Top 10 Best Knife Block Sets in 2023 Reviews

Safety is paramount for everyone working in a kitchen. Having every kitchen tool perfectly arranged is the first step in enhancing the safety. Knife block is one of the most vital kitchen components found in every home. Besides keeping the knives safe from causing injuries, they keep blades safe from breaking. On the other hand, they help in organizing knives as well as offering easy access when cooking.

Depending on different manufacturers and user needs, knife blocks are created with either horizontal or slanting slots. This is, however, is a personal preference to choose how you want to stack your knives. Basically, the size of these blocks differs, some are created to should around 5 knives while, and others can accommodate more utensils apart from knives. Regardless of the type of knives you have, there is a block set available for any kitchen knife on the market.

The most common blocks for storing your knives are made of wood. Specifically, the blocks are either made of cherry, bamboo, beechwood, walnut, and others. These trees aren’t only sturdy but have great aesthetic look. Although other materials such as Stainless steel and plastic are ideal, wood is perfect since it doesn’t interfere with the knives blade sharpness. To increase the lifespan, of knife storage block sets, proper care is needed. Placing these block in safe place free from falling helps to improve the lifespan. Below are some of the top 10 best knife block sets in 2021 reviews, to help your utensils last longer.

List of Best Knife Block Sets

10. Mercer Culinary Genesis Knife Block

Mercer Culinary Genesis Knife Block

A good knife tells a lot about your food preparation skills. This is why you need the Genesis knife set. This six-piece set is perfect for small kitchens. It includes a bread knife, chef knife, utility knife, a paring knife and boning knife. It also comes with a knife holder made of tempered glass.

Their precision craftsmanship will undoubtedly give you years of enjoyment in your kitchen. The knives are made of high-carbon German steel that will resist rust and corrosion. The knives are also non-staining and will not discolor.

The tempered glass see-through window makes it easy to find the right blade you want to use. Moreover, the knives have Santoprene non-slip handles that offer superior grip even with wet hands. This material also ensures they don’t break down even when exposed to oil.

9. Ginsu Chikara Series Kitchen Knife Set

Ginsu Chikara Series Kitchen Knife Set

The Chikara Series are fully forged knives made from Japanese Stainless Steel. The knives arrive razor-sharp and can stay sharp for longer with a little care. Unlike the competition, this set of knives is both stain and rust resistance. Because they are made of Japanese Steel, they are durable and able to hold a sharp edge so you can create a nice slice every time.

The set comes organized in a stylish toffee finish block with everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. It includes a paring knife, kitchen shears, utility knife, chef’s knife, santoku knife, honing road and a serrated utility knife. The traditional Japanese style handles ensure a perfect balance and grip. If these are not your go-to knives, then you might not find something better at this price tag.

8. Cuisinart C77SS Kitchen Block Set

Cuisinart C77SS Kitchen Block Set

You cannot overlook a product from this top-selling brand. The 17-piece artiste collection has everything you need to make your experience in the kitchen the best. The collection will be a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It is made of superior stainless steel for precision and to provide accuracy.

The unique design of the handle gives you total control and provides strength as you use the knives. The set includes, among others, a chef’s knife, slicing knife, paring knife, eight steak knives and a santoku knife. There is a lifetime warranty for this product.

7. AmazonBasics Premium Knife Set Block

AmazonBasics Premium Knife Set Block

If you are looking for the best knife block set, then this is the model to consider. Besides, the knife block comes with everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. The 18-piece set includes a chef’s knife, kitchen shears, a sharpener and woodblock among others.

The wooden knife block comes with everything you need to chop, dice, and slice your food. The set features precision-honed blades that ensure long-lasting sharpness. The blades arrive fully sharpened, but there is also a knife sharpener included to maintain the sharp edges.

The knives have ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable grip. The knives are weighted efficiently to offer balance and control as you whip up your culinary creation. The kitchen knife set is perfect for any busy kitchen.

