Top 20 Best Mosquito Killers of 2024

If you’re looking for the best mosquito killers available in the 2021 market, then it means you’re fed up with these deadly disease-spreading insects. Perhaps you’ve tried lots of the traditional remedies to get rid of mosquitoes, but none seems to get rid of these nagging bugs that often disrupt your beauty sleep.

While these ways may work for you, using a mosquito killer may seemingly be the best method to rid yourself of mosquitoes. For the best results, you’ll want to settle with the best mosquito trap available in the market. With numerous options available however, you might be faced with an uphill task finding the best electronic mosquito killers.

This articles reviews the top 20 best mosquito killers ranked based on their functionality, effectiveness, benefits and affordability in the market so be sure to read on.

List of Best Mosquito Killers

20. Eazior Electric DWP-001 Bug Zapper Fly

Eazior Electric DWP-001 Bug Zapper Fly

Forget about the mosquito bites whether you’re indoors or outdoors. This Blue-gray racket mosquito killer can be used both as an indoor mosquito trap and outdoor trap. It is a highly reliable electric bug killer that will deal with any annoying mosquito in just one swat.

Much as this device looks like a tennis racket, you cannot play with it as it has much more to offer than its elegant look. Unlike the toxic bug sprays that you cannot use during a barbecue, the DWP-001 Eazior is quite safe to use even while eating outdoors as it has no risk to you.

What’s more, this killer racket is large enough to deal with a group of mosquitoes in a single swing giving you a bug-free area. This product clearly stands out among others because it is equally comfortable to use and easy to carry around. You’ll love its great design too and its rechargeable ability makes it worth your money.

19. Sandalwood Electric Bug Zapper

Sandalwood Electric Bug Zapper

Mosquitoes are often known to follow light thus this water resistant machine by Sandalwood uses light to deal with mosquitoes around your home. This insect killer machine will take care of these pests up to half an acre range. Its long-lasting UV light bulb lures and kills insects instantly that fall on the tray below the light.

Don’t worry though, removing and cleaning this tray is quite easy. The Sandalwood electric bug zapper has such an attractive design and what makes it even better is the fact that you can hang it anywhere you want whether it’s the pool, the patio or camping site. The machine is convenient for use both outdoors and indoors. Moreover, the black light output is very safe and easy on your eyes.

18. Hoont 8482 Powerful Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper

Hoont 8482 Powerful Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper

The Hoont Bug Zapper is among the best electronic mosquito killers that are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential use. It covers nearly 6,000 Sq. ft. per insect killer and has two 10 watt UV bulbs that easily attract mosquitoes into it. Insects are instantly killed immediately they make contact with the powerful high voltage metal grid that is electrically charged.

This device is equally safe and clean to use since the dead insects collect at the bottom tray and removed quite easily. With the detachable chain, you can be sure children or pets will not be able to access and play with this device since you can easily mount it high on the wall. The 4.1-pound Hoont Bug Zapper has a cord length of 4ft and allows you to kill any annoying bugs without being in contact with harmful chemicals and pesticides.

17. 2 Pin Plug AIWOTOWOW Rechargeable Bug Zapper

2 Pin Plug AIWOTOWOW Rechargeable Bug Zapper

Time to do away with the toxic bug sprays that are not ideal when eating. The AIWOTOWOW bug zapper allows you the chance to deal with mosquitoes in and around your home in just one swat. This device is very simple to use and needs to be manually activated so as to prevent children from playing with it.

Worried that the device isn’t on? The green light on the handle will notify you if the device is ready to use so no need to worry. It has large power grids and comes with a piece of 4V rechargeable batteries you can recharge over 600 times. This blue stylish mosquito killer further comes with a one year limited guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

16. Dynazap Extendable Insect Zapper

Dynazap Extendable Insect Zapper

This is a must have insect killing device for any home. It can be fully extended to 3 feet thus allowing you the freedom to increase it to your desired length. The Dynazap Extendable Insect Zapper additionally has a telescopic head that can easily bend in multiple directions to access even the hard-to-reach places.

This is the best mosquito trap for camping or other outdoor activities since it folds compactly and is portable you can take it wherever you go. Included in the package are two powerful AA batteries that make the device useful for more than 6 hours. The safety switch will only electrify the zapping grid when the-on-button is pushed making it a very safe device to use in your home.

