Top 10 Best Medical Tapes of 2024

Medical tapes are specially designed adhesives that are used for holding medical bandages or during the first aids. They are essential to have in your home, car, or emergency medical kits. Basically, they are safe and created to ensure that you have effective ways of containing wounds in case of accidental minor injuries. Amazingly, the tapes are suited to hold even when the skin is moving, bending, or skin is damp.

Now, there are various tapes designed for different purposes. Some these include the paper works medical tapes. These are usually breathable and safe to skin hence making them suitable for use with frequently changed bandages. The ideal thing about these tapes the can be used even on delicate skins. Others are the zinc oxide tapes. These are soothing to skin and boast ability to be used on wet, oily and even in wet skins without losing their adhesive power. Apart from these, we have cloth, silk surgical and plastic medical tapes.

When buying a medical tape, it is ideal to check for one that won’t be a stress to use. A safe and skin friend friendly, thereby it should be easy to remove from the skin without causing pain or leaving the adhesive. On the other hand, given that the skin is prone to wetting due to sweating, the tape should be able to hold without compromising the performance. For reliable tapes, careful selection is needed. That is why we have a selection of the top 10 best medical tapes in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Medical Tapes

10. 3M Micropore Paper Medical Tape

3M Micropore Paper Medical Tape

This medical tape is comfortable and breathable. It is hypoallergenic and not made with any natural rubber latex. There are six units per pack each with a width of two inches. The paper tape is very gentle to the skin and leaves minimal residue when removed. As an economical tape, this product will not affect your budget in any way, and it is perfect for general use.

You can use it to secure small to medium dressing on damp skin, lightweight tubing and taping at-risk skin. Few medical tapes outperform the 3M paper hypoallergenic tape making it the best medical tape to purchase. The waterproof tape will stick to anything and is easy to tear, unlike cloth tapes.

9. Nexcare First Aid Tape

Nexcare First Aid Tape

Nexcare tape comes in a pack of two. It ranks as the clearest tape and the best medical tape used in many hospitals around the US. It is used in active areas like the fingers, elbows, and knees that are hard to bandage and where stretching occurs. The tape, when worn, will stretch and conform to the body contour assuring you of greater body power. This tape is also hypoallergenic and sells quite reasonably, so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

8. 3M Medipore H Surgical Tape

3M Medipore H Surgical Tape

The soft cloth surgical tape is 4 inches wide by 10 yards. There are three rolls available for every sale you make, therefore; you won’t have to worry about including it in your budget for some time. Because very few products beat this tape, you need to consider it as your best surgical tape with excellent customer reviews and a reasonable price tag.

Besides, the tape is gentle and breathable enough to maintain skin integrity. It is waterproof and super easy to tear. The excellent cross and diagonal stretch of this surgical tape will accommodate the swelling and movement. What’s more, this tape is hypoallergenic and is not made of natural rubber latex making it highly effective even on sensitive skin.

7. 3M Micropore Medical Tape

3M Micropore Medical Tape

This pack of two measures 2 inches wide by 10 yards and also comes with a dispenser for improved convenience. The rolls are latex-free and hypoallergenic making them great even for sensitive patients. They are highly breathable ensuring they maintain the skin integrity and will hold well on damp skin to ensure secure attachment. The pack of two is ideal for general use and is highly breathable.

6. 3M Transpore Plastic Medical Tape

3M Transpore Plastic Medical Tape

This box of 12 medical tapes sell at a pretty affordable price tag so no need to worry about interfering with your budget. The Transpore plastic surgical tape is 1 inch wide by 10 yards. When it comes to versatility and overall quality, nothing beats the Transpore medical tape. It will stick to anything even though it is specially made for medical use.

It is also waterproof so you can always take a shower and it stays on. Unlike cloth tapes, this surgical tape rips easily using your fingers, and it is made with pores so sweat or body fluids can pass through it without causing it to come off. While you cannot write on it with either pen or pencil, a marker will still be a great choice if you want to note important data.

5. 1st Elite Professional Athletic Tape

1st Elite Professional Athletic Tape

Why settle for low-quality stability tapes when you can go for something more professional and high-quality like the 1st Elite medical tape? This cotton based athletic tape is latex-free and self-adhesive therefore it is pretty easy on the skin offers tensile strength to safeguard your most vulnerable joints.

The tape comes in a pack of eight, so they will last for a while and offer reliable rigidity to sensitive knees, fingers, toes, and ankles. The athletic tape is perfect for football, baseball, boxing, gymnastics and weightlifting among other sports. The tape has the right amount of sticky adhesive so it will stay in place, and you won’t feel a hassle when you want to remove it.

4. 3M Transpore Medical Tape

3M Transpore Medical Tape

The non-sterile medical tape is a half inches wide by 10 yards and comes in a pack of 12. It is the best surgical tape for sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic and latex-free. Moreover, this plastic tape is perforated with easy bi-directional tear making it ideal to use for medical emergencies. You will love its water-resistant nature that will not come out when you show or go swimming.

3. Hampton Adams Sports Medical Tape

Hampton Adams Sports Medical Tape

The white medical tape also doubles a great sports tape for athletes and trainers. It is insanely sticky but will leave no sticky residue on your skin upon removal. It boasts a reasonable price tag and is easy to wear on the fingers, wrist, and ankles. The tape is 1.5 inch by 15 yards and comes in a pack of eight.

It is the best athletic tape for rock climbers, weightlifters, and boxing. Being 100 percent cotton and ultra thick, this tape is undoubtedly perfect for sticks, bars, and bats. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee that shows you are putting your money in the right place; therefore if you do not like it, you can also get in touch with the company to get your money back.

2. FOU Medical Cohesive Bandages

FOU Medical Cohesive Bandages

The 1-inch by 5 yards medical tape comes in a pack of six and 22 different hues so you can choose one that matches your style. The bandage is made porous fabric with bacon strips and is safe to use on your skin. It boasts good breathability and high elasticity making it highly functional than other non-adhesive products. The tape’s applications include support and securing, bind up, joint protection and splinting fixation. It will not loosen and fall off easily.

1. California Basics Gauze Bandage Rolls

California Basics Gauze Bandage Rolls

The sterile gauze premium-quality rolls also come with medical tapes for easy use. They are perfect to care for an injury regardless of the body part and will work well on your arms, legs, knee, elbow, and ankle. This stretchy fabric is quite soft and super easy to wrap and tear making it highly practical and convenient. Its porous nature allows for ventilation so your skin can breathe and heal.

What’s more, the lightweight material is highly flexible but strong and durable. The set of 24 will save you a lot of money. Each roll measures 4 inches in width by 4 yards in length and can be used as standalone gauze. Its maximum absorption nature will prevent bleed-through, and because it is latex-free, you can use it for surgery after-care.