Top 10 Best Nursing Scrubs of 2024

Every profession has its right clothing styles. But, many people can find the process of choosing the right attires complicated. Nursing is one of the high jobs that need people to have the right attires to achieve better protection and maintain stylish looks. Usually, nursing scrubs helps in keeping away contaminations. Whether from patients or outdoors, they are great outfits that allow nurses to maintain medical hygiene.

Whether you are a nurse or nursing students, when attending practical, it is mandatory you wear scrubs. Therefore, high-quality outfits provide better protection than cheap ones. Since everyone is interested in the best protection, it is always great to look for the top quality scrubs. They give the body a perfect feeling while also adding superb protection. With these outfits aimed at improving a clean working environment, every medical expert is required to have them. Don’t risk your health anymore; check the best nursing scrubs to wear in 2021.

List of Best Nursing Scrubs

10. Cherokee Infinity Women’s Round Neck Scrub Top

Cherokee Infinity Women's Round Neck Scrub Top

Cherokee is a brand you won’t question if you’re looking for the best nursing scrub. This is a contemporary fit round neck top which possesses a rib knit inset. The top also features a bungee id badge loop, princess seams on the back and front. In addition, it features two patch pockets, side vents, and one interior pocket.

At the center back panel is a stretch rib knit which gives this top a slim profile. It also offers free movement and premium comfort. You will also lover the cover-stitch details throughout the top. It comes together with a contemporary fit, low rise and slim pant that features a flexible waistband. For added comfort, it also features a back yoke in a stretch rib knit.

9. KOI Lite 317 Women’s Serenity Scrub Top

KOI Lite 317 Women's Serenity Scrub Top

You will love the athletic and ultra-modern styling of the KOI lite 317 Women’s Serenity Scrub Top. It boasts double zipper at the neck area and double pockets on the front. Also, it features an ultra-modern and athletic styling which fits a number of occasions and applications. Material wise, you will love the 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex combination.

Besides, it features stretch ribs on the sides for added beauty. Not to forget, the side slits which gives a smashing look when you walk around. The fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic and with excellent moisture wicking.

8. Jeanish Scrubs EXCLUSIVE Men V-Neck Stretch Scrub Set

Jeanish Scrubs EXCLUSIVE Men V-Neck Stretch Scrub Set

Are you looking for the best nursing scrub set? The Jeanish Scrubs set is a perfect way to go about. They boast a wonderful hand feel and come in great colors to accompany you in any nursing appointment. Also, you will love fit and flare V-neck men top which features two patch pockets, one chest pocket and a right patch pocket that features a pencil slot.

It also includes cell phone pocket and side vents for hassle-free movement. The pants too feature several pockets for added functionality. These pockets include one internal, one at the back, cargo pocket a well as cell phone pocket.

7. Dagacci Medical Uniform Women’s Scrubs Set

Dagacci Medical Uniform Women's Scrubs Set

The Dagacci Nursing Scrubs Set will serve you right if you’re looking for the best medical uniform. It features rayon and polyester blend which offers excellent stretch and other merits. This is a unique stretch design that offers comfortable stretch without necessarily using spandex. That being said, the nursing scrub set will not overstretch or become loosen after tumble drying or ironing. It looks stylish as the top features fitted back with curves and split neck style. The pants are also professionally designed to ensure functionality and style. They feature adjustable drawstring closure to ensure a comfortable fit. Also, it has an inner pocket, phone storage pocket, and other functional pockets

6. Cherokee Work-wear Professionals Men’s V-Neck Scrub Top

Cherokee Work-wear Professionals Men's V-Neck Scrub Top

Are you searching for a decent scrub top that is also comfortable? If so, the Cherokee Work-wear Men’s V-Neck Scrub Top is great for you. It features v neck style with shorts sleeved top. Also, it features chest pockets and other functional pockets `on the pant. The materials blended include 63 percent polyester, 34 percent cotton and three percent spandex.