15. The Miatec Electric Bug Zapper

The Miatec Electric Bug Zapper

Whether you’re indoors, outdoors or engaging in any activity, you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes if you have this mosquito killer within reach. As opposed to other ways that use toxic chemicals to kill mosquitoes, the Miatec Electric Bug Zapper depends on electric shock to do away with any bug around you immediately.

Its racquet shape and simple handle design makes it easy and quite convenient to use. Moreover, this device has the activation button discreetly placed thus you wouldn’t have to worry about your children playing with it. This electric bug zapper operates on two AA batteries and comes with a one year warranty in case of any mishaps.

14. Aspectek Two-Pack Rechargeable Bug Zapper

Aspectek Two-Pack Rechargeable Bug Zapper

Aspectek boasts of being the highest voltage bug zapper available in the market with nearly 2500 volts. You’ll want to use this device if you’re in an area with a lot of mosquitoes but still need something efficient yet affordable. Its fashionable design will equally catch your attention while its rechargeable ability will save you cash since you won’t have to buy AA batteries regularly.

The device has a built-in rechargeable battery with durable power making it convenient to use. Aspectek two pack bug zapper attracts mosquitoes with the built-in LED light and comes packed with a retractable flashlight that is very useful in case of emergencies.

13. The Executioner Fly, Wasp and Mosquito Swatter

The Executioner Fly, Wasp and Mosquito Swatter

This is the best indoor mosquito trap that undoubtedly takes care of flies, wasp, and mosquitoes in your home. It works in one single swing once you press the button, zapping any bug instantly once it gets in contact with the screen. It is a perfect device to use whether at home, in the office or outdoors.

The racket is made with ABS plastic and also comes packed with two free AA batteries. It is very comfortable and easy to carry around thus making your work pretty easy.

12. Elucto Electric Bug Zapper

Elucto Electric Bug Zapper

Aside from being stylish and very affordable, the Elucto Electric Bug Zapper offers you a mosquito-free area whether indoors or outdoors where you can comfortably spend time with your loved ones. It works after manual activation and in just one swing, You’ll be able to rid yourself of those pesky bugs that won’t let you rest easy.

It works on two AA batteries and guarantees service for a longer time as opposed to other methods. It has a comfortable design making it very easy to hold and use.

11. Flowtron BK-40D Electric Insect Killer

Flowtron BK-40D Electric Insect Killer

This machine has received great reviews from satisfied customers and ranks among the best mosquito killers because of its efficiency to control mosquitoes. It operates by a 40-watts non-toxic UV light that instantly eliminates insects over an acre area.

The device is clean and safe to use and has a protective outer enclosure that prevents children and pets from handling the charged grid. The metal ring on top also allows you the freedom to hang it anywhere, and because it is weather-proof, it is ideal to use even outdoors.

10. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

Talk of a device with excellent performance and lots of applause. The BK-15D has even been ranked as the top bestseller in Bug Zappers, and this should come as no surprise. The machine has a non-clogging killing grid and covers half an acre killing radius usually recommended for outdoor purposes only.

It gives you continuous, uninterrupted services and uses a 15-watt bulb. And while you cannot attach it to your house or deck, the UV bulb will eliminate mosquitoes and other insects instantly around your home without causing harm to the surrounding.

9. Aspectek Indoor Electronic Insect Killer

Aspectek Indoor Electronic Insect Killer

This 20 Watt 3.5 pound mosquito killer not only deals with mosquitoes but also helps eliminate other bugs within your home. You can use this device in your living room, the restaurant, office, kitchen or hospital since it has been designed for indoor purposes. Maintaining this insect killing trap is additionally easy all you need to do is empty the bug tray at the bottom and wash it.

The protective cage helps prevent any accidents, especially where there are playful children and pets. Its powerful electronic grid immediately zaps insects that are lured with the 20-watt bulb within a 6,000 Sq. Ft. area. You’ll love the wire chain that allows you to hang this bug killer anywhere you want.

8. Cutter Backyard HG-61067 Bug Control Spray

Cutter Backyard HG-61067 Bug Control Spray

If you prefer a bug control spray concentrate, then the HG-61067 Cutter Backyard Spray is the best option for you. It includes a fast action formula that quickly kills mosquitoes and other bugs above and below the ground. It will provide you with up to 12 weeks bug control and cover up to 5,000 Sq. Ft. of lawn.

