Top 10 Best Makeup Organizers of 2024

Keeping your room organized, you need to have everything well arranged. However, for small items like nail polish, lip balms, and other cosmetics, arranging them without an organizer can be a headache. Besides keeping the space neat, a makeup organizer delivers ease of access to your required item or products. A disorganized makeup rack usually gives your headache to access some products especially the small ones.

The makeup organizers are available in different designs, sizes, and colors. All these factors are essential just as the organizer itself. For the organizing rack to suit your needs, it should have ample space and compartments to accommodate all your makeup. Since cosmetics aren’t large components, a compact organizer will be excellent. The design is also ideal t check for an organizer to fit perfectly into your space. If you choose wrong design, it can affect the aesthetic natures of your room.

In design, different materials are used to make these organizers. Some are metallic with brushed surfaces, acrylic among others. However, the model you choose should be able to complement the décor hence adding a sense of beauty. Besides, for people who use makeup regularly, a good organizer will enable them to have easy time without struggling to spot your needed cosmetics. With right size, quality and design, it gives you easy time as well as decorating your house. Do you love your cosmetics? Then, check these top 10 best makeup organizers in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Makeup Organizers

10. Beautify Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

Beautify Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

This makeup organizer is an extra large model measuring 15 by 12 by 12 inches. It is perfect for a professional makeup studio or home use. This organizer has a sturdy acrylic casing, easy-slide drawers, and strong handles. It was truly built for everyday use.

The under compartment is built with a hinged flip top lid so can either leave it open for display or keep it closed. Thanks to its transparent design, you can view the contents of the organizer making it easy to find your favorite cosmetics. This clear makeup organizer boasts a six-tier design with five large drawers to give you a stylish yet functional way to keep all your cosmetics neat and close at hand.

There are four equal-size drawers and a large bottom drawer where you can keep bulkier items like the foundation bottles or powder pots. There is a removable divider which can be placed in any drawer to add a separate section. The extra large makeup organizer by Beatify was truly built for the organized beauty lover.

9. Unique Home Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Unique Home Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Unique Home’s makeup organizer is made of a durable crystal-clear material. It is the best make up organizer to buy because it will match any décor in your room. The transparent material will allow you to see your items clearly for easy access. This organizer features a protective black mesh padding that will keep your jewelry safe and cushion your makeup.

This two-piece set is ideal to keep all your cosmetics and jewelry in one place. This organizer is made of durable acrylic material so you can be sure that you will have it for a long time. The set measures approximately 9 by 5 by 8 inches.

It is built with removable drawers that slide out smoothly and molded handles for an easy pullout. The top section has four compartments of different sizes. There is also a lipstick rack that can hold 12 lipsticks. The bottom section features two drawer sets. The newly enhanced bottom drawer proves quite convenient to the organized beauty lover.

8. STORi Makeup Palette and Brush Holder

STORi Makeup Palette and Brush Holder

You can go for this model if you are tight on a budget. It sells quite reasonable but still gives you enough space to keep all your makeup in one place. Thanks to the multiple compartments, you can store your makeup brushes and remover bottles in the side compartments. The product is made of a clear plastic premium material that can match your room’s décor. The holder is easy to clean and measures 12 by 6 by 6 inches.

7. Sorbus MUP-LGTPRN Makeup Organizer

Sorbus MUP-LGTPRN Makeup Organizer

Sorbus’ model makes it on this top list because aside from its reasonable price tag, it gives you sufficient storage space to keep all beauty products in one place. The sturdy clear acrylic organizer by Sorbus has various compartments to fit cosmetic items of different sizes.

It is perfect to hold your lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, blushes, and powders. There is even enough room for the bronzers and primers. Its transparent design allows you to find your item whenever you want.

Its stylish design will add a nice touch to your collection. It is the best organizer to keep in your bathroom, dresser, tabletop or vanity counter. Because it is perfect for home and professional use, you can buy it as a gift to any makeup lover.

6. Tingya Makeup Storage Box

Tingya Makeup Storage Box

This beauty organizer is sold in two different shades at a reasonable price. It is perfect for the budget-conscious person and can be a great gift for your makeup-lover friend. It is made of high-quality ABS material that is durable and strong. The makeup organizer has a grid and drawer design to give you sufficient storage space for your beauty products.