This tells you that it offers perfect flexibility, moisture wicking, and durability. Due to its excellent breathability, this scrub set allows you to stay fresh throughout the workday. Besides, it looks cool and stylish and blends well to the rest of the medical facilities.

5. Cherokee iflex Women’s V-Neck Knit-Panel Scrub Top

Cherokee iflex Women's V-Neck Knit-Panel Scrub Top

Are you a medical student looking for the best nursing scrub? You don’t look further. The Cherokee iflex women’s v neck scrub top is a perfect choice. It boasts a simple design yet functional. The fabric features 94 percent polyester and 4 percent spandex. Therefore, it has excellent moisture wicking, breathability and it’s hypoallergenic.

Equally, the fabric is tough to withstand daily torture. The top offers a contemporary design that features v neck and short sleeve design. Other amazing design elements include Instrument Loop, Locker Loop, and multiple accessory and patch pockets.

4. Barco One Men’s 0115 5 Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top

Barco One Men's 0115 5 Pocket V-Neck Scrub Top

Are you a nurse or a nurse to be? If so, you must have been looking for the best nursing scrub set. But how do you choose the best top and pant for nursing? The Barco men’s V neck scrub set is a great deal. The top is a five pocket v neck style. It boasts raglan sleeves and hidden pockets for comfort, style, and functionality. Besides, the chest pocket is unique and features a zip media pocket. So, you can carry vital accessories in these vast pockets. In terms of fabric composition, this scrub set offers an exceptional combination of 50% Polyester, 43% Recycled Polyester, and 7% spandex.

3. Cherokee Work-wear Revolution Women’s Mock Wrap Scrub Top

Cherokee Work-wear Revolution Women's Mock Wrap Scrub Top

Having followed this review on the best nursing scrub, you can ascertain that Cherokee is a superior brand. With this revolution women’s mock wrap top, you can affirm its superiority even more. This scrub top features a scientifically approved fabric combination of 78% Polyester, 20% Rayon and 2% Spandex.

This is a modern classic fit which features two patch pockets, shoulder yokes, logo label with bungee loop, and instrument loop among other premium features. It boasts bi-stretch technology and one fits various body sizes. If you want a scrub set that is simple but incredibly functional, the Cherokee Workwear revolution scrub top is a commendable pick.

2. Grey’s Anatomy 41101 Women’s Mock Wrap Top-with Princess Seams

Grey's Anatomy 41101 Women's Mock Wrap Top-with Princess Seams

Many medical students find it very tricky while choosing their best nursing scrub. Grey’s Anatomy Mock Wrap Top is a perfect idea. It features 77% Polyester / 23% Rayon which provides unique stretch-ability. This is exceptional engineering and allows you to tumble dry without making the scrub loose.

The fabric is also soft and extremely stylish. That’s why it is recommended for all female nurses. Featuring an elastic back, it allows easy movement and comfort while doing your nursing stuff. Both the top and pant feature functional [pockets for suitability at work and other occasions. It is an ideal nursing scrub to enhance working comfort and professional appearance.

1. Barco – Grey’s Anatomy 4153 Women’s Mock-Wrap Scrub Top

Barco - Grey's Anatomy 4153 Women's Mock-Wrap Scrub Top

You have searched for the best mock wrap scrub top in vain. Don’t worry anymore. The Barco Greys anatomy women’s scrub top is a great idea. Just like other designs from the same brand, this one features 77% Polyester / 23% Rayon. This offers a perfect stretch without necessarily using spandex as an ingredient. That being said, this is easy to wash and dry.

It doesn’t overstretch even after tumble drying. It boasts short sleeve design with three pockets and a tab back details. Therefore, it is classically designed and boasts excellent moisture wicking. The front pockets allow you to carry things that you’ll frequently need. It offers a modern fit for any medical practitioner looking for the best results. If you want to stay dry and comfortable, just invest in this women’s nursing scrub.