Filter

N-171B Harley Davidsons/Buell Oil Filter

This is a very competitive engine oil filter that’s been well-made using some of the latest synthetic filter Medias. It’s made in such a way that it ensures that there’s an ultimate flow which takes into consideration the low pressure drop. The feature has been made perfectly to make sure that you get the best engine filtration ever. There’s a heavy duty which can be fitted to this filter and it serves better than other oil filter on the market today. The filters have also been given a relatively low price so that you’re able to do replacements of the new quite easily.


Most car owners overlook the importance of oil filters on their cars. Oil filters can extend the lifespan of cars by a substantial margin. It is crucial that you get the best engine oil filter on the market as it helps protect your car engine. If you care about vehicle you should acquire one of the above oil filters and save your engine from breakdowns.