Top 10 Best Macbook Pro 16 Inch Sleeves of 2024

Investing in protective accessories is suitable for the safety of your MacBook Pro 16 Inch. Like other protective means, these sleeves are designed to ensure the device enjoys excellent safety against impact. These encasements are designed with high protection without compromising safety. They allow for perfect fit and stylish carrying while ensuring users enjoy a sleek appearance. Usually, as time progresses, the sleeves are continuing to change in design and performance.

Since the laptop is available in different colours, there are sleeves designed to fit perfectly. Therefore, once on the search for the best option, there is a need to have the ideal one. Made from different materials, they have variation when it comes to performance. Despite the choice of your sleeve, there is a necessity to have one with the highest performance. To enjoy ideal look and safety, these are the best MacBook Pro 16-inch sleeves to get.

List of Best Macbook Pro 16 Inch Sleeves

9. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Compatible with 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Compatible with 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch

This case is slim and light in weight. This helps to reduce the bulk unto your laptop while at the same time it helps the case to smoothly slide into your bag, briefcase or any other bag. Besides, this laptop case has a side pocket. This side pocket allows for storage of small items such as cards, pens, and notepads, therefore, offering added convenience to the user. Moreover, the top-loading zipper is easy to operate thereby making it very convenient to reach your laptop. This case has a polyester foam padding layer. Additionally, it also has soft fabric. All this is to provide bump and shock absorption that helps to protect the computer from accidental scratches and damage. This case is thick enough to prevent the computer from cracking when it falls away from a higher place. This case is precise compatible with 2019 MacBook Pro 16 therefore the computer stays comfortable inside this case.

8. Native Union Stow 15”-16″ Laptop Sleeve Compatible with 15″ MacBook / 16″ MacBook Pro (Slate)

Native Union Stow 15”-16" Laptop Sleeve Compatible with 15" MacBook / 16" MacBook Pro (Slate)

The design of this case is very elegant. Genuine leather has been used to make this laptop casing. The case is very slim. This makes it very easy to be stored in any bag and transported easily. It has an exterior pocket that is large enough to hold other small belongings like accessories and other things that are required urgently. The exterior is made up of resistant textiles to secure the laptop from damage while the interior is made up of a quilted shield to prevent the daily wear and tear.
Additionally, it has a waterproof zipper and a coated canvas. These two add extra protection to your computer from weather damage. The form-fitting design allows the convenient carrying of this case every day. The case was constructed with maximum attention to fulfill the needs of the user.

7. CAISON Laptop Sleeve Ultrabook Case for 2019 New 16 inch MacBook Pro

CAISON Laptop Sleeve Ultrabook Case for 2019 New 16 inch MacBook Pro

This sleeve is ultra-slim and very light in weight. It is also very long-lasting. It has a large side pocket that is instrumental when it comes to storing accessories such as the phone and other items such as USB charges and pens. The polyester is a feature of this case that protects this sleeve from damage or accidental scratches. It has also a highly engineered resistant zip that helps to keep secure the valuables and the laptop. There is a single zip for the exterior pocket to also ensure that the valuables kept inside there are also protected. Through the elegant and simple design, complete protection has been realized upon the laptop. This makes this sleeve perfect for use on the laptop for long-distance travel, schooling and even for the professionals. The slim size of this laptop sleeve enables it to be carried in any kind of bag comfortably.

6. Hecho Leather Sleeve Fernando

Hecho Leather Sleeve Fernando

The Hecho Leather Sleeve is the best sleeve for your MacBook. This sleeve is precisely made to fit Apple MacBook. This means that the laptop will comfortably fit inside and remain firm. The user is also able to operate the laptop with all the ports and the buttons operating since no port will be closed. This helps reduces the work of removing and returning the laptop sleeve to its position. Additionally, this sleeve is designed in a way to last for a very long time. This is achieved by using 100% fine leather that has been sewed with a durable hemp thread. The hardcover formed by this sleeve also plays a great role in ensuring that the laptop is protected from any damage that may have been caused by shock and abrasion due to accidental falls.

5. Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve for 16-inch New MacBook Pro 2019

Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve for 16-inch New MacBook Pro 2019

This sleeve offers total protection around your laptop just like the way the airbag protects people in a car during an accident. It precisely fits the MacBook. It has a thick protective cushioning that helps in securing your laptops from the bumps, dents, and scratches. Apart from the main compartment where your laptop stays, this sleeve has also another compartment that helps you to store other accessories such as the adaptors, chargers or even phones.
Also, this bag comes with a YKK zipper that is easy to open and close while at the same time this zipper does not catch anything during the closure or the opening of the bag. There is a Velcro secure belt in the main compartment that helps to provide security to your laptop that it may not fall off and get damaged. Corner Armor armed in the bottom to improve its durability.

4. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Compatible with 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Compatible with 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch

This laptop sleeve has a padding layer which is essential in providing bump and shock absorption thereby providing maximum protection to your laptop. There is a small bag available for the storage of the mouse of the MacBook and the earphones. This sleeve is slim. This helps it easily slid into your bag for easy transportation.
Additionally, it is light in weight thereby not bringing any bulk to your computer. The top zipper easily moves smoothly and thereby making it very convenient to access the computer any time. The bag is thick enough. This allows the laptop to remain secure even if the sleeve is exposed to shock and abrasion. The small pouch’s dimensions are so thick thereby preventing the damage of devices that are present therein in case of accidental fall.

3. Procase 15 Inch Sleeve Case Cover Compatible with 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch

Procase 15 Inch Sleeve Case Cover Compatible with 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch

The feel when touching this sleeve is great. This is because the exterior of this sleeve is made of premium quality material. The interior, on the other hand, is made of flannel material thereby protecting the laptop from any dust, damage, scratches, and bumps. The sleeve is very slim. This helps reduce the bulk when carrying the laptop inside this sleeve. It is also very light in weight thereby making it convenient to carry with the laptop.
Now, the material of this laptop sleeve makes it very durable. The hook and lose feature is also very essential in ensuring that the closure remains secured while the laptop inside remains intact and firm. This sleeve has one large front pocket and two back pockets are essential in increasing the space required to hold documents, keys, cellphones and other belongings. The material used to make this laptop sleeve is environmentally friendly therefore it is safe for use.

2. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

This sleeve is made out of very high-quality polyester material. With a top zip that glides smoothly when closing and opening, it is very easy and convenient to access the laptop at any time. This zip also ensures that the laptop is secured and that remains intact. Additionally, this sleeve is very slim hence easily slides into your backpack or briefcase or any other bag. The sleeve is also light in weight thereby it does not give a lot of bulk to your laptop. There is an extra pocket at the front of this laptop sleeve that can store mouse, earphones notepads, etc. so, it offers added convenience to your experience. The material used to construct this sleeve is foam-like and fluffy fleece fabric lining thereby preventing any damage that may be caused by shock, dirt or accidental scratches.

1. Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve for 16-inch New MacBook Pro 2019

Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve for 16-inch New MacBook Pro 2019

This sleeve has a design of corner Amor that helps it protect its content in case of drops or bumps just like it is in the car airbag. There is a front pocket in this laptop sleeve which is elastic and is very essential in carrying chargers, cables, and many other small items. It is made with YKK zippers which are very easy to use while at the same time they do not get hold of anything while opening or closing.
Additionally, the laptop sleeve is very light in weight thereby very easy to move with it from one place to another. Using the handle, it is very easy to move it from one place to another by carrying it or placing it inside another bag. The fluffing pad interior of this laptop sleeve is very key in ensuring that your laptop does not play any risk of getting scratches or damage when they are accidental falls. The material used to make it is thick thereby acting as a shock absorber and thereby preventing damage unto the laptop.