Top 10 Best Makeup Brush Cleaners in 2023 Reviews

If you aren’t aware, you should now know that makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for harmful organisms. This usually happens if the brushes aren’t cleaned regularly and properly. It is our critical role to present to you the best cleaners for makeup brushes. Many people feel that it is a mundane task to keep in check with the hygiene of their makeup brushes. But there is no point in trying to maintain or improve your beauty, just to end up contaminating your skin.

It should be your daily chore to ensure that the makeup brushes stay clean and ready for the job. This unwelcome breakout can be reduced through proper cleaning of these brushes. There are different ways of cleaning these makeup brushes. Some people prefer to use certain chemical solutions which possess antibacterial power. Others prefer to go the manual way and use certain apparatus to scrub the inside of the brushes and remove dirt. Combining the two seems to work for many and health experts also embrace the method.

And as a matter of fact, some spots and skin irritations you might be experiencing have a probable cause being incubated bacteria in your dirty makeup brush. Now that you know, you must choose a brand of make-up brush cleaners that augers well with your skin and the one that cleans the brush satisfactorily. Without further ado, we go one on one to top 10 best makeup brush cleaners in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Makeup Brush Cleaners

10. Komocare Makeup Brush Cleaner

Komocare Makeup Brush Cleaner

This makeup brush cleaner is made of high-quality silicone material. It is available in green, pink and purple, so you have the flexibility to choose one that matches your color preference. The cleaner will thoroughly clean all bristles making your brushes clean. It is useful for cleaning different makeup brushes. The chic and compact design makes it fit in your makeup case. There are smaller knobs on the top that are used for foaming and lathering. The grooves in the bottom are used to agitate the bristles. It will not damage your makeup brushes, and it can also double as a gift for your loved one.

9. Lilumia Brush Cleaner

Lilumia Brush Cleaner

This product ranks as the best makeup brush cleaner because of its modern and sleek design. It has a transparent and modern-design that adds a nice touch to your countertop. The electronic brush cleaner comes in four different shades: glossy pink, silver chrome, matte black and satin gold. The electronic model can clean up to 12 makeup brushes at a time. It works with natural and synthetic cosmetic brushes.

Lilumia’s enhanced wash cycle will reduce the time you spend when cleaning brushes with ordinary cleaners. The additional rinse cycle will remove dirt guaranteeing you a sparkling clean brush. The device has an improved base that is used funnel dirt from the surface. Unlike other models, this makeup brush cleaner allows hands-free scrubbing of brushes.

8. Luxe Brush Cleaner

Luxe Brush Cleaner

Luke’s model lets you wash and dry your makeup brushes instantly with three adjustable speeds plus a bonus cleaning solution. It is made of high-quality materials to guarantee long-lasting use. The device has a rechargeable base that assures you the spinner will always be ready to use. The package includes a brush spinner, a USB charging station, bowl splash guard ring, a glass bowl, eight rubber collars and a 140 ml bottle of Luxe Makeup Cleaning Solution.

7. Smartdoo Cleaner for Makeup Brushes

Smartdoo Cleaner for Makeup Brushes

This makeup brush cleaner is battery operated. The package includes a plastic bowl, eight rubber holders of different sizes for all your brushes, and a bowl splash guard ring. This product is the best makeup brush cleaner because it is not only economical but also efficient. It can clean your brushes thoroughly in just a matter of seconds to promote longer life to your makeup brushes. The kit is simple and very convenient to use. Unlike other models with glass bowls, this makeup cleaner kit by Smartdoo comes with a non-fragile plastic bowl that is easy to clean, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

6. FYUFY Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner

FYUFY Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner

This automatic brush cleaner will save you more time because it can clean and dry your brushes in less than 30 seconds. The 360-degree rotation removes all blush color, powder, and foundation to keep your precious and expensive makeup brushes clean and sanitary. The brush cleaner is made of food grade materials that are waterproof, abrasion resistant, odorless and nontoxic. The cleaning bowl is equally made of high-quality material that is durable and not easy to break. The stable internal electric system makes the design work quietly that it will not bother you every time you use it. It is pretty easy to use this cleaner that is perfect for almost all makeup brushes in the market.

5. Greenvida Makeup Brush Cleaner

Greenvida Makeup Brush Cleaner

This is the best brush cleaner for makeup brushes of all sizes. It makes it fast and convenient to clean all your makeup brushes in just a matter of seconds which is both energy-saving and time-saving. Because it is an automatic cleaner, it will prevent your hands from getting wet and dirty. It has a splash-proof bowl made of an eco-friendly plastic material that is also very durable. The design of the bowl prevents water spattering out during cleaning. The kit includes a brush spinner, eight rubber holders, a splash guard ring, brush holder stand and a plastic bowl. To operate this brush cleaner, you need two AAA batteries.

4. Selene Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner

Selene Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner

Unlike other brush cleaners, Selene makeup brush cleaner holds onto any brush as you spin without worrying about stopping to make sure it doesn’t fly. The eight collars can handle at least 95 percent of the brush sizes. Besides, this model will take only 30 seconds of your time while other models will take up to two days for the brush to be ready. Many professionals recommend this as the best makeup brush cleaner because it gently spins your brush to make them clean for healthier skin. It will not leave any dirt or trap oil that can lead to skin irritation. Selene makeup brush cleaner can be used with two AAA batteries. The kit has everything you need to keep all your makeup brushes clean, yet it comes in a compact easy-to-carry size.

3. YaFex Automatic Brush Cleaner

YaFex Automatic Brush Cleaner

With YaFex brush cleaner, you will have a clean brush in less than 30 seconds that will give you a healthy skin. The spinner cleans and dries brushes in 360 degrees rotation to a maximum of 13000r/m. It will not harm your brush bristles, and the flexible rubber holders will hold different brushes tightly without falling off. The bowl is made of high-quality plastic material. The model can double as a gift for any beautiful girl.

2. Wloomm Electric Cleaner for Makeup Brush

Wloomm Electric Cleaner for Makeup Brush

Wloomm just needs three steps to give you clean makeup brushes in less than a minute. It is highly efficient and will help you save time and money. The plastic material used to make the clean bowl ensures that it is less fragile. The bowl is also eco-friendly, non-toxic and very easy to clean. The different sizes of the rubber holders ensure that it fits all your brushes perfectly. This electric makeup brush is quite affordable and will not affect your wallet in any way.

1. Akean Makeup Brush Cleaner

Akean Makeup Brush Cleaner

This is a highly efficient makeup brush cleaner that cleans and dries makeup brushes of any size in just a few seconds. If you want the best makeup brush cleaner that will save you all the time you take cleaning brushes, then you might want to try this product. It thoroughly cleans brush with dirty matter to prevent skin diseases. The kit comes with eight different collar sizes to suit any brush type without worrying about them scattering away. The reasonable price tag makes it a must-buy because it will not affect your budget.