Top 5 Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts of 2024

Cell phones are vital devices and can be used for a variety of tasks. Mostly, these days’ smartphones are ideal for use for navigation or recording. But, using them on motorcycles can be a difficult task. To make the process easy and secure, riders need to install cell phone mounts in their bikes. These devices are tasked with enabling the safety of riders and devices. But, to enjoy the full benefits of these accessories, they need to be reliable and well made.

The older versions of cell phone holders might not offer benefits like current ones. This is because mobile phones have evolved and increased in sizes. To counter this, and modern mounts are designed with adjusting style which is a classic feature. Also, the quality of grip is vital to ensure the device remains intact despite the terrain. With different bikes having varying handlebar thickness, versatile mounting gear provides high usability across bikes. For safe and reliable mounting, these are the best motorcycle mounts for cell phones.

List of Best Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts

5. HUANLANG Motorcycle Phone Mount

HUANLANG Motorcycle Phone Mount

Do you want to enjoy riding your motorcycle at the same time using your smartphone? You need the best cell phone mount to make it happen. The HUANLANG Motorcycle Phone Mount is one of the best for any motorcycle enthusiast. It features TPU material which makes it flexible to allow 360 degrees rotation. Combining high-quality PU and PVC material, this phone mount is waterproof and will protect your gadget in all weather conditions. Besides, this phone mount features large capacity as it offers three card slots a zipper pocket as well as a grid pocket. So, you can carry your small belongings as you enjoy the hands-free use of your phone. It also features Velcro strips which allow snug fit on the motorcycle. It is easy to install, lightweight and compact to ensure it doesn’t add any burden.

4. Bobilife Motorcycle Phone Mount

Bobilife Motorcycle Phone Mount

The Bobilife motorcycle cellphone mount is professionally designed to help the rider enjoy hassle-free use of the cellphone without halting the ride. It is flexible and allows 360 degrees rotation. It is easy to adjust the phone either vertically or sideways. This phone mount is also designed to be robust and secure. Thanks to the amazing design which entails a buckle structure phone cradle which keeps the phone in place without falling. So, you won’t worry about bumpy rides. It also features non-slip pads which help in absorbing shocks while keeping the phone in the required place. Besides, it is easy to install on the rearview mirror of your bike.

3. Tackform Chrome Motorcycle Mount for Phone

Tackform Chrome Motorcycle Mount for Phone

Do you want to ride your motorcycle with a smile on your face all the time? Here is the Tackform motorcycle phone mount. It looks stylish and is built to lasts for many years. With 6061 machined aluminum, this thing is sturdy. It also boasts a unique spring system that offers the fail-proof grip of your device. Besides, it works with all bar types and installation is a breeze. It features an ergonomic clamp that fits 1.25″ Bars with no bushings. However, the package comes with bushings to allow a perfect fit on every bar type. Interestingly, this clamp system features aluminum ball and socket joint. So, you can adjust it and enjoy portrait and landscape viewing.

2. IMESTOU Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Mount

IMESTOU Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Mount

This motorcycle phone mount will help you enjoy a luxurious riding experience. It features a waterproof design to ensure it beats all weather conditions. Besides, it includes a USB charging port to keep your smartphone running throughout the journey. It also boasts universal design which is compatible with all phone sizes ranging from 4.0 to 6.5 inches. With IP66 waterproof ranking, this gadget is waterproof. With the phone mounted, you can easily access the function keys without necessarily removing the device from the mount. Also, you will love these gadgets’ wide compatibility. It fits handlebar sizes ranging from 7/8″ to 1-1/4″. Thus, you can set it on your ATV, moped or motorcycle.

1. Tackform Brake/Clutch Reservoir Motorcycle Phone Mount

Tackform Brake/Clutch Reservoir Motorcycle Phone Mount

This motorcycle phone mount is great for Honda Goldwing and Harley among other bike models. It comes as a kit that includes both metric and standard hardware. It is uniquely designed to conveniently use the brake or clutch reservoir bolt holes. So, it fits well and doesn’t affect the elegant look. The kit also includes nylon bushes to ensure a perfect fit. With the brushed aluminium finish, it blends well with any motorcycle’s appearance. The all-metal arm provides solid support and minimizes vibrations. So, the phone will remain safe and be easier to use while on this mount. It also includes ball and socket joint and the dual thumbscrews allow multi-position adjustment. The metal construction together with rubber inserts will protect the device. Also, it includes industrial springs that help in holding the phone securely in place.