Top 10 Best Office Footrest of 2024

Did you know that using a footrest can help in reducing backaches and leg aches? Yeah, this is true, and most of the leg therapies are connected to the back therapies. It is not healthy to remain static for extended periods. Although office work necessitates that you sit for long hours without standing, you need to exercise your feet. Having a footrest to put your legs on is an excellent idea in easing all those problems. Having the best footrest increases your comfort and productivity too. The idea is that a well-designed footrest lower back support hence increase blood circulation to legs and enhances proper posture.

In fact, professionals recommend the use of footrest if you are using a seat that isn’t adjustable. But, how do you select the best footrest? What are the factors that need to be considered? Okay, first thing is height adjustability. Two to five inches adjustable range is the standard for many people. The tilt angle also needs to be flexible too. An inclination of 0 to 35 degrees is perfect for maximum comfort. The design matters too in determining the level of satisfaction that you would enjoy.

The style needs to accommodate ankles and calves to enjoy perfect blood circulation for maximum relaxation. Also, it needs to have a non-skid surface and needs to be easy to clean. Manufacture’s reputation is a great factor to address too. The seller’s reputation is also important since you’ll enjoy additional benefits. Sellers such as have a profound experience in selling affordable products. So, here are the top 10 best office footrests in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Office Footrest

10. Safco Products 5 Inch Ergo-Comfort 2105

Safco Products 5 Inch Ergo-Comfort 2105

This five-inch ergo-comfort footrest by Safco product allows you to reposition your feet and legs whether in the office or at home. You can use it in any place where foot comfort or elevation is needed. The adjustable footrest is ergonomically designed to help improve circulation while allowing the shoulders to rest backward naturally.

The footrest features a tilt angle that slides to any position letting you get the comfort you desire. This ergonomic footrest by Safco Products weighs 4lbs and has a diameter of 11.5 inches with a width of 18.5 inches. The office foot rest has a black shade designed with steel and chrome.

9. Kensington SoleSaver K56152US Adjustable Footrest

Kensington SoleSaver K56152US Adjustable Footrest

This basic footrest is the cheapest model made by Kensington. It has three tilt adjustments to ensure a good fit and three angles to choose from. The product is suitable for the office, school or at home. It keeps your legs and feet elevated to reduce strain and do away with fatigue while working.

The model’s adjustable nature equally makes it reduce pressure on your lower back and alleviate discomfort when you sit. If you’re shopping for a comfortable product that will help improve circulation and posture, then the Kensington K56152US is the right product for you.

8. Dr. Foot Rest Wood Pinewood Foot Rest

Dr. Foot Rest Wood Pinewood Foot Rest

The best part about buying an office foot rest is that you get a product that will not only help improve your blood circulation, but it can also prevent blood clots and relieve pressure on the lower back. This Pinewood footrest is the right model for you if you want to enjoy these health benefits. The product has a width that is 17.7 inches and has an ascending design that lets you place the feet according to your convenience.

It is made from non-toxic pinewood and has neither loose nails nor splinters. This improves its convenience and makes it the best model to settle for especially if you are working on a tight budget. The maximum weight of this product is 264.5 lbs. It also features an easy to clean surface that makes it easy to maintain. This foot rest is an ideal gift for anyone working at a desk for long periods.

7. Office Ottoman Under Desk Foot Rest

Office Ottoman Under Desk Foot Rest

Office Ottoman’s model is ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on the lower back and also help improve blood circulation. It is made of a high-quality soft material with a supportive cushion that massages sore and achy feet. The model by Office Ottoman can accommodate both tall and short users and will fit perfectly in most workspaces. The anti-slip tread helps prevent slippage. It is made of hypoallergenic, antimicrobial medical grade form. The cover is removable and machine washable making it easy to maintain. If you are looking a versatile easy-to-maintain model, then this is the best product for you.

6. SMAGREHO Mini Office Foot Rest

SMAGREHO Mini Office Foot Rest

This is a desk hammock designed for keeping your feet comfortable in the office. You can fold it and carry it comfortably without any hassle. The foot rest comes with two metallic clips that hook onto either side of the desk. The rope can adjust from 200mm to 450mm giving you room and comfort to set the height to any position you find comfortable. It is made with canvas, wood, polyethylene, and steel. The material is very light and can also be used outdoors.

5. Halter F6033 Ergonomic Foot Rest

Halter F6033 Ergonomic Foot Rest

Halter’s model has an adjustable angle and two different height positions. The black model by Halter is ergonomically designed to support your legs for great blood circulation. You can tilt it from 0 to 35 degrees depending on your choice and need for comfort. It is made of high impact polystyrene and features a large platform measuring 16.3 inches by 11.8 inches. The black model has a reasonable price tag and equally, comes with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind when shopping for an office foot rest. If you prefer simple models that are versatile and cheap, then the F6033 by Halter is the best product to consider.

4. Halter F8012 Premium Foot Rest

Halter F8012 Premium Foot Rest

Unlike other models by Halter, the F8012 model allows you to adjust the height to three different positions manually. The black ergonomic model has an adjustable angle of between 0 to 30 degrees. It gives you a large platform that measures 17.7 by 13 inches for a more comfortable working position. The footrest comes with a lifetime warranty and has a pocket-friendly price tag that will not dent your wallet. Whether you have a lot of work to complete in the office or at home, you can sit back and relax while performing all your tasks with this product by Halter that adjusts to different tilt angles and height.

3. BriteObjects Webble Ergonomic Footrest

BriteObjects Webble Ergonomic Footrest

If you are looking for a sleek, out-of-the-ordinary model for your feet, then this webble ergonomic model is the right fit for you. Besides, it is available in three different tones thus you will always find one that matches your color preference. The product is designed for light, ergonomic activity and improves flexibility, posture and blood circulation.

Furthermore, it is also the best product to buy if you want to reduce pressure on the joints and muscle fatigue while working. The model’s sleek design makes it appropriate for any interior whether it is the home office or workplace. The product has an iconic shape, a spring suspension and patented mesh membrane to give you extra comfort and flexibility while handling your tasks.

2. Ohderii Hammock Foot Rest

Ohderii Hammock Foot Rest

Ohderii’s design is a portable, lightweight model that can be used in the office or home to keep your legs comfortable while working for long periods. It is the best companion to bring along on your next travels. The foot rest weighs 3oz and has a foldable size of 8 by 2 by 2 inches with a flat size of 15.7 by 8.3 inches. The ergonomic footrest also comes with a long strap and a lock to keep it in position. You can also use this product on the bus, train or plane especially if you are traveling a long distance.

1. Designa Eureka Foot Rest

Designa Eureka Foot Rest

This is a black and gray under desk office foot rest constructed from eco-friendly rubber. It has an ergonomic design to give you optimal comfort while working in the office or at home. The model can tilt back and forth between 0 to 20 degrees thus allowing you to choose the best posture for working.

It is designed with non-slip material that prevents it from slipping thus it can be used on any floor. Designa’s Eureka model has a textured massage surface that creates a kneading effect on your feet’s sole which in turn improves circulation. No assembly is required, and the product also comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee for peace of mind.