Top 10 Best LED Light Bulbs in 2023 Reviews

Lighting your house nowadays is excellent without incurring heavy electricity bills due to energy inefficient halogen bulbs. In this era of LED technology, it is possible to get ample house illumination with little power consumption. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting is far much efficient and cheaper compared to the traditional technologies. Also, the bulbs featuring this technology are durable since they produce less heat thereby improving the lifespan.

Why opt for LED bulbs over others? Well, choosing these bulbs will drastically change your house lighting. Unlike the incandescent and halogen, LED save up to 90 percent energy. On the other hand, the illumination is higher achieving 4 times lumens than the other bulb technologies. Typically, these bulbs are bright due to high lumen to watt ratio. Despite the high light production, the bulbs have efficient heat management. They are designed with heat sinks which efficiently dissipate heat. Due to this, an LED lamp can last up to over 50,000 hours.

As you decide to change your home lighting from conventional to LED, there are some of the things to check. First of all is the number of lumens in the intended bulb. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter will be the bulb. Additionally, with increasing wattage, the more you increase the number of lumens. Amazingly, even a bulb with high wattage doesn’t generate heat rendering it safe to handle. Beyond lighting house, with LED lamps, they are eco-friendly and help to save money. If you want to give your house a new look, here are our top 10 best LED light bulbs in 2021 reviews dedicated to change your home entirely.

List of Best LED Light Bulbs

10. Lighting EVER LED Light Bulb

Lighting EVER LED Light Bulb

This is a color changing LED light bulb with 16 colors ideal for landscape lighting, decorative or mood lighting. The bulb comes with a remote controller so you can change the colors or dim the lights whenever you want. This energy-saving bulb has four lighting modes to choose including the fade and smooth modes making it the best mood light to have in your home. The bulb’s strong features include a longer life, easy installation and a safe product to use because it has no lead or mercury. It is equally shock and vibration proof. This is the perfect decoration for your hall, bedroom or living room.

9. GE Lighting 79369 LED Bulbs

GE Lighting 79369 LED Bulbs

This product comes in a pack of three at a pretty low rate. As opposed to ordinary bulbs, this model’s cylindrical shape allows it to fit more sockets without any hassle. The bulb has a long lifespan: it can last for more than 13 years when used at least three hours every day. You can use it in your home office, the living room, bathroom or the bedroom.

The product comes in soft white and daylight colors. It contains no mercury and has a smaller size when compared to other bulbs. GE LED light bulb is your solution if you are looking for dimmable lights or task lighting for your kitchen. The light is rated for 760 lumens and can save you more than $80 as opposed to other options you settle for.

8. Lighting EVER LEGU10 LED Bulbs

Lighting EVER LEGU10 LED Bulbs

The pack of six LED bulbs sells at a lower price as opposed to other models available in the market today. The non-dimmable light bulbs are a perfect replacement for the 50W halogen bulbs, and they help you save cash on electricity bills. It gives off warm light and has a wide beam angle of 120 degrees. The bulbs have very long lifespans thus you save a lot of money on maintenance and constant changing of is easy to install and safe for your home because it has no mercury or UV light.

7. Warmoon E26 LED Bulb

Warmoon E26 LED Bulb

The color-changing dimmable LED bulb operates with a remote control that allows you to choose from 16 different colors depending on the mood you want. The light bulb by Warmoon can remember the last color setting you made before turning the light off so when you turn it on, it will automatically switch to the same color.

The product has a longer lifespan; therefore, it can save you the hassle of replacing bulbs. Besides, this model is energy saving, so you do not have to worry about your electricity bill. This color changing model will help you relax after a long and busy day. When you buy Warmoon’s model, you get an 18-month warranty for the product.

6. Amazonbasics LED Light Bulb

Amazonbasics LED Light Bulb

Amazonbasis’ product has a long life of 15,000 hours and can last for more than 13 years when used at least three hours a day. The non-dimmable bulb provides 1400 lumens of light without any delays of waiting for it to warm up to full brightness. It consumes only 14 watts saving you hundreds of dollars. It comes in a pack of six and sells at a throw-away price making it the best economical alternative to incandescent bulbs.

5. Lightstory LED Light Bulbs

Lightstory LED Light Bulbs

The LED bulb by Lightstory is an excellent combination of incandescent bulb technology and the new LED technology. It offers a beam angle of 360 degrees and uses a clear glass bulb. The energy saving dimmable model comes in a pack of six that are easy to install.

Besides, the long lifespan of the products assures you that the maintenance cost is amazingly low. The bulb’s true warm light looks exactly like the old incandescent bulb to make you relax after a hard day at work. The power consumption of the bulb is, however, lower than the ordinary LED light bulbs and this is why it ranks among the best models in 2021.

