Top 20 Best Motorcycle Jackets of 2024

Motorcycle jackets provide more than being fashionable. They are essential in delivering protection against weather elements such as wind, and rainfall. In collaboration with helmet boots and gloves, this combination of motorcycle clothing is perfect in ensuring minimal impact in case of a crash. Leather motorcycle jackets are popular among many bikers for their durability, reliability and high level of protection.

Before going for a motorcycle jacket, it’s important to check for some aspects such as material, design and cost. Above all, the thumb of rule is to get top quality jacket which delivers stylish look and durable construction. For easy selection here are the top 20 best motorcycle jackets in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Motorcycle Jackets

20. MotoCentric Assault Jacket, Mesh Liner

MotoCentric Assault Jacket, Mesh Liner

As you think about getting a motorcycle jacket which never compromises your comfort, consider MotoCentric assault jacket. It’s a premium bike jacket which gives your body deliver proper protection while maintain balanced body protection against strong winds and excessive heat. To facilitate maximum aeration, it is created featuring a mesh which leaves your body cool even when there blistering temperatures. To provide reliable protection to bike riders, this jacket is enhanced with foam pack on joints and other crash-prone areas. During the rainy season, you can bet on this jacket. It comes with a removable waterproof liner.

19. Pilot Motosport Men’s Motorcycle Jacket, Direct Air Mesh

Pilot Motosport Men's Motorcycle Jacket, Direct Air Mesh

Pilot Motorsports motorcycle jacket is a superior quality bikewears designed to ensure safe and comfortable experience. It has overlay panels fitted on shoulders and elbows which provide maximum protection from abrasions. Further, the zip-out sleeves are water and windproof which make this jacket ideal whether on hot and rainy days. It prevents water from getting in while facilitating moisture to escape. On the elbows, it has CE approved microcellular PU armor which absorbs impact and is replicable. For added safety at night, Pilot Motorsports motorcycle jacket is equipped with reflector strips. In addition, the jacket is compatible with chest armor plate for additional safety.

18. Bzpath Cafe Racer Distressed Wax Men’s Vintage Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Bzpath Cafe Racer Distressed Wax Men's Vintage Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Enjoy your ride with this vintage triple stitched leather jacket from Bzpath. It’s constructed with all attention focusing on ensuring that the jacket is superior against all odds. The 100 perfect waxed leather provides complete waterproofing as well as blocking any wind penetration. To the inside, the jacket is enhanced with a viscose lining to deliver a comfortable feeling. for strength and durability, it is triple stitched allowing it to withstand any unfavorable condition on the road. To enable keeping your essential items, the jacket boasts two chests, waist and inside pocket.

17. Viking Cycle Ironside Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle Ironside Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle motorcycle jacket for men is an ultimate product to achieve a safe and stylish bike riding. With a regular jacket appearance, you can use it whether in towns or countryside with a perfect fitting. To keep high standards of protection, it comes with CE approved armor which has passed EN1621-1 & EN1621-2 impact testing. Further, the armor plates are removable in the chest on shoulders, arms, and upper and lower backs. It has an ergonomic design allows it to perfectly fit into your body without strains. The underneath mesh lining facilitates air circulation meaning no overheating. The lining is manufactured from 600 D materials which delivers ultimate experience.

16. Laverapelle Men’s Leather Jacket, Genuine Lambskin

Laverapelle Men's Leather Jacket, Genuine Lambskin

Riding a motorcycle doesn’t meant the outfit shouldn’t be stylish. These days, it’s possible to wear motorcycle gear and enjoy a modern look. The ideal jacket is this lambskin motorcycle jacket from Laverapelle. To deliver quality product, it is made from 100 percent leather and also is handmade. Further, the crafting allows the jacket to boast authenticity. A premium inner lining is made from polyester and has a durable stitching to extend it reliability. On the other hand, the jacket is excellent since it has a zipper for easy closure. A range of colors allows you to select your perfect finish.

15. Xtreemgear Men Motorcycle Armor Leather Jacket

Xtreemgear Men Motorcycle Armor Leather Jacket

Buying a motorcycle jacket is an essential step to ensure you are safe and fashionable. However, it’s not all clothes can provide these features. Xtreemgear leather jacket for men is an excellent product designed to deliver full satisfaction. The jacket is manufactured from cows leather which is tough and prevents abrasions, in care of an accident. In addition, the tanned leather is buffed on the arms to create a sleek appearance. Air flow is allowed by dual vents on the chest while full sleeve zip ensures easy closures for maintenance of body temperatures. Equipped with 5 removable armor plates, they are designed to cover the chest, back, and elbows. The armor performance is tested and passed EN1621-1 CE certification.

14. Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Always wearing a stylish, sturdy and reliable jacket is recommendable when riding a bike. Wearing Viking Cycle motorcycle jacket provides you with comfort and exceptional look. it’s a heavy duty jacket which is constructed from treated textile to prevent water penetration. In addition, the 600 outer shell is tough while enabling moistures escape from the body while preventing water from getting in. On the other hand, the Sure Fit 6 point adjustment ensures you get a custom fitting. The full sleeve liners are fully insulated, and removable to facilitate proper protection coupled with CE approved armor plates for shoulder and elbow.

13. IDARBI Men’s Moto Biker Jacket, Faux PU Leather

IDARBI Men's Moto Biker Jacket, Faux PU Leather

If you crave for a leather motorcycle jacket, it’s time to grab this one from IDARBI. Designed and constructed from artificial leather, no more water or wind when riding a bike. It combines a variety of materials to come with 100 percent PU leather jacket. Further, inner lining is polyester made meaning no excessive sweating while keeping your body heat within a comfortable range. Other qualities which accompany this jacket are full size zipper, stand collar and soft lining. With this jacket it’s possible to ride your motorcycle without any doubt about your safety and general appearance.

12. IDARBI Premium Pu Faux Leather Moto Biker Jacket for Men

IDARBI Premium Pu Faux Leather Moto Biker Jacket for Men

IDARBI is known for production of heavy duty motorcycle riding clothing. This time they are presenting this PU faux leather jacket which is dedicated to bike lovers. Combining mixture of 100 percent polyurethane exterior and 100 percent polyester lining, it makes wearing this jacket fun and stylish. Unlike other jackets on the market, IDARBI men motorcycle jacket comes with a unique design whereby it has a detachable incorporated hood. Also the full size zipper allow efficient from zippering. Above all features, this jacket is easy to clean though high-quality wet cleaning while maintaining gentleness. Chest pockets are ideal for storing some of personal gadgets like phones and wallets.

11. Pilot Motosport Men’s Slate Air Jacket

Pilot Motosport Men's Slate Air Jacket

Riding your motorcycle is now safe and more enjoyable and comfortable; the only requirement is this jacket from Pilot Motorsports. It’s a heavy-duty construction to you ride a bike like a pilot. It is constructed from a tough 250 D materials together with 600 NPF overlaying panel on elbow and shoulder. Additionally, combination of triple and double stitching guarantees an extended lifespan and strength. Neck and collar are polled and are neoprene made to impact a soft feeling to your body. Also, protection against abrasion and impacts are prevented by installed PU armors which are CE certified. Riding on dark condition is now safer as the reflective strips improve your visibility on the road.

10. Xtreemgear Waterproof Textile Men Race Jacket

Xtreemgear Waterproof Textile Men Race Jacket

When you are enjoying your motorcycle, chances of messing are high and unpredictable. This calls for ample protection from a jacket among other clothing. Extreemgear motorcycle jacket is an ideal product to check to enjoy maximum protection, stylish design and comfort. Among many features is the fabric construction. It’s lighter than other materials while boasting high abrasion resistant due to outer 600D polyester which is fitted with a waterproof liner. At the front are two air inlet vents, two on upper arms while at the back are outlet vents thereby allowing your body to enjoy fresh air circulation. For a perfect fitting, the jacket is fitted with a full size zipper, waist straps, zippered cuffs and neoprene soft padded collar.

9. Viking Cycle Men’s Stealth Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle Men’s Stealth Motorcycle Jacket

No more struggling when finding an ideal motorcycle jacket since this one delivers more than style and protection. The 600 D material used in the jacket’s construction is sturdy and won’t give in easily to abrasions. Moreover, the 3 ways lining is ideal in providing enough strength and durability. The middle liner is waterproof and enhanced with a zipper as well as inner lining which is highly breathable. Depending on your preference, wearing this jacket provides chances to remove armors fitted on the elbow or shoulders. For the collar, it’s overlapping and mandarin padded and jacket enjoys exterior polycarbonate protective armor.

8. Joe Rocket Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Men

Joe Rocket Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Men

Are you looking for a heavy-duty motorcycle jacket? It is time to dump your old one, and get this robust Joe Pocket motorcycle jacket for men. The cowhide constructed jacket is ideal for wearing under the all-weather condition without compromising your comfort. Boasting a relaxed design, the jacket ensures it fits into your body without causing saggy fitting. When there is need to install armor, this jacket comes equipped with pockets in the shoulders and elbows to facilitate easy installation. To the inside, it has 2 utility pockets and 4 outside pockets which are ideal for other personal items.

7. Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket for Men

Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket for Men

Nomad USA is known for production of motorcycle gears which are aimed at improving your safety and comfort. Now, with this jacket from the company, any worry associated with your riding are over. needless to say, the jacket is stylish and when wearing it, you achieve a celebrity look. Featuring cowhide construction; the jacket lasts for an extended period while keeping your body free from water penetration. The inside is boast 2 pockets which eases carrying of phones wallets among other items. For a snug fit, it has a zipper cuff, and non-rusting buttons.

6. Chouyatou Vintage Men’s PU Leather Jacket

Chouyatou Vintage Men's PU Leather Jacket

it’s now easy to get a charming appearance while enjoying protection from variety of aspects by getting a reliable motorcycle jacket. Chouyatou Vintage PU leather jacket is among the best you can pick and enjoy. It’s lightweight due to the PU leather construction as opposed to real leather. Instead, this jacket is knitted from PU leather which is ideal for allowing water penetration or wind when you are on the road. Moreover, at the neck, the jacket has a collar belt, full size zip, and cuff for a tight fitting. It’s a perfect casual wearing motorcycle jacket.

5. Milwaukee Leather Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

Milwaukee Leather Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

Milwaukee Leather is a known brand for the production of leather-based products. They are responsible for the making of this leather vintage motorcycle jacket with a police style to improve your confidence when riding. The jacket is pure milled cow leather constructed hence ideal for all situations. Moreover, its comes with side laces which allows easy adjustment as well as the half belt. The lower side is fitted with 2 zippered pockets, with a book snap which allows for safe items storage. Vintage police style is ultimate jacket which will keep you rocking.

4. Wantdo Men’s Leather Jacket, Removable Hood

Wantdo Men's Leather Jacket, Removable Hood

With Wantdo men motorcycle jacket, quality is a guarantee. It’s knitted from artifice leather which enables it to look fantastic. On the other hand, faux leather offers a light weight hence won’t cause unnecessary burden. Unlike other jackets, this comes boasting a removable hood to keeps your head warm especially when weather is extremely cold. Also, it boast a number of pockets which are ideal for keeping personal belongings likes phones. For ease of cleaning, you can machine wash the jacket and also hand washing is recommended.

3. TMS Men’s Enduro Armor Motorcycle Jacket

TMS Men's Enduro Armor Motorcycle Jacket

Looking for motorcycle jackets is no more if you acquire this Enduro armor motorbike jacket. It is attractive and designed to be ideal for motorcycles as well as ATVs. Additionally, the materials used in its construction are heavy-duty meaning they can’t allow water or wind in. As a result, the jacket is suitable for off-road and height biking. The removable zip pockets are designed to enable inserting of armors on chest elbows and shoulders. To make sure jacket is fitting perfectly, it is enhanced with Velcro straps on the upper arms, waist, and cuffs. Further, it has a ass reflective strips and zippered air vents.

2. Fox Racing Protective MTB Jacket

Fox Racing Protective MTB Jacket

Fox Racing MTB jacket delivers exceptional results compared to other existing ones. It’s a sleek product which provides an astonishing appearance. It also provides extra protection hence ideal for heavy-duty motorcycle riders. The anatomic high impact dual chest plastic plates together with removable back plastic ensures that you are fully protected from impact in case of an accident. As you wear this jacket, no excessive heat or sweating since it is designed with intelligent ventilation engineering. The Fox MTB jacket enjoys as center zip and is CE certified.

1. Xelement CF380 Armored Mesh Jacket

Xelement CF380 Armored Mesh Jacket

It’s time to ride a motorcycle with confidence when you get this Xelement CF380. The jacket is highly engineered to bring new joy to the users while enjoying high-quality features. Among many qualities is the ability to zip different pocket since each is zip enhanced. When you want to uses it as a regular jacket, due to removable underneath mesh lining and quilted line. Further, the ability to adjust this jacket lies on the fitted Velcro straps which allows you to customize it. The armor plates fitted in this jacket are removable and are EN1621-1 & EN1621-2 certified to resist impacts.


Nothing beats motorcycle jacket when it comes to protection when you are riding a motorbike. They are specially designed focusing mainly on delicate areas such as elbows, chest, arms and elbows. On the other hand, a motorcycle coat is necessary to keep weather elements away which can compromise your health.