Top 10 Best Lab Coats in 2018

Working in a laboratory requires you to have a lab coat. They are essential in enhancing safety from toxic chemicals and other lab chemicals. Regardless the type of lab, you are working in; lab jacket is mandatory. Different departments have various overcoats. Hoover, the most common are white although there are other organizations with different colors. Getting the right coat is crucial since it offers protection against many aspects apart from chemicals.

As you decide to get an ideal lab coat, it’s important to check the fabrics. Of course, it’s the type of fabrics that ensures your overcoat is efficient in providing excellent protection. Whether its chemical splashes, fires and others type of materials used matters a lot. Cotton is one of the popular materials used in the construction of lab coats. It is sturdy and highly absorbing. Therefore, when there is a spill, it absorbs hence protecting your clothes. Blended cotton with nylon is durable and easy to maintain since no wrinkling. Others include nylon, rayon, and polypropylene which is used to make disposable overcoats.

Apart from the materials used in making lab coats, it is important to look at the design. Some of the qualities include sleeves, pockets, stitches, and closures mechanism. On the other hand, the ability of lab coat to resists hazards is vital. Depending on the working conditions and hazard levels, different materials are available. This makes sure you are adequately protected. Check for a lab coat with fire retardants treatment, stain release and other safety enhancements.

List of Top 10 Best Lab Coats in 2018