4. Ustellar LED Bulbs

Ustellar LED Bulbs

Packaging includes six non-dimmable bulbs that produce warm white light to help you relax well after a hard day. They boast a wide beam angle of 270 degrees making it great for the living room, kitchen or bedroom. It equally has a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours. The eco-friendly LED bulb saves you the hassle of changing light bulbs frequently.

Besides, they consume very little power saving you more than 80% in electricity bills. It is RoHS compliant and safe to use in the home because it has no UV light or mercury. The bulb offers an excellent performance by giving off 450lm comfortable 2700k light. Installation is equally easy since it can comfortably fit to replace ordinary incandescent bulbs.

3. SunLabz LED Light Bulbs

SunLabz LED Light Bulbs

SunLabz pack of six bulbs use less energy than regular s60-watt incandescent bulbs making them friendly to the environment and also to your wallet. The energy saving bulbs produce soft white light making them the best models to use in your living room, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

They have a standard A19 shape that fits most fixtures, so it is easy to use and replace ordinary light bulbs. What’s more, these non-dimmable LED bulbs are incredibly long lasting and will serve you for a very long time without thinking of making a replacement. They have 120 volts and 800 lumens, therefore, you can trust them to produce bright light for a long time.

2. CMYK LED Light Bulb

CMYK LED Light Bulb

This Vintage Edison model by CMYK has an appealing design that makes them more attractive than regular bulbs and will add a nice touch to your living room or bedroom décor. Packaging includes six 4watt LED light bulbs that will fit basic sockets. They fit well in E26 and E27 bases making them quite functional.

Their beautiful and warm ambiance makes them great for homes and offices thus you can put them in chandeliers, cage glass lamps or wall sconces. They are further dimmable and can cut your energy bill by up to 90% when you settle for them rather the ordinary 40W light bulbs.

1. ZEEFO G8 LED Light Bulbs

ZEEFO G8 LED Light Bulbs

ZEEFO 6pc LED bulbs are the best replacement for regular halogen bulbs. They can be used for under cabinet lighting, under center kitchen lighting or puck light. The company gives you two years replacement warranty when you buy the bulbs, so you are guaranteed better returns of your money. They are silicone coated to keep them safe and protect them from breakages, unlike glass-made bulbs.

The bulbs consume little power and have a longer lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. Their high-quality dimmable nature makes them the best energy-saving models available in the market today. The bulb is RoHS certified and generates warm white light that won’t be too bright to interfere with your eyes.

LED Light Bulb Buying Guide

For efficient lighting, this guide offers you tips for smooth LED light bulbs selection.

Brightness and energy efficiency

Brightness is essential when buying light bulbs. Whether its LED, Incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, there is a necessity to check the intensity. However, the earlier bulbs consumed more energy to deliver brighter light. LED lamps usually consume less energy compared to others and have a higher light output. Typically, the light output is expressed in lumens. The higher the lumens a bulb has, the brighter it is.

Apart from the brightness, the bulb offers more energy efficiency compared to other traditional lamps. This is compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs. The higher energy demand not only increases bills but also means shorter bulb life. Mostly, when the bulbs use a lot of energy, they tend to become hot hence shorter lifespan.

The table below offers a comparison between LED and other types of bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs (Watts) Number of lumens LED Equivalent Watts CFL Equivalent Watts
40 450 5 9
60 800 12 15
75 1100 14 18
100 1600 16 23
150 2600 25 40

Lighting color temperature

The preferred lighting shade is vital for the overall house look. Since there are different colors available, it is recommended to choose the ideal one that is soft and ideal for your eyes. Usually, there are colors like white, green, yellow and others. Despite the color choice, there is a need to ensure bulbs are soft to the eyes. The light color is determined by kelvins.

The temperature determines how the bulb hue looks. Therefore, when choosing an LED bub, check whether you need white light or dim. Mostly there are different color which ensures people get proper lighting. Usually, the LED bulb can range from 100K up to 10,000K. Depending on whether a lamp for home or commercial enterprise, there is a range of color temperatures to choose from.


The ability to dim your bulbs is a great feature. They allow users to enjoy high versatility when it comes to lighting. With different bulbs offering a variety of features, they are ideal and delivers excellent satisfaction. Usually, not all LEDs are capable of being dimmed. However, when buying your bulb, ensure whether they are dimmable or not.

Bulb quality

Although the LED bulbs are deemed to be long-lasting, not all are so. Some are cheaply made, which reduces their lifespan. However, going for high-quality bulbs provides great reliability. Premium quality chip gets damaged easily. Therefore, it will lead to quick damage. Also, cheap bulbs are not suited for use in enclosed places.