Top 20 Best Leather Backpacks of 2024

Backpacks are essential due to their versatility. They are ideal for students, traveling, and hiking among other activities. Now, these packs are manufactured featuring different styles as well as materials. Of all available bags, leather backpacks are stylish, durable, and classy and achieve a luxurious look. Additionally, we have leather backpacks for women as well as men’s leather backpack and also others are unisex.

When buying a leather backpack, it’s ideal to look for factors such as weight and size of the bag. This is because; if you have many accessories to carry you will need a large backpack. Getting an ideal backpack for daily use can be tricky. However, we are presenting the top 20 best leather backpacks in 2021 reviews to make your purchasing easy and smooth.

List of Best Leather Backpacks

20. Kenox Vintage Laptop College Backpack School Bag

Kenox Vintage Laptop College Backpack School Bag

Get a stylish backpack without hassle by buying this laptop college backpack from Kenox. The bag is designed from waterproof polyester materials for the security of your carried accessories. The vintage style is ideal to bring elegance when carrying the bag for school and other outdoor activities. The bottom is reinforced and straps padded to improve the comfort. Moreover, the separated pockets are ideal for organizing your items thus easy retrieval. They are zippered to enhance the safety of your items. It can accommodate 15-inches laptop as well as other small items like cell phones.

19. Handmade_World 15-inch Brown Vintage Unisex Leather Backpack

Handmade_World 15-inch Brown Vintage Unisex Leather Backpack

As you think about getting a leather backpack, it’s ideal to check the quality of the bag. The Handmade_Word vintage leather backpack for women and men is an excellent selection to have. It’s a high-quality bag which is designed to bring elegance and classy as well as durability than any other bag on the market. Constructed from genuine leather, the bag features 2-in-1 functionality it can be backpack, massager bag or a briefcase. Additionally, this bag comes with 3 partitions to the inside one designed for the laptop while outside has 4 pockets whereby 2 of them are zippered. The buckles are steel made hence rustproof for extended durability. The inner lining is high –quality canvas made for enhanced durability.

18. Kattee Men’s Leather Canvas Backpack Travel Rucksack

Kattee Men’s Leather Canvas Backpack Travel Rucksack

If you want to get a premium and heavy-duty backpack, Katee Men’s Canvas Rucksack is a perfect selection. Designed featuring heavy-duty canvas and cow leather it guarantees durability and style. As a result, it can be used as backpack, rucksack and also as a school bag. Interior is large featuring 15-inch pocket is large for ideal for keeping your books, textbooks and enough for a 15-inch laptop. The buckles are decorative to increase elegance while magnetic buttons for secure closure. This bag is versatile and is ideal for hiking, traveling and camping while is suitable for men, women kids and college students.

17. Messenger of Leather Vintage Leather Rucksack

Messenger of Leather Vintage Leather Rucksack

Are you looking for a premium-quality backpack? Look no further, as Messengers of Leather rucksack is here to make you feel luxurious and elegant. Designed from genuine goat leather, it ensures you enjoy maximum durability. Apart from durability, the leather is beautifully designed allowing the backpack to have a unique appearance. The buckles are brass made hence stylish to complement your bag as well as zippers. To make sure this bag is unique and high-quality, its handcrafted with vintage style while large pockets ensure safe and comfortable storage. The broad straps further increase comfort and bag comes with a superior lining.

16. Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access Backpack

This Kenneth Cole Reaction leather backpack is a premium quality bag which is ideal for a multiple of activities. The bag features slim Colombian leather gusset computer with a laptop pocket. Additionally, the backpack is designed featuring TSA guidelines to ensure that your laptop is not removed when going through airport security checkpoint. With a large capacity, this backpack can accommodate a laptop measuring 16.0-inches. The pockets are lined with polyester to protect your accessories as well as zippers. For a comfortable carrying, the straps are padded sufficiently while the straps are sufficiently padded. Also, it’s easy to carry it in a trolley due to the enhanced trolley tunnel.

15. Abshoo Vintage Synthetic Leather Men’s Casual College Travel Backpacks

Abshoo Vintage Synthetic Leather Men's Casual College Travel Backpacks

Are you looking for a lightweight leather bag to help you to carry your items without experiencing problems? Here is Abshoo vintage men’s leather backpack for college and traveling. Designed from faux leather, this backpack aims to bring style, durability, and comfort. Interior is enhanced with laptop sleeve, zipper pocket, and cell phone pocket while the exterior is enhanced with 3 pockets to increase carrying capacity. Carrying straps are highly padded hence maximizing the comfort. With this bag, it assures you high versatility and diverse usage.

