Top 10 Best Leather Work Gloves in 2023

Did you know that leather is the original work glove fabric? Now you know, and that’s why our article will be talking about the best leather work gloves. It has been used for centuries, yet it is still being used today even after going through a technological transformation. It is an excellent fabric compared to others since it has high resistance to fire, flame, abrasion and high temperature. Due to these amazing properties, people in different work fields find leather gloves very useful. But, how do you choose the best gloves made from leather?

One thing that you should be on the lookout is the lining material. The best is Kevlar. Apart from being thermal resistant, this material adds a degree to cut resistance. So, leather with this kind of lining is great for workers working in the oil and gas refineries. These gloves are resistant to cuts, abrasion, cuts and impacts among others. Not all leather is created equal, but there’s a general rule to follow. The larger the animal, the thicker and the stronger the skin is.

There are three different types of leather, the split leather, middle and the grain leather. Split leather refers to the bottom layer of the animal skin. It is usually fuzzy, napped and is typically great for jackets and shoes. The middle split leather is the one found on the heavier hides. It features gelatinous consistency and isn’t advisable for manufacturing processes. On the other hand, grain leather is the topmost layer of the hide. It boasts a softer feel and is common in upholstery due to its water repellent property. The type of leather forms the basis of the quality of the work gloves you choose. Now, here are some top rated leather work gloves.

List of Best Leather Work Gloves