Top 10 Best Log Carriers of 2024

Outdoor fire is amazing when enjoying with friends. But, carrying firewood to the fireplace or when camping needs to be organized. The best option to accomplish this is by getting a log carrier. They are bag-like carriers which can be used for hauling logs or storage of firewood. Especially, for people with less space for firewood holder, these log bags can be handy options. They are created with different sizes and materials to offer users the ability to hold various sizes of logs.

Heavy-duty construction is vital when it comes to strength and capacity. Most of the carriers are made from durable materials capable of holding heavyweight. Typically, leather and canvas are common materials due to their high performance. Besides construction, sturdy straps are recommendable for ultimate comfort. For the best log carriers, check our top 10 best log carriers reviewed in 2021.

List of Best Log Carriers

10. CLC Custom Leathercraft C390 Canvas Log Carrier

CLC Custom Leathercraft C390 Canvas Log Carrier

This CLC leathercraft log carrier is a reliable and great way to carry and store firewood. Besides storage, it enables users to transport small logs into the fireplace or outdoor firewood barbeques. Made from durable canvas, it has superb performance compared to other cheap materials. Leather handles with riveted design offers improved weight capacity without damaging the carrier.

Measuring 36 inches wide and 17 inches tall, the bag is large to accommodate up to 6 average logs. The design allows high flexibility which enables the carrier to fold or open flat without material damage. The carrier is right choice for all wood carrying from the pile to fireplace.

9. Rocky Mountain SO Firewood Carrier with Shoulder Strap

Rocky Mountain SO Firewood Carrier with Shoulder Strap

When you want to carry firewood without debris falling on the floor, it can be tricky. However, Rocky mountain firewood carrier is the right pick. Boasting a bag design, it offers a secure way to carry firewood. With a shell made of 100% nylon, it has a high ability to withstand the effects of abrasive logs. Also, the design is impressive in ensuring your floor is clean by minimizing debris falling.

Carrying is simple, and the carrier provides multiple options. It comes with handles as well as shoulder straps. Also, the handles allow two people to carry in case the load feels heavy. Reinforced exterior and handles improve this bag weight capacity.

8. Grillinator Ultimate Firewood Log Carrier Self Standing Design, Padded Handles

Grillinator Ultimate Firewood Log Carrier Self Standing Design, Padded Handles

Is your current firewood carrier small? This is Grillinator self-standing bag for carrying firewood. It’s among the best log carriers with reliable and large capacity. It’s a heavy-duty log carrier with strong walls that enables it to stand without support. This improves your ability to pack logs without holding the bag. Boasting 16 gallons capacity, it can hold a significant amount of firewood.

The padded hands are finger friendly and no discomforts even when the bag is full. Due to its style of construction, the carrier is reliable for keeping your floor clean without debris. Construction is from heavy-duty oxford canvas with double stitching. PVC reinforced edges give it superb strength and resistance to tearing when carrying logs.

7. RORAIMA Firewood Log Signature Log Totes Heavy Duty Canvas

RORAIMA Firewood Log Signature Log Totes Heavy Duty Canvas

Poraima firewood signature log carrier is one of the reliable and clean ways to carry your firewood. This log tote has a waterproof shell that is superb for keeping the firewood away from wetting. Also, it is an impressive carrier that enables people to enjoy easy haulage of wood to the fireplace or bbq. Equipped with longer handles, they allow carrying of extra logs without straining your hands.

It’s a multipurpose bag with a variety of applications. Since cleaning is simple, you can use it for carrying other items like drinks, toys, groceries, and others. Designed with 36 gallons capacity, it is a large carrier to hold enough logs or other items. The bag is easy to carry for one or two people conveniently without risking damage.

6. Amagabeli Fireplace Waxed Canvas Sturdy Wood Carrying Bag

Amagabeli Fireplace Waxed Canvas Sturdy Wood Carrying Bag

The Amagabeli waxed canvas wood carrying bag saves you time and keeps floors clean. The large capacity bag is designed to ensure there is a large volume of firewood carrying. This renders the carrier perfect for carrying large chunks of woods with ease. Additionally, the waxed canvas construction is superbly made to shield your wood from water. Therefore, no more smoky wood due to wetness.