14. Hynes Victory Refined Women Flap Backpack

Hynes Victory Refined Women Flap Backpack

For a charming woman, you need to have the sleek backpack which also eases carrying of personal items. Constructed from faux leather, with a light silhouette make, it’s an everyday bag for women. Further, it features 2 zippered exterior pockets and interior comprises of a large compartment and a zip enhanced pockets. Unlike other backpacks, the Hynes victory bag enjoys a top flap with magnetic snap closure and interior drawstring for improved security of your items. The bag is ideal for women when they want to carry hands-free bags while walking around the town.

13. S-ZONE Lightweight Genuine Leather Backpack for Women

S-ZONE Lightweight Genuine Leather Backpack for Women

Having a genuine leather backpack especially for a lady brings a sense of style and luxury. Now, for a durable, classy and reliable bag, S-ZONE genuine leather backpack is an ideal for every woman. Constructed from genuine top grain leather with silver hardware, it means when carrying, it brings an attractive appearance. Moreover, its lightweight weighing just 1.54 pounds is perfect for daily use. Carrying straps are padded, while pockets are zippered for the safety of your accessories. Once you want to use it as a handbag, the fitted handle makes it possible and comfortable.

12. SOLO Premium Leather 15.6-Inches Laptop Backpack

SOLO Premium Leather 15.6-Inches Laptop Backpack

Forget about cheap synthetic leather bags which wear out quickly. You can now get this genuine leather bag from SOLO and enjoy exquisite look when using it. Designed featuring Colombian leather, it means that durability and dependability are high. The pockets are zipper enhanced and has quick access pocket for keeping essential items like phones and others. Additionally, the interior laptop compartment is highly padded for safety and can fit 15.6-inches laptop. Interior features blue lining while 5-years warranty backs the bag.

11. S-ZONE Retro Canvas Leather Backpack Rucksack

S-ZONE Retro Canvas Leather Backpack Rucksack

S-ZONE retro canvas leather bag is a highly durable backpack which is made with a combination of horse trim leather and canvas. Besides being durable, the backpack is stylish and hence ideal for use under all circumstance. For ease of closure, the bag is fitted with sleek buckles and magnetic snaps thus providing safety to your items. The laptop straps are adjustable with Velcro closures for maximum protection. Further, the straps are adjustable to make sure it fits people of different heights. It’s stylish and provides ample protection to your carried components without a hassle.

10. Ascrown YUANYE Nylon Business and Laptop Backpack

Ascrown YUANYE Nylon Business and Laptop Backpack

Living in the modern society requires backpack bags with additional features to make life more entertaining. With Ascrown YUANYE Nylon backpack bag, you are guaranteed of smooth life while carrying you’re the laptop and related gadgets. It features 15.6 inches laptop compartment which stores your laptop by letting it fit snugly for added comfort. The external USB which has built in charging cable enhances the convenience of charging and connecting your phone.

And the hole for a headphone which is placed on the exterior part of the bag is desirable features too. Regarding sufficient space, this bag is among the best. It has three main pockets, 7 small inner pockets and two side pockets which provide enough space for storage of laptop accessories. For durability and weather protection, this backpack is the ultimate pick. Thanks to the polyester and nylon fabric which is rain resistant and ideal for daily uses.

9. Temptation Art Handmade Craft Vintage Leather Backpack Bag

Temptation Art Handmade Craft Vintage Leather Backpack Bag

As the name of this product suggests, you will be tempted by the handmade craftsmanship of this backpack. It features a 2 in 1 design with two pockets on the front and 2 side pockets. The shoulder belt measures 70 inches and can easily be converted into messenger and backpack. Also, a total of three compartments inside and a green canvas lining looks stylish and offers maximum protection to the contents. The handle on the top is made of pure brass, and the whole bag boasts artistry from India. The natural leather material from the goat is treated with natural ingredients making it water-resistant and eco-friendly.

8. KAUKKO Laptop Outdoor- Backpack

KAUKKO Laptop Outdoor- Backpack

Kaukko laptop backpack bag is designed with great features to enhance quality life during hiking, shopping, cycling, traveling, and dating among other uses. The back side and the straps of the bag feature excellent padding making it comfortable and easy to carry around. The bag measures 17.7″H x 5.5″W x 14.4″L giving it a large capacity ensuring that your stuff is arranged tidily. The innovative design boasts a new drawstring closure feature. This feature ensures that your contents remain secure throughout the travel without getting damaged or interference. The fashionable nylon lining comes in various colors to improve the appearance value of the bag. Also, be assured of maximum quality as this backpack bag boasts 6 months warranty.

7. P.KU.VDSL Canvas Backpack, Laptop Backpac

P.KU.VDSL Canvas Backpack, Laptop Backpac

If you are looking for a casual daypack, retro rucksack, P.K.U. VDSL canvas is a practical choice. It has an open exterior that’s concealed by a leather flap and two internal pockets. The inside compartment is padded to ensure safe keeping of your laptop so that it can withstand shocks during outdoor excursions. The large capacity makes it quite easy to carry and can accommodate 15 inches laptop. Also, it can carry A4 books and notebooks comfortably with damaging them. The excellent craftsmanship of this vintage canvas backpack bag is evidenced by the smooth and even stitching design. The 45 days satisfaction guarantee on this products is enough proof that the manufacturer believes in the quality of this backpack bag.

