Top 10 Best Medical Scissors of 2024

Medical scissors are special types or scissors which are used by medical professional in a variety of works. They’re useful in cutting sutures, skin tissues, clothing, and bandage. Therefore these tools are must have for every medical facility or medical practitioner including emergency technicians.

Well, medical scissors are available in various types; we have surgical, bandage, iris, suture scissors, and trauma shears. Each of tool is designated for use in specific role hence increasing efficiency and safety. Moreover, these scissors are designed featuring safe materials such as stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium among others. In this reviews, we are going to expound 2020 top best medical scissor.

List of Best Medical Scissors

10. Prestige Medical Nurses Utility Scissors

Prestige Medical Nurses Utility Scissors

Wondered whether you can find an invincible pair of medical scissors? Prestige medical utility scissors are incredibly built to offer a reliable service. By boasting a Japanese technology, it has outstanding features that can offer a lot of benefits to medical nurses. To start with, these scissors are made of fine stainless steel. The material not only offers durability but also provides easy sterilization. They feature a professional design to enhance easy maneuverability for various nursing objectives. They are designed for everyday use due to their easy cleaning and sterilization. Besides, they are serrated and not stamped. This feature ensures they remain robust to cut through tough material.

9. Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor

Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor

Prestige Medical fluoride scissor possesses all the top qualities required for medical work. The design is also beautiful and features a state of the art design to match with the medical profession. By boasting a revolutionary fluoride coating, it has a non-stick surface perfect for cutting bandages and tapes. The size is 7 1/2″ which provides a sufficient grip during nursing activities. The material is high quality too. It boasts 420 stainless steel. On the other hand, this scissor will never compromise hygiene and sanitation as it is autoclavable for sanitization purpose. This means that it is entirely reusable. After all, you just have to put it in an autoclave for some minutes, and it will be fully sanitized.

8. Osung SCT115C Tissue Scissor

Osung SCT115C Tissue Scissor

Among the few top quality brands of scissors, Osung is unbelievably a perfect medical scissor. It has been meticulously constructed by professionals to enhance precision, optimum hardness, reduced wear and tear and comfortable grip. Also, the precision grinding of its cutting edge ensures that sharpness remains durable for a long time.

It features a clean brushed finish, evidencing the great care that has even taken throughout the manufacturing process. It is a tissue scissor that has a size 4 3/4 perfect for the specific task at hand. The design is ideal for autoclaving for sterilization process. Besides, it doesn’t lose sharpness even after repeated sterilizations.

7. MILTEX Nurse’s Bandage Scissors

MILTEX Nurse's Bandage Scissors

If you are finding a great value and fashionable scissors Miltex is one of a kind. It features an innovative design and comes in a bright pink color. It measures 5½” and it coated with fluoride to enhance anti- stick and increase the durability. By being fluoride coated, the blades of these scissors prevent the adhesive from sticking to the cutting edge. The blades are able to retain their sharpness even after prolonged use. In addition, this scissor is autoclavable for sterilization purpose. The stainless design ensures that they don’t corrode after being subjected to medical solutions and water.

6. Utopia Care Nursing Bandage Scissors

Utopia Care Nursing Bandage Scissors

This product is a professional quality nursing scissors. It features ice tempered stainless steel material. Also, it is hand-crafted for optimum control and comfort. The angle edged blades make it easy to cut tough and tight bandages without using extra force. The blades are exceptionally designed to eliminate any risk. The lower blade is thin and the upper one is short to allow easy cutting without posing any danger. The rounded tip allows the scissor to slide under the bandage you are working on. Equally, the blades are able to offset at an angle that makes cutting easier. The grip is also ergonomically designed to help the user feel comfortable during any application.

5. Prestige Medical 871-LAB Stylemate Utility Scissor

Prestige Medical 871-LAB Stylemate Utility Scissor

This is yet another excellently crafted medical scissor. It is constructed using 420 medical grade stainless steel. By having milled shear serrations, it can cut through tough materials for bandage. It is autoclavable so you won’t worry about reusing the same for various surgical purposes. For sterilization, you can subject it to 143 degrees Fahrenheit. It measures 5.5 inches in length and has a comfortable grip to help you do thorough cutting without harming your fingers. The blades have a sharp cutting edge and an angle offset to access hard to cut points and easy cutting.

4. MABIS Kelly Forceps Medical Forceps

MABIS Kelly Forceps Medical Forceps

The product is a medical forceps that possess a number of quality features. It is designed to clamp small items, thanks to the dependable locking mechanism. What’s more, is that they feature precision tips whereby the forceps are serrated giving the user more controlled use. In addition to precision, the forceps are made of stainless steel that are strong enough to resist bending even under extreme force. Kelly forceps measure l 5.5 by 0.1 by 2.5 inches size which is ideal for holding small items. It also boasts an exclusive Amazon limited warranty if at all it is sold through Amazon.

3. Madison Supply Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors

Madison Supply Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors

You can take your nursing level to a new level when you have these Madison medical scissors. The product comes as one pack of black handled EMT shears that are autoclavable. The scissors are also coated with fluoride material to make them none- stick. These shears are 7.5 inches in length and are perfect for doctors, paramedics, and nurses. They feature sharp edge and milled serrations specially designed for cutting tough materials during medical activities such as dressing. The handles are made with durable and high-impact plastics. On the other hand, the blades are stainless steel making them premium quality and long life scissors.

2. EMT Trauma Shears with Carabiner

EMT Trauma Shears with Carabiner

Are you struggling to find a medical scissor that you can use to cut safe and fast every time? Stop the search and relax with this product called EMT Trauma Shears. They are sharp, professional grade and premium quality shears that can cut bandage, tape and even seat belt webbing. They boasts surgical grade stainless steel. They are durably constructed and feature blades and rivets from Japanese technology. They cut with great precision due to the included precision serrations along the blade. Besides the size is standard for most hospitals because it is 7.5 inches. The size is also recommended for most operating rooms and ERS. Moreover, the scissors are equipped with steel reinforced Carabiner to easily clip on your waist for easy accessibility.

1. XSHEAR Extreme Duty Trauma Shears

XSHEAR Extreme Duty Trauma Shears

You’ve probably been trying to find the best trauma shears available without success. XSHEAR Extreme Duty delivers the best performance for heavy duty cutting work, as the name suggests. It is carefully designed to be the best Trauma shears on the market. It is super hardened stainless steel with double thickness coupled with a heavy-duty center bolt that doesn’t flex loosen. Besides, these scissors have a patented blunt tip and curved design to provide gentle edge near the skin. Moreover, the inner handles are soft for comfort purpose. The product is exceptional as it comes with 90 day money back guarantee and 5 years warranty.