Top 10 Best Nail Dryers in 2023 Reviews

Polishing your nails needs time and concentration for superb results. But, one of the vital processes in nail polishing is the way you dry them. Most people prefer natural drying which can consume your precious time. The essence of a nail dryer is it makes nails to dry fast anytime. Unlike natural drying, machines are effective and allow a smooth film without irregular and coarse feel. Normally, nail dryers work just like the hair dryers. However, they use either hot or cold air to dry the nail polish.

With dryers, they come in different types, sizes, and designs. Some are small and portable, while others are large for commercial use. Also, others are designed for use in natural as opposed to fake nails. Having the right dryer for your nails will ensure you have a superb look. Ideally, a device with both warm and cold air settings is the perfect choice to ensure you get elegantly looking nails. These top 10 best nail dryers reviewed below are excellent for anyone looking for professionally done nails.

List of Best Nail Dryers

10. MelodySuise Nail Polish Dryer

MelodySuise Nail Polish Dryer

MelodySuise is a compact and portable solution for those who are tired of waiting for their nail polish to dry. The nail polish dryer, while being small is large enough to place your whole hand. At only 0.6 pounds, this lightweight unit is perfect to take on the go. It is equally easy to use and operates on 2 AA batteries when there is no power unit around. The nail dryer is available in silver or pink tones. While it may not work well with gel nail polish, the unit is perfect for drying regular nail polish.

9. MelodySusie Professional Nail Dryer

MelodySusie Professional Nail Dryer

The features of this unit truly surpass the previous nail dryer we’ve reviewed. It equally comes in 3 different tones and works well with gel nail polish. The 12-watt LED nail dryer is super lightweight but still offers enough space to put your whole hand. You might want to settle with it if you are looking for the best nail dryer to use at home or salon. This dryer is compatible with LED gel polish brands like OPI and SallyHansen. There are 4 preset time controls so you can adjust it depending on your need.

8. Makartt Nail Dryer Fan

Makartt Nail Dryer Fan

Makartt’s unit is a professional nail dryer fan that is large enough to accommodate both hands and feet at once. It has both warm and cool breezes so whether you are using it during the summer or winter, be sure this unit will still deliver the best and fast results. What makes this unit rank as the best nail dryer is that it uses automatic sensors. The sensors power up the fun automatically whenever you place your hand inside. It also boasts a color changing light that truly sets the right mood or brings life to any boring environment. Another feature you’ll love is the ventilation hole that helps prevent overheating while the anti-slip pad keeps it perfectly in place during use.

7. USpicy Nail Dryer

USpicy Nail Dryer

It’s no surprise that we’ve included this nail drying machine on our list. It boasts some great features you’d want in the best nail dryer yet it sells at a pretty reasonable price. This unit by USpicy is a portable 48-watt LED nail dryer perfect for any LED and UV gel-based nail polish. It surprisingly delivers the best and fastest results than other units within this price range. The UV light dryer gives you just the right amount of light you need to paint detailed nail designs. No wonder many people consider it a great unit to use both at home and salon. USpicy’s model comes with a comfy pillow to rest your hands when applying gels. It also features an automatic sensor and 3 timer modes for convenience and maximum performance. What’s more, there is a detachable tray that you can use to cure your toenails and a pull-down cover to protect your sensitive eyes.

6. Saint-Acior Fashion Gallery Nail Polish Dryer

Saint-Acior Fashion Gallery Nail Polish Dryer

There’s something about this nail polish dryer that truly gets heads turning. Perhaps it is the stylish design or its compact nature. We, however, believe that there’s more to this unit amid the eye. The features are great, we have to mention them. For one, this 9-watt nail dryer is safe and environment-friendly. It produces less heat than ordinary nail lamps so you don’t have to worry about hurting your skin. it also boasts an amazing lifetime and durable design. You can buy it as a gift for your manicure-loving friend or for personal use at home. The pocket-size dryer equally has a micro USB port and USB line making it great for use while on the move. You can easily connect it to your computer or any other USB- compatible electronic device.

5. MiroPure LED Nail Dryer

MiroPure LED Nail Dryer

Why do we love this product? It is designed to dry all types of nail gels. It takes up to 60 seconds only to dry your nail polish. The UV nail dryer has 4 timer modes so you can adjust it to meet your needs. It uses 24 LED light beads that boast a longer lifetime. You can use this unit for up to 5 years without thinking about a replacement. The default maximum time of this unit is 99 seconds. The nail polish dryer has an automatic sensor so if you place your hands in, the lamp goes on.

4. ThermaDry Nail Polish Dryer

ThermaDry Nail Polish Dryer

Ranking among the best nail polish dryers is this compact and lightweight unit. The nail dryer has a large opening so you can comfortably place both your hands and feet at the same time. It is 14.5 inches long with a depth of 8.5 inches and a height of approximately 8 inches. The nail drying machine boasts 2 powerful fans and a hot/cool setting for different users. It uses an automatic sensor that activates or goes off whenever you place your hands in or out of the unit. The stylish design and affordable price of this unit equally make it the best nail dryer to buy this year.

3. SUNUV SUN3 Nail Lamp

SUNUV SUN3 Nail Lamp

This is a great unit to buy whether you want something for home or salon use. The SUN3 nail lamp is designed to dry all kinds of gel nail polish. It uses the latest technology and dual optical wavelength allowing it to work with any kind of UV and LED gel nail polish. The unit uses 36 LED beads evenly distributed inside it. It is durable enough to stand years of frequent use without a replacement. It is large enough to accommodate both hands and toes but still compact enough to comfortably carry around. Some of the best features of this unit include the double power button, time memory function and low 99-second heat mode.

2. RayWay NailShow Nail Dryer

RayWay NailShow Nail Dryer

After comparing this with other nail polish dryers, the RayWay nail dryer light does not harm the eyes or skin. Its pocket-sized design and micro USB port make it a great unit to bring along on your next travel. While it may not have an automatic sensor, it is still easy to use this nail polish dryer. Besides, there are different time modes so you can adjust it depending on your needs. The low-wattage dryer boasts quick-drying abilities. It is also quiet and does not require any fans.

1. Chimocee Smart Curing Nail Polish Dryer

Chimocee Smart Curing Nail Polish Dryer

Another product that is a must-buy is this 48-watt UV nail dryer. The professional nail dryer has a dual UV/LED light source design making it great for all kinds of nail gel polish. As opposed to ordinary nail dryers, this machine has a double power button that offers twice the speed. There are different timer settings allowing you to control the curing time however you like. The automatic sensor turns on the lamp when you place a hand in it saving you the hassle of operating a power button. This nail dryer is small and portable. It also features a removable magnetic base that allows you to clean and maintain it easily.