6. Wowbox 17-Inch Laptop Canvas Backpack

Wowbox 17-Inch Laptop Canvas Backpack

This backpack has upgraded improvements that feature enlarged overall dimensions up to 18 inches (H) x 13 inches (W) x 6 inches (D). The laptop compartment is large enough and has thick padding to firmly secure your laptop, notebook, MacBook among other personal belongings. The add-on key chain is strategically placed to keep your keys organized and handy. It also features multiple organized pockets i.e. two side zipper pockets; two sides mesh pockets and 1 full rear anti-zipper pockets. The premium materials of construction enhance durability and style. These include quality genuine leather, durable brass hardware and SBS zips. To ensure that the contents are safe, this bag boasts secure closure methods characterized by magnetic buckles, pin buckles, and drawstrings.

5. GEARONIC TM Outdoor Men’s Vintage Canvas Backpack

GEARONIC TM Outdoor Men's Vintage Canvas Backpack

If you are looking or a backpack bag with great ergonomics, Gearonic WILL SERVE the purpose. With its spacious main compartment that uses a drawstring closure, it offers more than enough space to hold books, tablets, camera and such items. The materials of construction include leather zips and trims, and canvas fabrics. The premium quality and high-density fabric and PU leather make the bag stylish and durable. For utility, this bag gives you all the freedom you will need to carry various items. Whether you require it for hiking, schooling, traveling, or camping, it is a great rucksack works out great. Furthermore, it is available in khaki, green, and coffee, gray, yellow among other color varieties to suit your taste and preferences.

4. Kenox Vintage PU- Leather Laptop Backpack

Kenox Vintage PU- Leather Laptop Backpack

Who said PU leather made backpack bags can’t be pragmatic? Well, you have another reason to smile while carrying your particulars. You can use it as a laptop bag or as a rucksack for carrying hardy items without affecting your carrying convenience and comfort. The straps are also made of PU leather and are fully adjustable to offer a custom fit. The size isn’t that big or too small, but sufficient for carrying laptop, notebooks and the likes. The interior has a protective lining to protect the contents forum weather damage. On the other hand, it comes at an affordable price that matches its unique construction. The expandable magnetic buttons ensure secure closure and easy access of the particulars. Even though the style isn’t that super fancy, the design is super cute.

3. Life Wit 17- Inch Canvas Laptop Backpack

Life Wit 17- Inch Canvas Laptop Backpack

People with the passion in traveling continue to embrace Lifewit canvas laptop backpack as a must have in their day to day life. The exceptional design of this bag explains why this bag is top rated. With its generous storage space, you can carry whatever stuffs you need for any particular occasion. This includes one zipper pocket, shockproof laptop compartment, anti-theft pocket at the back, two side zipper pockets, two mesh and five inside wall pockets. The improvements from the previous models and close competitors include an enlarged laptop compartment up to 17 inches and an integrated keychain onto the main compartment. By being superiorly constructed with the best materials, your goods will always stay safe and secure. Thanks to the high-density canvas, genuine leather trim, vintage brass and SBS zips for longer lasting performance.

2. Ibagbar Canvas Backpack Bag Rucksack

Ibagbar Canvas Backpack Bag Rucksack

If you are looking for a backpack that can serve different purposes without causing inconveniences, Ibagbar Canvas Backpack is among the few varieties you can get. With the main material of construction being 90 percent cotton and some 10 percent leather, all you get is extended use of the bag and maximum protection of the contents you carry in it. The multipurpose use is due to the classic design which allows it to be used as a handbag, suitcase or briefcase when traveling. It has been designed in a particular way that the two durable straps are hidden in the compartment to make it purely a backpack. Also, one year warranty is another key feature that assures you of premium quality, without questions.

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Computer Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Computer Backpack

No matter where you want to go, and you want to take your laptop with you; you must need a reliable backpack. That said, Kenneth Cole leather computer backpack has earned a good reputation in providing secure portability of a laptop and similar accessories. With a fully lined interior and dual magnetic snap buckle on the flap over, this bag provides maximum protection for the contents and helps easy access. The main component has a full-length zipper and a fully padded computer pocket. For additional portability, the bag features a wrapped top grab handle. The shoulder straps are adjustable to offer a custom fit. Besides, the variance in color adds style because you can choose your taste easily.


Conclusively, all the top 20 backpack bags featured in the above review represent an ultimate selection. They feature durable materials of construction and excellent design to suit all you needs. Furthermore, they come at reasonably affordable prices that indeed match the quality. If you are planning your next vacation, research or you just need a bag for daily use, the products in the above reviews won’t let you down. All your worries are well taken care of by, the top 20 best backpack bags in 2021 reviews.