6. Missing Digit Workshop Spartan Knife Block

Missing Digit Workshop Spartan Knife Block

The Spartan Knife Block is handmade by skilled craftsmen. Its elegant and unique design will be an instant conversation starter in your home or man cave. Besides, this one-of-a-kind Spartan design makes it the best knife block set in this list. It is made with premium-quality laminated birch and refined until smooth.

The food-safe finish makes it perfect and ideal to hold at least six knives. You will love the solid design of this model, and its elegant design will truly add a nice touch to your kitchen. If you are shopping for something worth your money, then it is time you settled with the Spartan Block for knife.

5. YBM Home & Kitchen Knife Block

YBM Home & Kitchen Knife Block

This knife block measures approximately 17 by 5.3 by 2 inches. It will keep all your knives organized and ready to use. If you do not like displaying your knives on the countertop or hanging on a wall-mounted holder, then you need to settle for this in-drawer bamboo knife block.

The wooden knife block is the ultimate solution to keep away your knife collection effectively. This is a space-saving drawer knife block that boasts nine blade inserts. The four long inserts can accommodate a chef knife, bread knife or any long blade.

The inserts can equally fit two small size knives. Besides, the five inserts will easily accommodate shorter blades like the steak knife or the paring knife. The bamboo knife block will accommodate all these knives without damaging the blades. You will truly appreciate this functional in-drawer organizer.

4. Calphalon Classic Knife Block Set

Calphalon Classic Knife Block Set

The 12-piece cutlery knife block set includes six steak knives, a chef’s knife and a serrated utility knife among others. Its self-sharpening SharpIN technology will keep your knives sharp and ready to use anytime. This is what makes the knife block standout among other models.

The knives from Calphalon are made from forged high-carbon steel to ensure lasting durability. Most of the handles are labeled so that you can easily identify the right knife you want. Aside from these features, the blonde rubberwood knife block truly looks elegant and will undoubtedly match your kitchen’s décor.

3. Calphalon 1932941 Knife Block Set

Calphalon 1932941 Knife Block Set

Another product from Calphalon that makes it on our list is the 1932941 model. This model is equally a self-sharpening 15-piece wooden knife block built with SharpIN Technology. The kitchen knife block will automatically sharpen straight edge blades every time you use them.

The 15-piece set is made with fully forged German steel to ensure optimal edge retention. The knives feature a full tang design that offers an excellent balance and superior strength.

Besides, the handles are ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable grip when using them. The set includes a utility knife, a chef’s knife, paring knife and eight steak knives among others. Furthermore, the kitchen knife set is backed by a full lifetime warranty.

2. Sabatier Edgekeeper Pro Knife Block Set

Sabatier Edgekeeper Pro Knife Block Set

If you are in the market for the best kitchen knife set, then you need to check out the Sabatier self-sharpening knife block set. Each slot of this unit has a built-in sharpener that automatically sharpens the knife every time you remove or place it back into the block.

The professional 12-piece set includes a chef knife, a slicer knife, and a paring knife among other knives. The knives are perfectly weighted and balanced to allow optimal control while the handles are ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grip. The modern finish of this knife block set not only assures you of durability, but the finish will also add a nice touch to any kitchen countertop.

1. DALSTRONG Knife Set Block

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block

The list cannot be complete without the Gladiator Series from DALSTRONG. The outstanding craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology combined with an elegant design make this model deserve the top spot on this list.

Features of this set include an ergonomic handle shape, laminated pakkawood handles, hand polished satin finish blades and tall blade height. Besides, the knives are stain resistant and are easy to clean. They are built to assure you years of frequent use.

Moreover, they are carefully tapered to help improve the hardness and the flexibility. This set is perfect for any chef whether a beginner or an expert chef. Besides, it comes in a beautiful hand-made walnut wood block. If you are a budget-conscious person, however, you might want to try other models because this set has a hefty price tag.