You can put it in your bathroom, dressing room, office, toilet, bedroom or any space you find ideal. Its compact size equally makes it an ideal travel makeup organizer to use while on the move. To give your space a tidy look, you can use the drawer to keep all your cosmetics and jewelry in one place.

With a high rating on Amazon, this product is truly a must-buy if you are serious about your cosmetics and jewelry. Besides, its stylish and modern design makes it a great addition to any room space.

5. Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case

Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case

The pink model by Sorbus will be a great addition to your dresser, bathroom or vanity. The clear acrylic will create a visually appealing display that will truly complement any interior décor. This can be the best gift for your teen daughter or any fashion lover.

Well, aside from this, the clear makeup organizer is spacious enough to fit all your jewelry and makeup in one place. There are two small drawers, four large drawers and 16 slots where you can put all your makeup. The clear plastic material is durable and guarantees long-term use.

The handles are easy to grip, and the drawers slide open smoothly. If you are looking for a model worth your bucks, then this is a must-buy product. It has a length and width of approximately 9 by 6 inches and stands at 14 inches tall.

4. Organizta Makeup and Cosmetic Organizer

Organizta Makeup and Cosmetic Organizer

If you are shopping for the best makeup organizer, then this a model you cannot overlook. Organizta’s model is a large newly launched design built with drawers of different sizes. It gives you enough room to store multiple cosmetic and makeup products. The best feature of the Organizta Makeup Organizer is its interlocked stackable design.

Even if you run out of storage space, you can easily add another stack of drawers to create a tall makeup tower for your specific need. This organizer is truly a great investment if you want to keep your expensive products safe and neatly organized. Besides, it is made of durable material that assures you years of service without a replacement.

The brand even assures you of a replacement or refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. This will be highly unlikely because this cosmetic and makeup organizer has all the features you can find in the best makeup organizer. Besides, its stylish design will add a nice touch to your room and complement with the interior décor.

3. EMOCCI Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

EMOCCI Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Nothing beats this product in the current market. It has a one-of-a-kind design that you can easily distinguish it from other products. If you are a makeup or fashion lover, you will fall in love with this organizer at first sight. But the sleek design is not all that the EMOCCI organizer has.

The organizer has a 360-degree rotating design so you can easily get what you need. It also boasts seven layers with four card slots so you can adjust the storage whenever you want. The black makeup organizer is made of stable and strong ABS material.

It is ideal for storing makeup sponges, creams, face wash, lotion and many other makeup accessories that you need. Besides, you can buy it as a gift for your girlfriend, daughter or any makeup lover. Its small size equally makes it the perfect travel makeup organizer that you can bring along on any trip.

2. DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer

The large capacity acrylic cosmetic organizer is ideal for anyone who is looking for the best makeup organizer to keep cosmetics and makeup neat and tidy. The large drawers are perfect for keeping big bottles and cream. The clear acrylic design will match any décor and complement any space.

Thanks to its interlocking and stackable design, you can fit other drawers to get extra storage space for your cosmetics and makeup. The drawers feature removable black velvet padding that will keep your items protected.

There are easy-to-grab handles, and the drawers can slide out smoothly without any hassle. This organizer measures approximately 9 by 5 by 11 inches. It is perfect for anyone working on a tight budget because this 4-drawer organizer is quite affordable.

1. NEX Makeup Organizer

NEX Makeup Organizer

NEX’s model is a 360-degree rotating makeup organizer that boasts a large capacity. It is a DIY countertop cosmetic storage that will fit your makeup brushes, toner, lipsticks and other accessories you have. It will conveniently organize and store your cosmetics regardless of the sizes and shapes.

The rotating base will simplify your makeup routine because it allows easy access to cosmetics. Do not underestimate the small size of this model because it is spacious enough to hold up to 30 makeup brushes and 20 skin care products among other accessories.

You cannot run out of space to keep your nail polish, lipsticks or eyeliner. Furthermore, the clear makeup organizer is pretty easy to assemble. You can even adjust the height to meet your particular needs. Besides, it’s removable design, and the washable material makes cleaning a walk in the park.