Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2024

Bicycles have been with us for a long time. They are available in different designs and sizes. However, the best and most popular are the mountain bikes. They are superbly created to ensure that you can have great off-road handling ability. Further, the light and robust design gives the ability to cruise with high maneuverability. Mostly, these bikes have suspensions incorporated in the frame construction to ensure that the rider gets the best experience. And, the amazing thing is that it is possible to get an MTB for kids, youth, men, and women.

The good thing with mountain bikes is that there are no struggles when it comes to cruising. Their ergonomics improves the mobility as compared to the traditional bicycle. Moreover, with time, these bikes are improved to make sure enhanced comfort. Meanwhile, even mountain bikes are classified into various categories. Thereby, when buying an MTB, it is ideal to be sure whether it is for cross country, trail biking or all mountains. Although all are mountain bikes, they differ in configuration.

Well, for beginners, buying a bike can be a great hassle, especially if they have no information regarding the key aspects to check. However, it should not be a rocket science. Mostly try to check some features like the type of suspension, wheel size, frame, speed and the braking system among others. It should be noted that features across different brands differ. However, the major ones need to be as per standards. Do you want to buy a bicycle like a pro? Check the top 10 best mountain bikes in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Mountain Bikes

10. Roadmaster 24” Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

Roadmaster 24” Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

If you are shopping for the best mountain bike at an affordable price, then the Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike is the ideal model for you. This bike is perfect for the budget-conscious person though it still comes with all the features that other high-end models boast. The bike features a steel mountain frame and front suspension fork to ensure a smooth ride for as many hours as you want. It equally comes with 18-speed twist shifters that offer smooth shifting on the trail. This mountain bike comes with an ergonomic handlebar and padded saddle making it extremely comfortable regardless of the hours you spend on the trail. You will love its simple yet stylish design.

9. Dynacraft Gauntlet Boys Mountain Bike

Dynacraft Gauntlet Boys Mountain Bike

If you are on a tight budget, then you need to purchase this bike for your next adventure. Selling at only a few dollars more than the Roadmaster 24” Mountain Bike, this model comes packed with every feature you need for hours of fun on the road. Besides, the padded saddle and smooth handlebar grips make this the most comfortable model you can buy this year. The bike’s 21-speed index derailleur with Shimano grip shifters makes this model ready to hit the trails anytime you want. It further comes with front and rear V-Brakes with resin levers to ensure stable control. The bike has a masculine gray frame with orange and green marbled accents. This is the best full suspension mountain bike to buy this year.

8. Merax Finiss Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss Mountain Bike

This might not be the ideal model for the budget-conscious person, but the bike truly compensates for this high price tag with all its excellent and unique features that will make your outdoor adventure fun and quite convenient. It features a lightweight heat treated aluminum mountain frame and 26” double wall aluminum rims wheels for smooth rolling. The 33-pound mountain bike has 21 speeds and shifters to ensure reliable shifting. The sturdy and durable nature of this model makes it the best mountain bike to buy if you want years of frequent use.

7. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Mountain Bike

Whether you are exploring the rough and rugged trails, this bike will give you a smooth and super-fast riding experience. It is an aluminum hardtail that is equipped with 27.5” wheels, powerful disc brakes, 24 speeds, and a plush 4-inch suspension fork. The big knobby tires will grip rocks and roots to keep you in control and confident as you explore the trails. This model will never disappoint you regardless of your particular needs.

6. Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Mountain Bike

This may not be the ideal model for someone on a tight budget, but it still maintains as the best full suspension mountain bike this year. All the features of this mountain bike will truly make every dollar you spend 100 percent worth it. The model is stainless black and red with a sleek and stylish design that will make you stand out from other riders. It is very comfortable to ride over rough terrains thanks to the ergonomic handlebar, padded saddle, and sturdy tires. You can upgrade the front fork and rear shock if you want but the bikes solid frame and durable nature make it the best mountain bike for beginners who want to take mountain biking seriously.

5. Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Mountain Bike

Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Mountain Bike

The Talus 2 model is available in two different shades and various sizes so you can find one that meets your particular needs. It features large 27.5-inch wheels and wide 2-inch tires to help you roll over rocks and roots with confidence. The model also comes with Shimano EZ shift shifters that offer 21 different gears for you to choose one that matches your specific need. The comfortable easy-grip handlebar and padded mountain bike saddle ensure that every ride you make is smooth and effortless regardless of the terrain. This model is undoubtedly the best mountain bike for beginners. Besides, it is quite sleek and stylish to make you stand out from other riders on the trail.

4. Pedego Ridge Rider Mountain Bike

Pedego Ridge Rider Mountain Bike

If you do not mind digging deeper into your pocket, then the Ridge Rider will be perfect for you. Do not let the price tag make you shy away from this bad boy however because every feature you will find surely makes up for every dollar you spend on it. This model is the ultimate electric mountain bike you will ever find in the market that gives you the freedom to explore any rough and rugged terrain while enjoying the outdoors. It is powered by a 500-watt hub motor and uses 48 volts power and 14 AMP per hour. This mountain bike will reach a maximum of up to 20 MPH using the battery power only.

3. MINGDI 26-Inch Mountain Bike

MINGDI 26-Inch Mountain Bike

If style is equally a top priority on your buying guide for the best mountain bike, then you will love the sleek design of this model. Nothing beats the MINGDI both in style and durability. What’s more, the bike also comes with every feature you need to explore the rough terrains and enjoy the best time outdoors with friends and loved ones. It boasts a padded bike saddle and ergonomic handlebar that assures you of a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the trail you take. The precise speed change system lets you switch speed easily, and its excellent design makes it perfect for a normal road surface.

2. Merrax Finiss Mountain Bike

Merrax Finiss Mountain Bike

The lightweight wheels of this mountain bike ensure smooth riding and also make it easy to transport. It features an advanced aluminum mechanical lockout suspension fork that provides smooth bumps and increases control. It also has heat treated aluminum frame that ensures long-lasting durability. The 21-speed derailleur and shifters ensure reliable shifting while the front and rear mechanical disc brake system offer safer stopping power. This 34-pound mountain bike has a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs.

1. Merax Falcon Mountain Bike

Merax Falcon Mountain Bike

The Merax Falcon model is the best full suspension mountain bike to buy at just a fraction of the price. It is available in three different shades and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 330 pounds. This entry-level mountain bike has 21 speeds and features linear brakes for great stopping power. The aluminum frame with dual-suspension design increases control and also ensures smooth bumps. You will love the easy-grip handlebar and padded saddle that assures you of a comfortable and smooth ride even for long hours.