Top 10 Best Medicine Balls of 2024

Medicine balls are heavier balls than regular ones, which are employed for medical purposes. They are mostly used in sports medicine to rehabilitate and strengthening weak muscles. Unlike regular balls, these are not inflatable as the interior is filled with a solid material. These days, they are manufactured from soft materials which make them ideal for indoor gyms since they don’t damage floors.

As you shop for a medical ball, it’s important to keep in mind that you should look one which fits your exercising needs. By being available in a variety of sizes and weight they allow you to improve body flexibility and swiftness. The following list contains handpicked top 10 best medicines balls in 2021 reviews.

Different types of medicine ball

Medicine ball is a type of weighted ball meant for muscle training as well as rehabilitation exercises. Nowadays, there are different medicine balls designed according to specific needs. Additionally, some are hard and can’t bounce, while others are soft, air-filled thus can bounce. If you are looking for medicine balls, following are some of the existing types.

Soft gel medicine balls

These are constructed from a soft vinyl material and inside filled with gel. Basically, they do not bounce making them ideal for throwing. They are available in a variety of sizes and ideal for rehab exercises.

Air filed medicine balls

Air filled medicine balls as the name suggests, they are filled with air hence will bounce once when dropped or slammed into the wall. They are essential for people who want to exercise with returning balls. The rate of bouncing depends on the inflation of the ball. They are mostly used for general training.

Grip enhanced medicine balls

These types of medicine balls are designed featuring textured surfaces for a firm gripping. In most cases, they are constructed from polyurethane to impact a firm gripping. These balls are very common in gyms, and many people opt to use them. Mores over the can float thus can be used in water pools.

Medicine ball with handles

Medicine balls with handle are available in single or double handled. These types of balls are dedicated for vigorous exercise. Therefore, they are perfect replacement of heavy gym equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells. Moreover, they are non-bouncing and highly durable. Below are some top 10 premium quality medicine balls reviewed

List of Best Medicine Balls

10. Champion Sports Rubber Medicine Ball

Champion Sports Rubber Medicine Ball

This medicine ball from champion sports is a highly designed ball ideal for people who want to improve their muscles safely. Unlike heavy gym weights, it is manufactured from a heavy duty rubber which is soft and gentle to floors. On the others hand, the ball is designed weighing 6061 pounds meaning it won’t exert a lot of weight to users when training. This ball is inflatable therefore providing sufficient bouncing; this is determined by the amount of air in the ball. Champion Sport ball is available in variety of choices from 2.2 to 19.8 pounds.

9. TAP Double Handle Medicine Ball

TAP Double Handle Medicine Ball

Safe exercising is now possible with this double handled TAP medicine ball. Available in variety of sizes, this ball ensures is ideal for anyone who wants to gain strong muscles or recovering from a medical condition. Additionally, equipped with double handles the ball allows for a firm grip hence a comfortable exercising. The ball is ideal for explosive exercised and is more suitable for training even than standard medicine balls. As a result of using TAP medicine ball it allows for improved quick redirection movements. The hollow design used in construction renders this ball safe for indoors and outdoors. Further it is available from 8 to 20 pounds.

8. Power Systems Elite Medicine Ball

Power Systems Elite Medicine Ball

If you want to put more power in your muscles, try this power system elite medicine ball. Designed with safety and comfort in mind; there is no worry about the ball being harsh to your hands. On the other hand this medical ball is, designed for using on concrete without breaking or destroying your floor. Quality wise, the ball is sturdy and don’t peels of even when exposed to long time usage. Also, unlike other balls, this doesn’t give a rubbery smell. This one is durable and available in various weights and sizes.

7. Gymnic Heavymed 1 Medicine Ball, 2.2 lb

Gymnic Heavymed 1 Medicine Ball, 2.2 lb

Adding medicines balls in your exercise is an ideal stem in empowering your muscles. With this medicine ball from Gymnic, you can train your body without subjecting it to harsh gym equipment. It’s a multi-functional ball designed for use in regular exercises as well as therapy functionalities. Therefore, for people who want to improve core strength, balancing, flexibility and coordination this ball is a perfect pick. When it comes to personal safety, Gymnic heavymed is constructed using safe materials free of BPA and latex. Additionally, it is water filled a workout guide is issued as a bonus. Above all is a textured surface for super gripping.

6. Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball

Empower Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball

Its soft, durable, and comfortable medicine ball dedicated to ensures that training easy and firm. It’s constructed from super soft plastic which is ideal substitution for rubber cross fit style balls. Unlike other balls which are air-filled, this one is with water thus adding more weight while maintaining friendly size. It is available in variety of weight such as 6, 8 and 10 pounds. Thereby, it’s possible to give your body a perfect workout. Moreover, with Empower medicine ball, it’s easy to achieve your aspired workouts since it comes with a training DVD.

5. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

This 12 pounds Amazon Basic medicine ball is designed to be a perfect tool for upper and lower body exercise tool. The ball is ideal for all medicine workouts due to its construction shape, strength and weight. In addition as you train, this medicine ball is great for core strength, body coordination and coordination. When playing it can bounce since it features rubber construction, thereby safe to your floor. To improve the grip, the surface of this medicine ball from Amazon Basic is textured to give fingers a solid grip. Other weights such as 6 and 4 pounds are available depending on your preference.

4. Trademark Innovations Slam Medicine Ball

Trademark Innovations Slam Medicine Ball

Giving body adequate and gentle exercises is ideal in ensuring you achieve strength and coordination. Lifting gym weights can be undesirable since they are heavy and can harm your weak muscles and tendons. This slam medicine ball is crafted to deliver exceptional result. Filled with sand, it gives durability as no deflation and also provides enough weight (15 lbs.). On the other hand, its size is friendly as it measures 9 inches diameter thus ideal for a perfect gripping. There is no bouncing with this slam ball and is crated from PVC hence safe; no phthalate latex or BPA plastics.

3. SKLZ Med Ball, Weighted

SKLZ Med Ball, Weighted

Are you looking ways to increase core straight as well as gaining more powerful upper body? It’s time to relax and go for this med ball by SKLZ. Unlike other medicine balls, this one is constructed to ensure that training is successful without strains or injuries. To ensure this, its surface is textured with non-slipping patterns. Although it looks like a simple ball, SKLZ med ball is excellently constructed to enable you to take your training to next level. It improves your throwing, hitting, swinging and also ideal for multi-planar movements. Training guide accompany this med ball.

2. URBNFit Exercise Ball, Anti Burst Professional Quality Design

URBNFit Exercise Ball, Anti Burst Professional Quality Design

Are you looking for a professionally manufactured medicine ball? URBNFit Exercise Ball answers all your questions regarding a heavy-duty exercise ball. The gym grade ball designed for heavy duty application with an outstanding design to with stand up to 2000 pounds. This ensures it can be subjected to extremely rigorous exercises without bursting. Moreover, PVC materials used is safe and resistant to peeling likes other materials. This ball is idea for yoga, stretching and Pilates. You can select from a range of existing colors and sizes.

1. Garage Fit Soft Medicine Ball

Garage Fit Soft Medicine Ball

Forget rubber and plastic medicine balls and grab this ergonomically designed medicine ball. Designed by Garage fit, it features stitched leather that is perfect for gripping without causing slipping due to hand sweating. On the other hand, the ball is ideal for a variety of training like sit-ups, squats, and other core workouts to strengthen your body. Safety when training with this ball is a guarantee since it has an impact absorbing to prevent injuries. Also, the durability of this ball is ensured by individually stitched leather to make sure that it doesn’t fall apart when training. The company logo on the ball gives an attractive look while guaranteeing the quality.