Using this bug killer is very easy since it requires no mixing; all you need to do is connect the hose and spray, and you’re good to go.

7. Aspectek Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper 40W

Aspectek Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper 40W

This product by Aspectek kills mosquitoes and other insects instantly with the high voltage metal grids by attracting insects using the bright light. It covers a one-acre killing radius and has neither chemicals nor smell making it very natural and safe to use. Because it has no toxic chemicals or fumes, the device can comfortably be used in any indoor setting – your house, hotel, restaurant, shop or office.

The 25-inch wide device has a powerful 40-watt bulb that lures bugs to it. Using this machine is very easy just as maintaining it you won’t need to go through the manual over and over. And while it is a mosquito killing device, it is very safe to use for humans, and the mesh screen prevents any contact with the electrical grid making it equally safe for pets.

6. 2 Pack Mosquito Dunks 102-12

2 Pack Mosquito Dunks 102-12

This provides you with an all-natural way to control mosquitoes around your house. The product has been formulated to release BTI for 30 days and comes packed in twos per card. It will help control insects in 100 square feet water for thirty days and is a great product to use in any standing water.

You can either anchor it with a string through the center hole or simply stack it in place for great results. Consider using it in all types of containerized breeding areas for mosquitoes.

5. VEX Electric Bug Zapper

VEX Electric Bug Zapper

Vex Zappers’ mosquito killer is a whole package that is clearly worth your money. It has an extremely high voltage of 3000 volts and boasts of being the highest voltage bug zapper available in the market today. It’s elegant and colorful design will surely catch your attention while it’s all-in-one purpose will indeed make you feel your money’s worth.

The device has three layers of protection to prevent any accidents making it very safe to use. The built-in rechargeable batteries and LED blue light make this device stand out from its competitors. Moreover, you will like the retractable bonus flashlight that might come handy during emergencies.

4. FC-8800 Flowtron Diplomat Fly Control

FC-8800 Flowtron Diplomat Fly Control

The FC-8800 is an industrial-size electronic flying bug killer that is widely recommended for use in outdoor residential areas. It will control night flying insects while covering nearly two acres of killing range.

The device can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and doesn’t use harsh chemicals or have any smell that may otherwise affect your health.
The 120 watts UV power will lure flying insects to the device which will instantly be killed once in contact with the machine’s high-tension electric grid.

3. Stinger BK300 Outdoor Insect Killer

Stinger BK300 Outdoor Insect Killer

The Black BK300 by Stinger ranks amongst the best electronic mosquito killers because of its one and a half coverage area and elegant design. The device’s black UV light will attract almost 40 percent more insects than other mosquito killer machines.

Further, the device is resilient and comes with a weatherproof construction and clog-resistant design. It has an EnergySmart Sundown Sensor and provides 24/7 coverage.

2. Aspectek HR293 Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper

Aspectek HR293 Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper

This electric mosquito zapper from Aspectek allows you to get rid of mosquitos and other insects that give you uncomfortable moments within and outside the house. The device is quite durable promising you longer service while its large swatter mesh that kills insects on contact has a fashionable design that undoubtedly matches its color.

Made from ABS material, the HR293 has a durable design meant to last for long. The built-in rechargeable batteries give this device a plus while the detachable flashlight for use during emergencies makes it quite an investment.

1. MuchBuy Pest Control Products

MuchBuy Pest Control Products

Do you want an affordable easy to use best mosquito trap? MuchBuy’s blue plastic mosquito killer is the device worth your attention. Simply plug the device in a socket and press the power button. Be sure to keep your children away from the lamp while it is plugged in the socket.

This is the perfect solution to get rid of mosquitoes during summer. Don’t worry about power consumption since this device has been designed to consume little power while efficiently getting rid of mosquitoes covering a range of 15 square meters. It has no harmful chemicals or irritating smells thus making it safe for humans.


Try out one of these best mosquito killers that guarantee you a safe splendid performance that come at affordable rates. You don’t have to worry about mosquitoes again since these devices offer you an alternative to other tried and failed mosquito killer methods. Be sure though to purchase the best mosquito trap that meets your needs while providing you with the best performance.