Unlike the flimsy bags, this has exceptional construction. It boasts a heavy duty shell and straps that are resistant to damage by heavy weight. To ensure there is easy and safe logs transportation, the boast adjustable center strap. This helps to keep logs neat without falling when on the move.

5. Sergisson Firewood Carrier Log Tote Wood Carrying Bag

Sergisson Firewood Carrier Log Tote Wood Carrying Bag

Carrying your firewood to fireplace might seems an easy task. But, without a good fire log carrier, it can be inconvenient. This firewood carrier by Sergisson, it means a lot when taking your logs onto the fireplace. Designed to be one of the best firewood carriers, it has all the superb qualities you can imagine. Its little design is classic in enabling easy and small place occupation. Also, the fire resistant construction minimizes the risks of accidental fires.

Despite the bag being fire resistant, it is made from safe materials. In fact, the blend of cotton and linen provides great strength without compromising user health. Carrying this bag offers a quick and lasting solution where wheelbarrow can’t be used. Large handles are great for overall comfort. Besides, the bag is also great for use as a makeshift hammock.

4. SC Lifestyle Firewood Log Carrier Wood Tote

SC Lifestyle Firewood Log Carrier Wood Tote

A wood log carrier is always handy when you need to carry logs to the fireplace or patio. This SC lifestyle carrier offers an incredible experience. Designed like a tote, it provides safe and clean firewood transportation. Whether at home or going camping, the carrier is a good choice as it is neat and substantial for enough firewood.

The fully enclosed bag is great for keeping the house neat. Also, the large design is great to store a considerable amount of wood. Therefore, it is great alternative for wood racks, especially for small areas. Durable canvas and double stitching render bag superbly strong for heavy weight lifting.

3. DUANGMUERS Waxed Canvas Log Carrier Firewood Tote Bag

DUANGMUERS Waxed Canvas Log Carrier Firewood Tote Bag

How do you carry your firewood? The Duangmuers waxed log carrier is a reliable and high-quality tote bag. The simple design eases log packing without difficulties. Also, getting the logs from the bag is simple hence facilitating a clean house. Enhanced with center strap, it is easy to carry wood without falling. Also, the strap ensures wood remains organized even after retrieving some logs.

The bag is accompanied with emery cloth that is good for cleaning your axe. With a lightweight design, 0.7 pounds, the carrier can carry up to 120 pounds of logs. Besides, handles are comfortable an come with Velcro lock to remain in position even after heavy haulage. The style is exceptional, and bag folds easily for seamless storage.

2. Off the Grid Firewood Log Wood Carrier Bag

Off the Grid Firewood Log Wood Carrier Bag

The tough built Off the Grid log carrier bag is reliable for moving a large volume of firewood. Its sturdy bag made of highly resistant waxed canvas which is strongest among the log carriers. Besides, the exterior is water resistant to protect your wood from snow and rain. As a result, no more wet woods that cause a lot of smoke.

There is every reason to add this log carrier to your home. It has an elegant look which improves the look of your fireplace. A leather logo embossed on the bag adds the overall sleek look. Long straps are useful since they ease carrying without straining your fingers. Also, the straps are adjustable for overall comfort.

1. Fasmov Fireplace Log Holder Fire Wood Log Basket

Fasmov Fireplace Log Holder Fire Wood Log Basket

This Fastmov log holder wood basket is sturdy and durable. There are no more struggles putting firewood in flimsy baskets. It has a strong structure. In fact, steel construction is extra durable and capable of carrying heavy logs than fabrics made carriers. Also, the easy to assemble design lets everyone use this basket with ease.

Whether carrying or drying firewood, the carrier is a good option. Also, it’s suitable for displaying logs to facilitate drying. Once you have this holder, it delivers exceptional reliability and lasts for years. With a sturdy handle, it enables easy lifting without worrying about braking like other materials. Powder coating prevents rusting even when used under damp conditions.